Subject: DICP March Newsletter

March 2020 | Volume 4 | Issue 21

This has been a March to remember. Therapists and staff are working from home and finding new and exciting ways to channel our therapist energy. We are doing tele-therapy sessions, phone calls, writing home programs, working on reports, and creating videos. 

We hope you are staying safe, sane, and healthy as you work, parent, and teach from home. 

Our therapists are ready to help their DICP families feel successful while being isolated at home. We are using Clocktree and Zoom for on-line tele-therapy sessions with great success so far. Your therapist will help with the technology, create a plan, help you guide your child through exercises and activities, and work with you to figure out some ways to help with your child's self-regulation while you're at it. 

We understand that you, as parents, are figuring out a lot of new technology as you navigate on-line education. When you are ready, we want to be here for you, so please check in with your therapist if you have any questions and let them know when you are ready to start!

We hope to see all of your happy and healthy faces back at Development is Child's Play very soon!

Warmest Thanks, 
The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!

For the time being, Development is Child's Play is not able to see clients in the clinic or in their homes. All therapies will need to move to tele-therapy options, phone conferences, or written home programs at this time.

All tele-therapy sessions are HIPAA compliant and allow your child to continue therapy without having to come into the clinic. It would be very similar to a home visit except that while the therapist is directing the session, you, the parent, will be setting up the environment, supervising the child and acting as the hands of the therapist for each activity. 

These sessions can work on activities that are appropriate for your child using tools and equipment that you have at home. This may include speech and communication activities with your speech therapist or self-regulation strategies, safety, fine motor and tool use skills, gross motor exercises to work on strength and endurance, morning or evening routines, food play, cooking, eating or something else that you would like to focus on with your therapist.

While the clinic is closed we will need to make adjustments to our billing, payments, and invoice processing. Our office staff (Melissa and Laura) will be contacting you to find out how you would like to pay for services. We will be accepting credit card information over the phone and will do keyed-in payments. If you would like the discounted rate, we are also happy to accept checks - please mail to:
10011 N. Foothill Blvd., Ste. 109
Cupertino, CA 95014
Once we have received payment for March sessions, we will be able to provide invoices (the first week in April). We thank you for your flexibility and patience as we make these changes, and we will do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

We have no one regularly monitoring the phone system at DICP, but messages are checked at least once per day. Please contact your therapist directly via email regarding scheduling concerns or email either Melissa at or Sena and Sahana at with questions and concerns regarding anything else clinic related.

We appreciate that you have trusted us to provide high quality therapy services for your child in a clinic environment and we hope you will continue to trust that we will strive to maintain that same high standard as we move forward into new models of therapy during this time. Wishing you all the best.

Sena and Sahana

Development is CHILD'S PLAY!

If you do not already follow Development is Child's Play on Facebook and Instagram, we encourage you to do so now. We are very regularly posting videos, ideas, tips, and information that we feel our families would benefit from during this difficult time. Recently we have posted a picture of what a Tele-therapy session looks like, some hand washing tips, a video of an at-home activity using magnetic tiles and a baking sheet, and tips for making a cool glitter calm-down jar. You may even see a familiar face or two.

Follow us today for tips, info, and fun ideas!

We are excited to introduce you to Sarah Coon, occupational therapist at DICP! Sarah came to us in July of 2019 with a wealth of knowledge and OT experience and we are lucky to have her! 

Sarah attended San Jose State University for both her undergraduate and graduate education. She graduated with a BS and an MS in Occupational Therapy. Sarah has been practicing and working with kids in the school setting, clinical setting, and in early intervention for six years. Her special OT interests include working with children to build their overall gross motor skills including core strength, upper body strength, ball skills, balance, bilateral coordination, motor planning, body awareness, and endurance. She would like to learn new strategies and techniques for feeding therapy and is interested in formally learning American Sign Language (ASL).

Sarah was born and raised in San Jose but grew up traveling all across the bay area and often going to the beaches in Monterey and Santa Cruz. She and her family often took road trips and visited new places, which instilled her love for traveling. She and her husband have traveled to a few other countries and many other states throughout their 14 years together (7 years married). Her favorite trip was to New Zealand where they volunteered at a bird sanctuary and traveled the entire country while participating in amazing activities like bungee jumping, black water rafting, and zorbing!

Sarah and her husband have a cat named Momo and a husky named Miska. Momo and Miska took some time getting used to each other but now they will lie next to each other...almost cuddling! Miska’s favorite trips are going to the beach, hiking, and going to the snow. She is a huge fan of belly rubs and will great everyone that comes to our home with her pink belly ready for rubs. Momo is a very vocal cat! She meows for everything and is also a great guard cat. Her favorite thing is to be carried around like a baby on her shoulder since they got her when she was very young and that’s how Sarah used to hold her.

Sarah is a very active person and enjoy a variety of outdoor sports! Her favorite activities include rock climbing, hiking, going to the beach, and playing softball. Her family is big on sports and she grew up going to the San Francisco Giants and 49ers games. When she can’t be outside or need some down time she enjoys jigsaw puzzles (she has completed a 5000 piece puzzle!), coloring, painting, and playing board games. She also like to sing and learn songs with her husband while he plays the guitar. She is a big Disney fan and her favorite movie is The Lion King. Sarah tries to go to Disneyland once a year and their favorite time of the year to visit is for Halloween.

Sarah says "I have been working with children of all ages for a total of thirteen years and in that time I have learned that children are resilient, forgiving, and want to learn despite differing abilities, resources, and/or situations. As an occupational therapist, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to provide kids with strategies, tools, just right challenges, and opportunities to help them learn, grow, and become more comfortable with who they are as individuals."

We are so thankful for our DICP parents, siblings, extended family, and caregivers and are grateful you choose to trust us with your wonderful kids!

Clockwise from bottom left: Melissa, Sarah, Karen, Hana, Jenni, and Sena 
celebrating wild hair/hat day

Silly Sock Day

Occupational Therapists Jaime and Kerry celebrating Disney Day 

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