Subject: How difficult, complicated and nerve-racking is the OSCEs?

Hello Friend,

Remember how difficult, complicated and nerve-racking it was when you
first tried to drive a car?

You had to remember seemingly umpteen things at the same time.

Everything was new.

And it required great concentration just to remember when to take your foot
off the clutch, change gear and look in your rearview mirrors.

That's when you realized you were consciously incompetent at driving
a car.

But after a few lessons and a bit of practice you became consciously

And then, a while after that (after more practice) you became unconsciously

That's when you could drive a car without hardly having to think about

You got to the stage where you feel like you could almost drive a car
"in your sleep" (metaphorically, of course!).

You could listen to the radio.

Have a conversation with a passenger.

Learn French from a CD.

Or be "off in your mind".

All the while driving your car as competently as can be.

Well, learning the powerful OSSEhome Systematic Approach is just like learning how to
drive a car.

You start off consciously incompetent.

But after the right instruction, demonstrations and a bit of practice --
you soon become consciously competent and then unconsciously competent.

Suddenly you are using the OSCEhome Systematic Approach with great finesse and versatility
without having to hardly think about what you're doing.

It just comes NATURAL to you - just like breathing!

That's what medical students and OSCE candidates experience when they practice the OSCEhome Systematic Approach ebook Package.

They go from consciously incompetent to unconsciously competent using the OSCEhome Systematic Approach and master both clinical skills and communication skills, and do so within just a few days.

It is not complicated IF you have the right teacher and you are memorizing its streamlined flowchart processes.

WHERE do you go to get the right teacher and learn the powerful OSCEhome Systematic Approach
and its streamlined flowchart processes?

It's at the OSCEhome website

Have a nice day.


Dr Al Imari