Subject: OSCEhome thanks you for the overwhelming survey response


As you know, last week I sent you an email asking OSCEhome
newsletter subscribers to give me their opinion by taking
quick survey. The reponse was huge.

It is about what information do YOU want to receive in
OSCEhome newsletter and in what formats. It is about YOU
want and not OSCEhome.

However, I want to bring up the following points:

1- As you may noticed, no name is required to take the
survey. Thus, you can say whatever you want. But..

2- Some asked specific questions. I'd like to answer them,
but there is no way to know their names and e-mail
addresses. So don't ask questions in the survey. Instead,
email them to me at Those who already
asked, please email them to me.

3- Same. Some offered participating by giving notes and
other resources to share with others. Again, email me.

4- Some asked to buy OSCEhome ebooks. Sorry, there is
nothing to sell in the survey. It about sharing
information with your peers.

Here is the link again. Go ahead click on it (or copy
paste it to your internet browser address bar):

Thank you again for your help, have a nice day.

Dr Al Imari