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In April 2013, researchers at Denver-based Vanguard Communications analyzed 3617 online reviews of 300 internists and ob/gyns practicing in Austin, Denver, New York City, and San Diego who earned the lowest marks on Vitals, RateMDs, and Yelp. Slightly more than one half (53%) of the posts were negative.

Patients who posted negative reviews were 4 times more likely to complain about a healthcare provider's indifference, bedside manner, or customer service than about his or her medical skills:

• 43.1% included complaints about poor bedside manner;

• 35.3% included complaints about poor customer service; and

• 21.5% included complaints about medical skills, such as false diagnoses and surgical mistakes

Vanguard's results coincide with research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in June 2012.[2] San Francisco primary care physician Urmimala Sarkar, MD, who led the study, says patients were more than twice as likely to describe how empathetic a physician was rather than how knowledgeable.

Doctors shouldn't be surprised that patients often focus on nonclinical aspects of the encounter, says Ken Hertz, a principal with MGMA Health Care Consulting Group. "Most of us civilians don't know whether a doctor is clinically strong or not. We assume they're competent. But we know that doctors -- like other people -- have personalities, and we get particularly cranky if a doctor has the interpersonal skills of a porcupine."

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 Top Complaints Posted on Doc-Rating Websites
Medscape Business of Medicine, 2014-02-20

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