Subject: Friend, why should you implement the OSCEhome flowcharts in your OSCEs & clinical practice?

Hello Friend,


Why should you implement the OSCEhome flowcharts in your OSCEs and patients' interview?

Do you often forget to ask or examine your patients about specific things?

Did that make you feel embarrassed and frustrated?

Off course, it makes you appear as an incompetent physician and unprofessional in yours patients' eye.

In addition to the time wasting and the stress of being disorganized.

It costs you valuable lost check marks in your OSCEs as you cannot return to the patient to ask.

Memorizing OSCEhome flowcharts is the solution!

The OSCEhome 12 ebooks package is designed to solve thi
s annoying issue.

It is compatible with any OSCE scenario and patients' chief complaints.

It contains detailed step by step instructions about:

- WHAT to ask or perform,
- WHEN to ask or perform, and
- HOW to ask or perform.

in a clinical patient interview.

It also covers communication skills, ethics, and difficult patient encounters.

The OSCEhome 12 ebooks are electronic ebooks that can be downloaded to your
computer, tablet, or phone.

OSCEhome ebook package can be installed on two devices/computers.

It is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhones and Android devices.

You will be able to print all or just parts of the 640 pages.

There is no other expenses such us subscriptions.

We have no samples, however, as over 4000 copies had been sold so far since 2004 with minimal refund requests.

Check it out now. Click the following link to get it now for the cost of just a cup of coffee a day for a month!

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You can also download it to your smart phone, tablet, iPad and keep it handy even during your patients interviews.

The new revised second edition of OSCEhome ebooks package that includes our flagship OSCE exam preparation guide, “A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs and Clinical Patient Encounters” and "How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters" and additional 10 valuable OSCE preparation ebooks.


It also include these 10 special bonuses (a US$ 157 value)!


Bonus # 1:

“ECG Interpretation”

27 Pages,  Quick ECG review,  ECG interpretation flowchart,  10 points to look for in an ECG,  5 life threatening ECG samples,  How to present findings



Bonus # 2:

“Chest X-Ray Interpretation”

52 Pages, - Quick Chest X-Ray review, Chest X-Ray interpretation flowchart,  13 points to look for in a chest X-Ray, The 10  CXR must know pathologies,  How to present findings


Bonus # 3:

“Abdominal X-Ray Interpretation”

14 Pages, Quick  Abdomen X-Ray review, - Abdomen X-Ray interpretation flowchart,  10 points to look for in a abdomen X-Ray, - The 8 AXR must know pathologies,  How to present findings


Bonus # 4:  

“Orthopedic X-Ray Interpretation”

40 Pages, Quick Orthopedic X-Ray review, - Orthopedic X-Ray interpretation flowchart,  9 points to look for in a Orthopedic X-Ray, - 48 sample  must know X-ray pathologies,  How to present findings


 Bonus # 5:

“CT in Head Trauma”

23 Pages,  8 points to look for in a CT Head, The 8 CT Head must know pathologies,  How to present findings


Bonus # 6:  

"Sample Mock OSCE Stations To Practice"

68 Pages, 209 sample OSCE stations stem questions to practice


Bonus # 7:  

"Calgary Cambridge Guide To The Medical Interview"


The famous guide on clinical and communication skills for the medical practice. Covers;


Bonus # 8:  

"Clinical Mnemonics"

45 Pages,  163 Clinical Mnemonics to choose to help you remember medical points.



Bonus # 9:  

"Symptoms and Topics To Study for OSCEs"

22 Pages,  488 OSCE stations scenarios. Do you want to memorize each separately?



Bonus # 10:  

"C Spine X-Ray Interpretation"

48 Pages,  Quick C-Spine X-Ray review,  14 critical C-Spine X-Ray findings


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All the best for clinical and communication skills development.


OSCEhome team.