Subject: Director's Desk: Our Appeal + Member Stories Needed + Thank Legislators + CT Theater/Performing Groups Grants Now Open

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This month, we're celebrating our members - the artists, arts and cultural organizations, and creative businesses - who contribute to our communities in a meaningful and powerful way. You make our communities shine! It is our honor to support you through the CAFC network. Our end-of-year appeal helps us continue to thrive. Will you consider a donation today? Any amount will be so helpful and so appreciated. Here's to lifting up the arts and culture and lighting up communities together!
NOW is a great time to update your profile on the CAFC website. Update your bio and images and maximize your membership through this service. We link your news to this page in our newsletters, and it's a great way to drive new audiences to your own website.  Log-in and edit!

We are still looking for Member Impact Stories for the homepage of our website. In 1000 words or less, please share the following info and send to (until our email server is back up-and-running). 

1. Introduce your organization, your location, and what you do.
2. Share your most current impact story - a story that shares how you or your organization contributes to the community in a meaningful way. Please use a current example with impacts and outcomes.
3. Provide contact information (especially website link)
4. Provide a high quality, engaging 700 X 450 image that best reflects your story.

Now the elections are over, it is up to us all to reach out and congratulate our local legislators on their election/re-election. 

Make sure your house representative and state senator know who you, and your organization, are and what you do. 

For those re-elected be sure to thank them for the $31million in the last biennial budget to help get arts and culture organizations, still reeling from the impact of COVID, back on their feet, through the CT Culture Fund.

Invite new and re-elected legislators to sign up for the Arts, Culture and Tourism Legislative Caucus to find out more about this sector's contributions and needs.  Click here for a spreadsheet of legislators in the 15-town region of coastal Fairfield County.
JAN. 12, 2023
The Connecticut Office of the Arts will provide general operating support grants funded by the CT General Assembly to support Connecticut's theaters and performing groups as they pursue their mission. 
Application Deadline: Thursday, January 12, 2023
Funding Period:
July 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023
Funds may be applied retroactively towards eligible general operating expenses. 
The General Operating Support for Theaters and Performing Groups Grant Program provides funding for Connecticut based theaters and performing groups whose primary purpose is to present the performing arts to the general publicEligible applicants include:
● Arts Center: A multi-purpose facility that offers arts programs and/or performances of various types on a regular basis to the public. Must have a theater/performance space with seating. Seating can be mobile or stationary.
● Cinema Facility: A motion picture theater or organization which regularly shows films.
● Performing Group: A group of artists who perform works of art (e.g., an orchestra, theater or dance group). Must have rehearsals and/or public performances on a regular basis (monthly, yearly, etc.).
● Performing Community Group: A group of persons who perform works of art vocationally and who may be, but are not necessarily, directed by professionals. Must have rehearsals and/or public performances on a regular basis (monthly, yearly, etc.).
● Performing Group for Youth:  A group which may, but does not necessarily, include children and/or performs works of art for young audiences. Must have rehearsals and/or public performances on a regular basis (monthly, yearly, etc.).
● Performance Facility: A building or space used for presenting concerts, drama presentations, etc.
● Other: If you do not align with one of the above categories, and your primary purpose is to present the performing arts to the general public, then select other and explain. Please be prepared to demonstrate via your uploaded budget that 51% or more of your budget is allocated to the arts (see rules for Eligibility) AND that your budget clearly shows income and/or expenses that align with the purpose and function of a Theater or Performing Group. 
Eligible applicants must be:
● 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization with a core mission, vision, focus, and legal purpose - as stated in their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws - to articulate a commitment to create, perform or present arts activities, programs and performances; AND 
● at least 51 percent of its annual fiscal expenditures is allocated specifically to support arts activities, programming, or performances; AND 
● it must fall into one of the above noted categories. Arts organizations must have their primary place of business and operations in Connecticut and be in Good Standing with the CT Secretary of the State. 
● Theater/performing groups that exist within a Connecticut municipal department, but operate with a stand-alone Board of Directors.
● Organizations with a primary purpose of education, technical skill building and training (i.e. dance studio/school)
● Organizations that receive legislatively directed carry-forward funds in the FY22-23 State Budget
● Organizations allocated American Rescue Plan Act funds in the FY22-23 State Budget

See previous award winners here.
Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, Gate Lodge at Mathews Park, 301 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850, United States
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