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    October 2019 | Volume 3 | Issue 20
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Happy Halloween!

We have so much fun when the Fall and Winter holidays begin. Our fantastic aides and office staff decorated the clinic and office with a ton of festive flair! The kids LOVE the cargo net "spider web" we hang up for Halloween because it's spooky, challenging, and a special treat. The therapists love it because we get to help our friends work on gross motor strength, endurance, balance, fine motor control, self-care, safety, and motor planning. It's a win-win! We also hosted our second annual Trick-or-Treat at DICP this year which was a big hit. Check out some pictures below. We hope you and your family had a fun, safe, and successful Halloween!  

We hosted our first ever DICP Safety program in September with a great turnout. Fire fighters from the local fire station brought their truck for a tour, gave the kids some great safety tips, and they were wonderful with our kids. We hope to have them back next year for a repeat performance. Watch this space for more information about the fun activities DICP hosts.

The winter holidays are coming up, and we are excited to share some new content with all of you. Last year we did a toy-a-day campaign in December during which we shared a favorite DICP toy or activity with you every day on our Facebook page and shared the final list in our Newsletter. Should we do another toy-a-day this year with new toys, games, and activities? Should we share a sensory tip-of-the-day instead? Something different? What would you like to hear more about on social media and in our newsletters? If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please share them to 

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The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!
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Thursday, October 31: Halloween! 
We are open and encourage kids to come to their regularly-scheduled sessions in costume!

Monday, November 11: Veteran's Day
We are open for our regularly-scheduled appointments.

Thursday, November 28: Thanksgiving. 
We are closed for Thanksgiving. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Friday, November 29: Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!). T
his is an optional day, so please let your therapist or the office manager know what your plans are. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Fall / Winter Vacations
Please tell your therapist if you have any vacations planned and know you will need to take time off from OT. We always try to schedule make-ups with your therapist when possible.

Therapist Vacations

If your therapist is out of the office, we still want to see you! 

We know that children make the most significant therapeutic gains
 if they attend therapy regularly and consistently. 
We also know that each therapist has their own point of view, and it can be valuable to to occasionally have someone with a different perspective work with your child. If your therapist is sick or going on vacation, we will do our best to make it up or find another therapist who can see your child at or near their scheduled time. We encourage our families to take advantage of these make ups.

Meet Caitlin Crowley!
This Fall, we are excited to welcome Fieldwork Student Caitlin Crowley to DICP! She was one of a number of candidates we interviewed, and she was selected because of her professionalism, excitement, and passion about becoming an occupational therapist. Caitlin has completed her master's degree coursework and her first internship, and is at DICP for twelve weeks this fall to complete this last step before she can sit for the occupational therapy licensure board exam. We have had many wonderful student interns in the past, and are sure Caitlin will be no exception.

Caitlin received a BA from San Francisco State University with a Psychology major and a minor in Holistic Health Sciences. She attended San Jose State University and received a master's degree in Occupational Therapy. Before pursuing Occupational Therapy, Caitlin was trained as a certified massage therapist.

Caitlin was born in Southern California, but has lived in the Bay Area since 2004. She is a part of a big family, has five nieces and nephews who (according to Aunt Caitlin) are absolutely precious, and she has one cat (see cat birthday party picture above!). She has travelled to 25 countries, studied abroad, and volunteered teaching English to children in rural villages in both India and Myanmar. Caitlin loves to cook, garden, do arts & crafts, dance, and live a healthy lifestyle.

After volunteering teaching children abroad, she was inspired to apply to graduate school so that she could develop her skill sets in order to make an even greater impact on others. She searched for careers in the healthcare field that required creativity, and found occupational therapy! She had never heard of it (as is the case for so many of us), but instantly knew she found what she was looking for. She sees herself working in pediatrics because she loves children and their big imaginations.

Caitlin says "I hope to gain a more in-depth understanding about how to apply sensory integration techniques, so I may use it when working in pediatrics in the future. I hope to learn as much from all of the skilled OT's at DICP and to provide quality services to all of the friends/families I am fortunate to work with."
Halloween at Development is Child's Play is always so much fun. We LOVE when the kids come in costume. We also love Trick-or-Treat at DICP. We offered crafts, non-food treats, a trick-or-treat social story, laminated cards for kids who need some help communicating "trick-or-treat", and we asked some of our neighboring businesses to pitch in with the trick-or-treating!  
Top Left: Caitlin, Hana, Kirti, Laura, Diana, Karen, and Sahana rocking their headband costumes! 
Top Right: An amazing Halloween cake baked by Therapist Kerry!
Bottom: Caitlin, Jaime, Kerry, and Sahana in their costumes.
Clockwise starting Top left: DICP Door decorated for Halloween; Kids doing Halloween crafts; A Trick-or-Treat social story to teach (and remind) kids step-by-step instructions for the big day; A super kid; Our teal pumpkin letting everyone know we have non-food treats for all kids (allergies or no).
Safety Day at DICP!
Thank you to the Monta Vista Fire Station for partnering with us during our first annual Safety Program!
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