Subject: Friend, make COVID-19 OSCE exams and clinics cancellations your opportunity to improve your clinical skills

Hello Friend,

Staying home with your family can be productive, too. Make your OSCE practice a family game!

Two ways to do OSCE practice family game :

1. Your family member plays as the standard patient.

2. Your family member plays as the examiner.

In OSCEs, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are very important both directly and indirectly. Directly, by showing respect, professionalism, attentiveness, care, interest, and efficiency in acquiring medical data gathering. Indirectly, by leaving a good impression on the OSCE examiner and the standardized patient minds through your look, voice tone, and facial expressions.

These two persons, the examiner and the SP, will score your performance according to a checklist. OSCE organizers try their best to minimize personal bias from these two. However, what if your performance lies between two categories? Your performance was less than good but better than intermediate, for instance, which one to be checked for you? Here, their impression about you will act for or against you. They will think; either, he/she is better than this but the exam stress made him/her perform less than usual! Or, that is what actually his/her real everyday performance looks like!

Do you get it? This will push you one level up or down! I don’t know how to stress the importance of communication skills in OSCEs as well as in real life practice too.

In fact, it is what makes you a good or bad physician in your patients’ eyes in the future. Tell me, how many doctors do you know who are scientifically average but are very famous and rich! … On the other hand, how many doctors do you know who are scientifically excellent but are unknown and their practices are barely making a living! 

Work on improving your communication skills. It is not what you are and that’s it. Bad communications can be developed, improved, or even eliminated if it is harming you, right?! Yes, sometimes, it is not easy but it is not impossible. Start now. Rebuild the way you look, speak, and behave. Yes, rebuild what you’ve grown up with for a better you for your benefit.

Your behavior with people may be sending the wrong message about who you are, or let’s say an inappropriate message for the current context!

What about cultural diversity? Some behaviors that are acceptable in your culture may be unacceptable in other cultures or even professionally.

So, how to evaluate your communication skills? First, know your performance. Assess your current communication skills. Assess your posture, look, hand and head movements, and facial expressions. Assess your voice and tone. Do that by:


·          Watching yourself in front of a mirror while practicing or videotape yourself and play it back several times focusing on one aspect at a time. Be honest with yourself. Criticize your behavior as if you are assessing someone else. Write down positive and negative behaviors. This might be difficult as your Ego will stand up to defend yourself! We believe we are perfect or at least suitable. Be honest for your benefit. The only drawback here is you may not know which is an appropriate behavior or gesture and which is not.


·          The second step is to ask a close friend or relative to watch you and assess. Choose someone who cares for you. Explain to him/her what aspects you want them to watch closely. Make it mutual. If they are preparing for the OSCE too. Assess each other and be open minded constructive and honest.


Use the OSCEhome Systematic Approach flowcharts templates as the game cards.

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My best wishes for easier patients' interviews for you.

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 Dr Al Imari

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