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In a new published study, Dr. Carola Seifart from Philipps-University of Marburg and her colleagues noted in a paper published online February 6, 2014 in Annals of Oncology that in many countries, the so-called SPIKES protocol is widely accepted as the standard for breaking bad news. However, in this study, they surveyed 350 people who were patients at two medical centers in Germany and had cancer and found only 46 % of the participants were completely satisfied with the way the bad news was broken to them.!

Based on their findings, the researchers suggest doctors ask about what information patients want and focus on the disease's prognosis and how it will impact daily life. Doctors should also routinely ask whether patients understand the information and offer them the opportunity to ask questions.

The researchers also suggest that the process of breaking bad news be split over two visits, because many of the participants felt unable to make decisions during the first visit.


STEP 1: S—SETTING UP the Interview

STEP 2: P—Assessing the Patient's PERCEPTION

STEP 3: I—Obtaining the Patient's INVITATION

STEP 4: K—Giving KNOWLEDGE and Information to the Patient

STEP 5: E—Addressing the Patient's EMOTIONS with Empathic Responses



Here is the link to this study:

Doctors Could Do a Better Job of Breaking Bad News: Study

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