Subject: OSCEhome members: Friend, success is EASY!

Success Is Easy

Dear Friend,

What is success or failure, really? I’d argue that both
are simply the inevitable result of a series of activities.
One set of activities moves you toward achievement of your
goals, and another set leaves you disappointed and

So, it really comes down to WHICH activities you perform,
HOW OFTEN you do them and IF you’re consistent about
completion of tasks…. And the tasks don’t have to be
hard. I’d even say that 99.999% of the time, the
activities are VERY SIMPLE. Here’s the catch:

It’s the simple things done over long periods of time
that will give you permanent and constant results.

And, that’s exactly where most people fall short. They
don’t do what they say they’re going to do, they
don’t do the THINGS THAT WORK on a consistent basis or
they waste their time on activities that really won’t
move them or their business forward.

Most of the time, if you simply did what you really needed
to do WHEN you needed to do it, success would be simple.

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• Why success really IS easy... and the goal is to do the
EASY things in life.
• Why the easy things we don’t do make life hard!
• Why it’s the simple things done over a long period of
time that will give you the GREATEST success
• The BIG insight about why many people DON’T do the
easy things in life… and then pay the consequences!

This simple concept well-executed could make the difference
between your success or failure, between having a business
that thrives or one that goes bankrupt and between you
living a happy, fulfilling life or one that you constantly
wish were different.

I only want the best for you, so take a few minutes and
listen some of MAIN reasons that I am the success I am…
and then APPLY this knowledge to your life! We're at the
start of a brand new year, and I want it to be your best
year yet!

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For Your Freedom,

Dr Al Imari.

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