Subject: Changing the Climate of Climate Change

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Only Nature will Survive

Climate is Responsive to Change

Adapting to the change in the climate is like mimicking the reptiles. Building resilience and reinforcing low-carbon technologies will help to mitigate the catastrophic shadows of impacts.

Pedalling with Clean Energy 

Weaving the Net of Carbon Neutrality

The wheels of Clean Energy revolved around the gears of Carbon Neutrality. The era of decarbonisation of the economy has started at the hands of the youth of university who are tomorrow's policymakers.

Promises are Cursed

Annual Talks without Walks

Actions for Climate Change are shielded with contagious talks. The shouts for help from countries surrounded by existential threats are drowned in applause after the speeches by powerful world leaders. Will this repeat in COP 27?

The Shadows on White

The Melting House of Sherpas

The white walls are melting. The sherpas are finding it difficult to firm their grip on the White. Global warming is causing a "grand melt" all over the globe from Antarctica to the Arctic and from the Himalayas to Hindu Kush.

Capping the Chimneys

Pay and Pollute, Punish the Poor

The caps to protect from Emissions are questioned. For developed countries it allows polluters to continue polluting while developing countries deal with the consequences of Climate Change.

World Of Difference