Subject: Friend, need to improve your vision?

Hi Friend,

I found this article and was so impressed with it I had to

pass it on. It's the story of a young man's dreams taking

flight after being told he would never achieve them. If

you have bad eyesight or know anyone that does, you have

to read this.

Everything Old Is New Again: Rebuilding Your Vision

Glasses, contacts, or surgery. These are the usual choices

offered to those of us with bad vision. Orlin Sorensen, though,

needed an alternative. A commercial airline pilot who found himself

in jeopardy of being downsized after the 9/11 tragedies, Sorensen

decided to go for broke and pursue his lifelong dream of becoming

a Navy fighter pilot. The only catch was that Navy fighter

candidates were required to have near-perfect, uncorrected

vision -- no surgery allowed.

As for so many who seek different medical options, it was

word of mouth that led Sorensen down a different path: a

fellow pilot suggested eye exercises to naturally correct

vision. Turns out, the exercises weren't so much the "road

not taken" as the "road not taken in a while." Sorensen's

research revealed that natural vision training, in fact,

had been around for almost a century.

Natural vision correction involves performing eye exercises

and relaxation techniques daily to increase optical muscle

strength and coordination. With a 30-minute daily routine,

after just a month Sorensen improved his vision from 20/85

to 20/20; he went on to pass the Navy's visual acuity test.

In 2001, he founded a company, Rebuild Your Vision, to share

his knowledge with the general public and to challenge the

widespread belief that surgery is the only method of

correcting vision. As more and more people turn to alternative

medicine -- one in three people in the U.S., according to the

New England Journal of Medicine -- Sorensen's company has

proven to be visionary in more ways than one.

A wholistic orientation to health

Studying, watching TV, computer use, reliance on optical correction

from glasses and contacts, as well as the normal aging process,

all contribute to weak and distorted vision. Integral components

of the eye are not stimulated but instead suffer from a narrow

range of use, in the same way that repetitive mousing and typing

tasks on the computer can lead to tendonitis in the arm and,

eventually, carpal tunnel. Just as you exercise your body at

the gym or practice yoga in order to improve muscle tone,

agility, range of motion, and flexibility, so too do the eyes

benefit from daily exercise. Designed to reverse the stresses

placed upon the optical system, the vision-rebuilding process

fortifies your eyes in ways that would never be achieved through

normal daily activities.

Sorensen's Rebuild Your Vision program provides multilevel goals

and strengthening tools that challenge and stimulate different

parts of the visual system. Customized training programs are

available for those suffering from nearsightedness, astigmatism,

and aging vision (presbyopia). The program's simple drills and

exercises can be done at home, in the office, or on the road,

thus enabling the practitioner to integrate them as part of an

overall healthy lifestyle. It's no accident that Sorensen is

from Seattle, a city surrounded by natural beauty whose residents

are perennially voted as some of America's fittest.

An idea takes flight

Not only has Rebuild Your Vision become a success -- according

to surveys from customers worldwide, the program boasts over a

90% success rate in improving vision problems -- but the medical

establishment has also done research supporting the theories that

the program is based upon, as in this excerpt from the Journal of

the American Optometric Association describing the results of

subjects who underwent natural vision training: "Subjects often

stated that they had experienced the ability to make eye contact

(without correction) with people across a room or street; they

could see buildings and windows clearly without glasses many

miles across San Francisco Bay, or in the case of high-diopter

myopes (> -4.0 diopters) they were able to read books easily

at arm's length."

Unlike eye surgery, natural vision correction is noninvasive

and risk-free. And unlike glasses or contacts, it an active

process rather than a palliative measure. So it's no wonder

vision rebuilding seems to strike a chord with health-conscious

people today, who are increasingly choosing organic foods over

fast foods, meditation over confrontation, and lifestyle changes

over potentially harmful quick fixes. Ironic, but sometimes we

need to take the long view to really appreciate what we're seeing.

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