Subject: COVID19 to Climate30. Vaccine is NZNZ

COVID19 to Climate30. Vaccine is NZNZ

From COVID19 to CLIMA30. Next Pandemic.

Its vaccine Is  NZNZ

Vaccine for COVID19, a pandemic of 2019, has now been developed. But what about the vaccine for CLIMA30, climate pandemic of 2030? Universities are getting ready. The vaccine is called ‘decarbonization’. While COVID 19 resulted in the lockdown, the impending climate crisis is unlocking the potential of youth in universities. They are Masking societal inertia. Social distancing from Carbon will be the norm.

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Farmers can Harvest and Harness sustainability

Agricultural Universities are getting SDGs-Ready

COVID19 pandemic posed unique challenges to society to test our resilience. One community that continued to work as usual during the lockdown is our steadfast farmer’s community. The farmers continued to toil in the soil to ensure that pandemic does not impact food supply. The agricultural universities have taken the clues. The pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can continue even under strictest constraints of COVID19.

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The answer is the Question

Obesity and Food Wastage

Leo, one of the interns of the International E-Internship Programme of TERRE Policy Centre, asked a simple question that embedded hidden solution to the world's most pressing challenge. How to feed soon-to-be 9 billion humanity without ravaging our planet's ecosystem? The number of hungry people in the world is around 820 million. At the same time, the number of obese is nearly 800 million. QED!

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Fire-side Chat @ Primetime with Prime Scientist

When Prime Minister Modi was addressing the nation

Prime Minister Modi on 16th January launched the world’s largest national vaccination drive against COVID19 in India. He rightly praised India’s scientists. At around the same time, I spent Prime-time with the Prime scientist of India Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, also a technocrat par excellence and former Director-General of CSIR-a network of 38 scientific institutes, apart from innovation centres and outreach hubs throughout India.

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Environment and Emergency are Synonyms

World Environment Day or World Emergency day?

2019 witnessed emergencies, not just COVID19, but also a violation of human rights, apartheid, war-refugees, locust attacks, hurricanes and of course political upheavals. Over one billion bio-species are under threat of extinction and that rate of extinction today is hundreds of times more than the average of last 10 million years, as pert IPBES report of 2019. That raises the question: what exactly are we celebrating on World Environment Day?

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Generation Unlimited-3.5 billion

Countdown to 2030 has begun

Shocking and rare admission by United Nations Secretary-General, "My generation has failed to respond to the global challenges we face." The only hope he sees is Gen-next which in fact is 'Generation Unlimited' in terms of its potential. Without harnessing their energy and tech-savvy optimism the world has no hope of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Paris Climate Agreement, added UNSG.

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It is not a website, it is a proposition!

Nobel Peace Prize Committee has to change criteria is certainly not an exercise in cajolery of Narendra Modi or NaMo in short. Nor it is a political eulogy of his actions. The site does not rank him in terms of followers on Twitter. He is inherently liable to err but still, he has a self-correcting algorithm written by himself. You would, now, searchingly dive into these pages to explore: How his actions are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs.

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