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    December 2018 | Volume 2 | Issue 16
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A monthly newsletter for clients and colleagues of Development is CHILD'S PLAY!
Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish you a happy holidays and a very happy new year! 

We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives over this past year and we value the dedication you have all shown to partnering with us. 

As we close 2018 and look forward to 2019, we are excited about continuing to provide your children with the quality of care you have come to expect from Development is Child's Play! We look forward to some exciting events in the new year, including educational nights, community events, OT groups, and our ever-popular parent appreciation week which is coming up in January. If there are things you would like to see DICP do, we'd love to hear from you!

See below for an introduction to our newest therapist, Kirti. We are so excited to have her energy and perspective here at DICP!

We continue to have lots of content on our DICP Facebook and Instagram pages including pictures of holiday activities, spirit week, staff photos, gift ideas, research, and more. Search "Development is Child's Play" or click on the buttons below to follow us and keep up with what's happening at DICP.

Check out the schedule below to find out when we are open during the holidays. Also feel free to check in with your therapist about her schedule. NhuMai in the office also knows when everyone will be working and can share that information as needed.

December 17 - 22 was DICP Winter Spirit Week! The therapists had a great time dressing up all week, and hope to do another one soon with lots of participation from our kids and families. See our festive photos below!

Happy Holidays and warmest Thanks,
The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!
The DICP Facebook and Instagram pages are up and running, so if you do not already like our pages, please find and follow us! We post tips, pictures of fun things happening at DICP, community events, and more! 

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Sensory Gym is scheduled for every Saturday at 10:30 am. Sign up and reserve your spot today!

Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve. This is an optional day, so please let your therapist know what your plans are. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Tuesday, December 25: Christmas. We are closed for Christmas. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Wednesday, December 26 - Monday, December 31: These are optional days, so please let your therapist know what your plans are. Your therapist may have some vacation days planned as well. If you confirm your session on an optional day, our regular cancelation policies apply.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019: New Year's Day. We are closed on New Year's Day. Please talk with the office or your therapist to reschedule.

Therapist Vacations

If your therapist is out of the office, we still want to see you! 

We know that children make the most significant therapeutic gains
 if they attend therapy regularly and consistently. 
We also know that each therapist has their own point of view, and it can be valuable to to occasionally have someone with a different perspective work with your child. If your therapist is sick or going on vacation, we will do our best to make it up or find another therapist who can see your child at or near their scheduled time. We encourage our families to take advantage of these make ups.

Meet Kirti Gandhi!
We are excited to welcome Kirti Gandhi to DICP! She is our newest therapist and brings a ton of energy and great ideas. We are so excited to get to know Kirti and welcome her into our family of therapists and staff!

Kirti received her BS in Nutritional Sciences from Kansas State University. She attended Indiana Wesleyan University for her graduate degree and received an Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD). Kirti's special areas of interest are feeding therapy, the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding, Sensory Integration, Zones of Regulation, and Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT). 

Kirti was born in Chicago and lived there for ten years before moving to Kansas. Her family moved back to Chicago five years ago, and she joined them there for her last year of OT school to complete her pediatric rotation. Kirti and her boyfriend Akshay drove 2,000 miles from Chicago to San Jose and have been here for the past four months. 

Kirti loves to run, bike, play tennis, and lift weights. She also loves to travel, and would love to visit Greece and Italy.

Kirti says: 
"What I love about being a pediatric OT is that I am able to see the child holistically and take in everything that makes them function in everyday life while making a difference that encourages their growth and development. I also love coming up with fun and creative ways to help children live life to the fullest. What I love about DICP is that there is a team-based approach to client care, a sense of nurturing, and a supportive environment. This environment helps me thrive as I learn, grow, and develop into a better occupational therapist".
DICP Winter Spirit Week!
Monday, December 17th - Pajama Day!
Tuesday, December 18th - Cozy Sweater Day!
Wednesday, December 19th - Winter White Day!
Thursday, December 20th - Festive Hat Day!
Friday, December 21st - Silly Sock Day!
Fun Winter Activities!

School is almost out, and we need things to do! Half of the activities we find online lead us to a Pinterest page full of ideas we can't find the links to! So, we've compiled a list of links that (we hope) will lead to some fun printable winter activities to keep kids busy. 

Click HERE for some cute drawing activities from Alex Brands.

Download THESE DOT ART printables from The Resourceful Mama.

Visit THIS SITE to download these winter math printables.

These cute WINTER MATCHING PICTURES would be fun for a memory game, cutting, pasting, or sorting.

If you scroll down to the bottom of THIS PAGE you'll find a variety of higher-level winter printables such as word searches, telling time, and a winter word problem.


 Sensory-Friendly Gift Ideas

We often get asked, "what should I get my child for her birthday, for Hanukkah, or for Christmas?" We love all of the toys, games, and equipment we have here, but sometimes our most beloved toys are also our oldest (and not available in stores or on Amazon). Here are a few links to websites with some great gift ideas:

We like the mini trampoline and weighted blanket ideas from Autism Fun Bay Area

This guide from MamaOT breaks gift ideas into categories such as for "proprioceptive seekers" or "vestibular seekers"

This list from The Mommy Evolution also has great ideas broken down into categories such as "tactile", "oral", and "fine motor"

Happy Shopping!

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