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    October 2017 | Volume 1 | Issue 8
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Happy Thanksgiving! 

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is here already...wasn't it just Halloween? Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the bounty of the season with friends and family. It is also a time when we share what we are thankful for, and we at Development is Child's Play are thankful for you! We are thankful that you found us and decided to work with us (despite the pages and pages of forms required to get started)! You show up week after week, trust us with your children, inspire us, give us energy, and help us learn. Thank you!

Like any holiday, Thanksgiving can be tricky to navigate with travel, extended family, unfamiliar foods, and changes in schedule. Read on for holiday tips and suggestions.

Our regular schedules are so busy, sometimes it is hard to know what to do when we have a little "down time". See below for some links to fun website with crafts that are fun and functional!  

Reminder: We are now holding two sensory gym sessions on Saturdays. One at 9am and one at 10am. Please sign up to come and try one out for $30. The families who come regularly love having the chance to try the equipment, engage with their kids, and meet other DICP families. 

Before we know it the winter holidays will be here. If you are planning to take vacations or know you want to take some time off during the upcoming months, please let your therapist or NhuMai know as soon as you set your schedules so we can get those dates on the calendar.

Warmest Thanks,
The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!

Thursday, November 23: Thanksgiving
We are closed on Thanksgiving

Friday, November 24: Day after Thanksgiving
The office is closed 

Saturday, November 26: Sensory Gym
Please sign up for the 9am or 10am session

Saturday, December 2: Sensory Gym
Please sign up for the 9am or 10am session

Saturday, December 9: Sensory Gym
Please sign up for the 9am or 10am session

Saturday, December 23: Sensory Gym TBD
Watch this space for December sensory gym schedule

Monday, December 25: Christmas
DICP is closed

Tuesday, December 26 - Friday, December 12/29
Appointments are optional, please talk to your therapist about your plans.

Monday, January 1: New Year's Day
DICP is Closed
Therapist Vacations
If your therapist is out of the office, we still want to see you! Please note the following dates, and we will do our best to make it up or find another therapist who can see your child at or near their scheduled time. 

DICP is is closed Thursday 11/23 and Friday 11/24

Hana Ju
- November 29 - December 7

Joy Ho
- November 22
- December 24 - January 1

Karen Swinehart 
-December 4 & December 5

Meet Jaime Yoshino

This Fall, we are excited to welcome two new therapists, Jaime and Laurie, to Development is Child's Play! This month, please meet Jaime Yoshino. We love Jaime's energy, humor, and breadth of experience, and she brought us chocolate so she knows her way into our hearts!

Education: Jaime attended Pacific University in Oregon where she completed an accelerated program that overlapped her senior year of undergrad with the first year of OT school. She has a degree in Human Occupation and a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Jaime has been a practicing OT for five years, and before coming to DICP worked at a Rehabilitation Hospital specializing in brain injury and other neurological diagnoses. Jaime has certifications for 
Physical Agent Modalities and Manual Edema Management. She is trained in Visual Processing Deficits in Acquired Brain Injury, and took courses for evaluation and treatment with Neurodegenerative and Demyelinating Disease. At the rehab hospital Jaime started a Therapeutic Gardening program that she was very excited about. They would use the food they grew to do healthy eating cooking groups. Jaime also volunteered with Access Surf Hawaii, which is a non-profit organization aimed toward providing opportunities for kids and adults with disabilities to participate in ocean sports and surfing. 

Jaime was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She went to college and lived in Portland, OR for about six years, before returning home to Hawaii. Jaime married her high school sweetheart three years ago, and followed him to the San Jose area about six months ago. Jaime's husband is a medical resident at Stanford for Family Medicine. They love to surf, hike, camp, skateboard, swim and snorkel, and LOVE all dogs. They don't have any children (human or dog), but hope to adopt a pup soon! When she isn't surfing and coveting puppies, Jaime loves to crochet, watch movies, and eat! 

Jaime says:
"I am so excited to be a part of the DICP family! I have been working with children since I was a child! My mother was a Special Education Teacher for the Department of Education for over 30 years, and I have been helping in her classroom since I was young. I also worked as an Educational Assistant in a special education classroom while in college. So I always knew that I would end up working with kids! After graduating from OT school, I worked for the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific because I received a scholarship requiring 1-2 years of work after graduation. Due to the high cost of living in Hawaii, and needing to support my husband through medical school, I stayed with RHOP for 5 years. But now that my husband is in Residency, I can finally follow my dream of working with children!

I have loved every minute of working at DICP! Everyone is so caring and helpful, and I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of amazing therapists that are so passionate about OT and their clients! I also love all the resources and equipment DICP has available to the therapists and clients... everyday I find something new and fun in the clinic, and the possibilities are endless! I look forward to learning and growing with the kids and being a part of an amazing team!"

Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving, or any holiday you celebrate with a big meal with friends and extended family, can be a lot to manage for kids with sensory processing challenges. Here are a few tips for a more sensory-friendly holiday experience:

1. Create a social story. A social story gives a child information about social situations they may find difficult or confusing. They are typically written using simple language and a very specific format. There are two sites with examples of social stories below. These can always be adapted to meet the cultural and religious needs of your family and your child's level of understanding:

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare: Kids with sensory needs often benefit from knowing what is coming. Prep your child ahead of time by talking about what to expect on the day of the event. Discuss the schedule and use a picture schedule if that feels more concrete.

3. Try foods ahead of time: Holidays like Thanksgiving often involve specific once-a-year foods. Kids who have sensory needs may need to try these foods many times to be convinced to eat them on the big day. If that will not work for your child, sign up to bring a dish you know your kiddo will eat.

4. Pack or bring along your child's favorite foods in case where you are going does not have options he or she will eat. Chewy, crunchy, or resistive foods such as dried fruit, bagels, carrots, or gummies can also help provide calming proprioceptive input.

5. Bring along a sensory kit: This will be different for each child, but consider packing a backpack with your child's favorite "calm down" equipment. This kit could include noise-reducing headphones, a fidget, gum or a chewy, something to blow, something heavy like a lap weight, and a water bottle with a bite valve. If your child carries the backpack on their own back, that's added proprioceptive input!

6. Speaking of proprioceptive input...: Holidays involving big meals are often very labor intensive for parents. But, if there is any way to sneak in a visit to the park during the day, that will go a long way in helping kids stay more organized. If there is a family member around, maybe he or she can take the kids outside to play. Exercise and activity (think higher intensity, longer duration, and more frequent than usual), can help by offering kids the vestibular and proprioceptive input they need to stay calm and focused (or at least as calm and focused as is possible on an exciting family holiday that involves pie!)

7. Have a code word your child can use if he or she feels overwhelmed and needs a break. Honor the code word by removing your child from the stressful situation, even if just for a few minutes.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

 Autumn Craft Activities with a Thanksgiving Twist

  • Turkey Hunt: Draw or cut out 10-15 pictures of turkeys. Hide them around the house and have the children hunt for them.
  • Hand print turkeys: Trace the outline of your child's hand on white paper. Make the thumb into the turkey's head, the fingers into feathers; add feet at the bottom of the palm. Your child can color the turkey with colored markers.
  • Scrambled words: On a piece of paper, print 12 to 15 Thanksgiving words with the letters scrambled. See how many your child can unscramble.
  • Make the Thanksgiving tablecloth: Cover a child's table with white craft paper. Supply markers, stickers, and stamps for your child to decorate.
Here are some websites for more ideas:

Thanksgiving crafts

Autumn crafts

Thanksgiving madlib

And for those of us who have had quite enough of all of those handprint turkeys...some turkey day humor!

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