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    August 2018 | Volume 2 | Issue 13
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Our Fall Schedule has begun!

Thank you to everyone who submitted fall scheduling forms, worked with us to get your kids scheduled, and showed great flexibility as we navigated fitting all of our families into a small and finite number of after school spots. We know it's difficult to schedule school and after-school activities, and find time for us, and we thank you for helping us get our schedules finalized. 

We had a great summer complete with obstacle courses, cool new crafts (everyone loved the straw rockets), and new heavy work activities. Who knew pulling a 7-pound yoga sand bag up a ramp would be so much fun?! Our therapists and staff traveled to Mexico, Spain, the California Coast, Hawaii, Cambodia, Oregon, New York, and Disneyland, and our DICP families traveled even more far and wide!  

We are excited to announce that we now have a speech therapist on our staff! Lydia Coolidge has joined DICP as a part-time therapist to do morning speech therapy sessions. Check out our website, Facebook page, or talk with our office staff for more details.

In August's newsletter we introduce you to one of our occupational therapists, Jenni. Please enjoy reading all about her kids, love for animals, and passion for pediatrics.  

We look forward to sharing the school year with you!

Warmest Thanks,
The therapists and staff at Development is CHILD'S PLAY!

DICP now provides Speech Therapy!

We are pleased to announce that Lydia Coolidge, SLP has joined our team at Development is Child's Play.

Our pediatric speech therapy is dynamic, fun, and play-based. Communication skills are taught through functional, child-centered activities and we offer both individual and group sessions. The speech-language therapist assesses, treats, and diagnoses communicative disorders in children birth - 18 years old. Some of the areas treated include:   
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders
  • Voice and Fluency Difficulties
  • Social Communication Disorders
  • Specific Language Impairment 
Lydia is licensed, a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and has specialized training in early intervention. Her speech therapy philosophy is to take a collaborative approach working with the family and the child to tailor the therapeutic approach to their specific needs, creating activities that address many different aspects of the child's development, and teaching families the tools they require to support their child's communication needs at home and in the community. 

Lydia partnered with our occupational therapists this summer for our Kindergarten Readiness Group, and we are confident she will be a great addition to our team.

To find out more or sign-up, please see our friendly office manager NhuMai or give the office a call at (408) 865-1365!

Sensory Gym is scheduled for every Saturday at 10:30 am. Sign up and reserve your spot today!

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day
Labor day is considered an optional day. If you cancel your session that day with at least 24-hours notice, it will not be counted toward your allowed cancellations. Please talk with your therapist about your plans for Memorial Day.

Saturday, September 9th: Manis and Mocktails
Development is Child's Play is partnering with a DICP parent to host a Mom's Manis and Mocktails event at DICP. An invitation was sent out and all of the available spots were immediately snapped up for this free and fun event. Moms will take some time out to relax with a mocktail and a Color Street manicure (nail polish strips that apply instantly with no drying time). We think the best part about this event is the free childcare provided at DICP by DICP! Watch this space for pictures of the event and information about future events.

Therapist Vacations

If your therapist is out of the office, we still want to see you! If your therapist is going on vacation, we will do our best to make it up or find another therapist who can see your child at or near their scheduled time. 

Meet Jenni Adelman

Jenni is another home-grown therapist who started with DICP as a volunteer. We feel so lucky to have Jenni on our team! She is our resident country music fan, loves kids and animals, and is a wonderful therapist who is loved by her families and coworkers alike.

Jenni received her undergraduate degree from San Jose State University with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development.  

She planned to become a teacher and write children's books, but when faced with the politics of the school system (and a classroom full of kids), Jenni looked at other options and found pediatric occupational therapy. She instantly knew it was a perfect fit! Jenni got her master's degree in OT at SJSU and loved the small, close-knit, and cohesive nature of the OT program (she was in the same cohort as one of our other therapists, Karen). 

Jenni has been practicing occupational therapy at Development is Child's Play for almost 11 years, since graduating in 2007. She was a volunteer before that and in 2005, she trained another one of our therapists, Jill as a volunteer. Clearly DICP has something special that drew us all in and kept us hooked! Jenni's OT interests and training include The Astronaut Program, Therapeutic Listening, The Wilbarger brushing protocol, The Alert program, Zones, of Regulation, and Handwriting without Tears. She has experience in hippotherapy and working with adults with developmental disabilities but is truly passionate about working with children.

Jenni was born and raised in San Jose, and currently lives in Hollister. It's a long commute, but Jenni finds it worth the drive to continue doing the work she loves with people she adores (awww). Jenni has two amazing daughters, 11 year-old Arriana and 5 year-old Evangeline (Evie). She is also mom to one giant rescue pooch named Stormy Maxwell and two crazy kitties, Twix and Honey Bear. Stormy was a "foster fail" and was supposed to only be with Jenni until another home was found...but we all knew Jenni would not be able to give him up, and she ended up adopting him. Her kitties were adopted from cat rescue and found in a parking lot respectively.

When Jenni is not working at the clinic, she's going to Disneyland! Jenni and her girls are Disney fanatics and travel as often as they can to experience the rides and magic at the parks. She loves country music and seeing live country concerts. Jenni recently visited Nashville and loved every minute. She loves animals and animal rescue, and helps out at her local rescue whenever she can. This includes trying to capture evasive dogs, holding dogs as their owners are located, and donating to local shelters and rescue organizations. She and her kids also love hiking, reading books, doing craft projects, and playing games.

Jenni says:
"I feel so fortunate to have found a profession so well-suited to me. I have known I wanted to work with children since I was 5! I love the active nature of the job, the ability to work closely with families, the creativity, and the problem solving. I love seeing the children light up, feel proud of themselves, making connections with them, and seeing changes over time. I am passionate about the power of play and to have found a career where I get to play (with a purpose), interact closely, and make connections with children is so fulfilling. And on top of that I get to work with amazing, talented, and strong women who are equally passionate about helping children and their families? And in a clinic overflowing with resources?"

Fall "Snacktivity" Group

Sometimes we get lucky and two or three kids with similar goals happen to sign up for the same time slot at DICP. This happened last spring with three DICP boys who all needed to work on expanding their diet to include a wider variety of healthy food options.

Our "Snacktivity" group emerged and was a success! Two of the three boys are continuing their healthy eating adventure this fall.

Therapists Jenni, Kerry, and Karen adapted a portion of the S.O.S. (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding for this group. S.O.S. is a family centered program for assessing and treating children with feeding problems and involves understanding the developmental, sensory, and physiological issues around feeding, as well as the child's need for control over the process.

In last week's Snacktivity Group, the therapists tried a modified Food Hierarchy using apples. A Food Hierarchy starts with a food the child eats successfully and provides challenges by slowly changing just one sensory component of the food at a time. Food Hierarchies help sensory systems shift slowly into accepting new foods. These hierarchies always start with a "safe" food and then make a change. An example of a Food Hierarchy used in an S.O.S. group might be:

1. Cheeto (meltable, starch, orange stick)
2. Carrot Stick (hard munchable, vegetable, orange stick)
3. Sweet Potato fries (soft mechanical, vegetable, orange stick)
4. Sweet potato puree drawn in a stick shape on the plate (puree, vegetable, orange "stick")
5. Sweet potato puree drawn in an oval shape on the plate (puree, vegetable, oval shape).
6. Sweet potato chip (hard mechanical, vegetable, oval shape)
7. White potato chip (meltable, vegetable, oval shape)
8. White veggie stick (starch, meltable, whitish stick)
9. Chicken breast cut into strips (protein, hard munchable, whitish stick)
10. Dried pineapple cut into strips (fruit, whitish stick)
11. Pineapple juice (fruit)

They aren't all considered healthy foods, but the hierarchy starts the child with a food that feels safe and familiar (cheeto), adapts one sensory component of the food at a time (shape, color, texture), and leads the child through a progression of chips to vegetables to proteins to fruits (chicken, sweet potato, and pineapple). 

Our most recent Snacktivity group's Food Hierarchy started with fresh apples as a safe and familiar food. We then had the kids mix the fresh apples with a little cinnamon and sugar and cook them in the microwave to make baked apples. We showed them how if you mash up the baked apples you get apple sauce, and threw in some chewy apple chips to round out the hierarchy. The baked apples were a big hit for one kiddo and the apple chips a favorite of another. We consider that a success!

For more information about the S.O.S. Approach, please visit their website or talk to your DICP therapist.

Have you Visited The Rotary 

The Rotary PlayGarden opened in May 2015. The PlayGarden enables children with special needs to play alongside their siblings and friends and is maintained by Guadalupe River Park Conservancy staff and volunteers, in-kind donations, and fee-for-service contracts. 

This is a lovely park with swings, slides, and things that spin.

Open Tuesday - Sunday
10am to 6:30pm

490 Coleman Ave
San Jose, CA 95110

Please visit their website or Facebook Page for more information, and for a list of participating locations:

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