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    November 2018 | Volume 2 | Issue 15
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Happy Thanksgiving!

It is at this time of year that it feels we are constantly jumping from one thing to the next. Halloween ends, Thanksgiving begins, and the Winter holidays are just around the corner! Before the shopping, meal planning, travel, parties, and other end-of-the-year festivities begin, DICP would like to take a moment to express our thanks. Here is our list of the top ten things we are thankful for in 2018!

10. The profession of occupational therapy for providing a career that allows us to be creative, inclusive, caring, and client-centered. 

9. In this time of shattered glass ceilings, we are proud and thankful to be an all-female business run by women and employing all women. With that said, we are also thankful for all of the male OTs who are helping to diversify our great profession! 
8. The teachers, doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, ABA therapists, and other professionals we team with to provide comprehensive service to our families.

7. The DICP volunteers who give their time to both help DICP run smoothly and learn as much as they can about the profession they hope to join.

6. The hard-working, ever patient, super multi-tasking, kind, and fun DICP Aides Molly, Jeanette, and Kalena. Our therapists are fortunate to have so much help with everything they do!

5. The face of the DICP office, NhuMai! We would flounder without her calm organization, knowledge, and ability to keep us on all track!

4. The DICP Therapists who come to work every day filled with energy, flexibility, creative ideas, concern, love, and care for their clients and the families they work with. Thank you to Amberlynn, Catherine, Hana, Jaime, Jill, Jenni, Joy, Karen, Kerry, Kirti, Lydia, and.....

3. Our fearless leaders and DICP owners Sena and Sahana. They saved the day when Teri retired and took on the challenge of running the business while remaining fantastic OTs!

2. Our hard-working, funny, clever, creative, curious, and energetic kids. You give us smiles, laugher, and heartwarming moments every day.

1. YOU! The parents and caregivers who trust us with your children every week. We do not take for granted that, of the many wonderful occupational therapy providers in the Bay Area, you chose us!
In this month's newsletter we introduce you to our occupational therapy fieldwork student, Ani. Please enjoy reading all about her journey to becoming an OT. We love being a part of the education of future therapists and are happy to have Ani with us.

The commercials on TV, radio, and in the newspaper are telling us to think about holiday gift-giving already. See below for some gift guides for our special kids!

Our Halloween festivities were a great success! See below for pictures of Halloween at Development is Child's Play!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmest Thanks,
The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!
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Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving. We are closed for Thanksgiving. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Friday, November 23: Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!). This is an optional day, so please let your therapist or the office manager know what your plans are. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve. This is an optional day, so please let your therapist know what your plans are. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Tuesday, December 25: Christmas. We are closed for Christmas. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Wednesday, December 26 - Monday, December 31: These are optional days, so please let your therapist know what your plans are. Your therapist may have some vacation days planned as well. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019: New Year's Day. We are closed on New Year's Day. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Therapist Vacations

If your therapist is out of the office, we still want to see you! 

We know that children make the most significant therapeutic gains
 if they attend therapy regularly and consistently. 
We also know that each therapist has their own point of view, and it can be valuable to to occasionally have someone with a different perspective work with your child. If your therapist is sick or going on vacation, we will do our best to make it up or find another therapist who can see your child at or near their scheduled time. We encourage our families to take advantage of these make ups.

Meet Ani Abrahamian!
This Fall, we are excited to welcome Ani Abrahamian to DICP! She was one of a number of candidates we interviewed, and she was selected because of her professionalism, excitement, and passion about becoming an occupational therapist. Ani has completed her master's degree coursework and her first internship, and has come to DICP for twelve weeks this fall to complete this last step before she can sit for the OT licensure board exam. We have had many wonderful student interns in the past, and are sure Ani will be no exception!

Ani received her BA in Occupational Therapy Masters Preparation with a minor in psychology from San Jose State University. She also attended SJSU for graduate degree and received a MS in occupational therapy. Ani is planning to become a pediatric occupational therapist with a certification in sensory integration.

Ani was born in Michigan, and moved to La Crescenta, California nine years ago. Her mom, dad, two brothers, and uncle all remain in Simi Valley and Ani moved to San Jose eight years ago for school. Ani's uncle is her OT inspiration. He is retired, but used to perform janitorial duties at a workshop for individuals with disabilities. He lives with Ani's family and has a cerebral palsy. Ani credits her uncle for shaping her views regarding living with disability, and because of him she has always wanted to help individuals succeed in their environments.

Ani and her boyfriend love to go exploring together. Their favorite beach spot is Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz. Fall is Ani's favorite season because, as a huge University of Michigan fan, her Sundays are packed with college football. Ani credits her OT studies for introducing her to weaving and making terrariums. She is also currently reintroducing herself to playing tennis and the violin. Ani has a cookbook of her dad's recipes, so she's working on making cooking a preferred area of occupation as well!

Ani Says:
"I always give credit to my mom, grandmother, and uncle. I am grateful to say that from my mom and her mom, I have teacher/therapist-related family inspiration that directed me towards a career that is giving. I also had the privilege to view disability from a unique angle since my uncle, born with CP, lived with us before anyone defined the word disability for me. I developed my own view, which was 'ability with loving support'. Seeing my uncle engage in meaningful occupations inspired me to explore occupations that were therapeutic in nature. I knew that a discipline within the therapy world would be where I could have the most impact in helping others reach their goals, through the enormous amount of support I have to offer. After many years and opportunities to observe therapeutic teams, OT was my choice because of it's large scope of practice and how relevant everything we do is to the client and family. It means the world to me when I see a child make strides towards brushing their teeth independently or initiating play with peers, because I know self-care and play opportunities occur daily in their world. I love OT because we work directly on these daily occupations that really make a difference in the child and family's life.

At DICP, I plan to soak everything in, like the sponges my clients will be! I'm here to learn, replicate, and then add my creative twist to treatment plans. I'm hoping to see more sensory integration techniques since that is a set of techniques I have yet to observe and practice in great detail. I am also looking forward to finding mentors and having the opportunity to grow within a supportive environment!"

Halloween at Development is Child's Play!!

Trick-or-Treat at Development is Child's Play!

Trick-or-treat was in full swing at DICP this year!
Our office staff did an awesome job of decorating the back door for Halloween. The kids were able to review the posted step-by-step picture posters to learn what to do. We also provided laminated trick-or-treat cards for kids who couldn’t or weren’t comfortable saying the words “trick or treat”. Our office neighbors got into the spirit by hanging teal pumpkin signs on their doors and allowing our kids to trick or treat at their offices too! 

We loved seeing the kids in their costumes and treating them with Halloween goodies and crafts. We can't wait until next year!

 Sensory-Friendly Gift Ideas

We often get asked, "what should I get my child for her birthday, for Hanukkah, or for Christmas?" We love all of the toys, games, and equipment we have here, but sometimes our most beloved toys are also our oldest (and not available in stores or on Amazon). Here are a few links to websites with some great gift ideas:

We like the mini trampoline and weighted blanket ideas from Autism Fun Bay Area

This guide from MamaOT breaks gift ideas into categories such as for "proprioceptive seekers" or "vestibular seekers"

This list from The Mommy Evolution also has great ideas broken down into categories such as "tactile", "oral", and "fine motor"

Happy Shopping!

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