Subject: Friend, Wishing You a Happy New Year. Did You Make a Resolution to Make Your Patient Interview Skills Perfect And Stress Free?

Hello Friend,

Dr Al Imari and OSCEhome team wish you a successful prosperous happy year and easy going physician patient clinical interviews.

By staying organized, thorough, and time efficient using the OSCEhome Systematic approach during your patient interviews, you will protect both your patient and yourself from missing anything.

You spent a lot for gifts to others. It is time to reward yourself professionally.

The OSCEhome 12 ebooks package is designed to be compatible for any OSCE.
It contains detailed step by step instructions about WHAT to ask or perform, WHEN to ask or perform, and HOW to ask or perform.
The OSCEhome 12 ebooks are electronic ebooks that can be downloaded to your computer or tablet.
OSCEhome ebook package can be installed on two devices/computers.
It is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iPad, and Android devices.
You will be able to print all or just parts of the 640 pages.
There is no other expenses such us subscriptions.
We have no samples, however, as over 4000 copies had been sold so far with minimal refund requests.
OSCEhome offers 60 days money back guarantee. If you find them
invaluable for you, uninstall them and we will sent you a refund.
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Have a nice holidays...

Dr Al Imari and OSCEhome team.