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Presidents Corner                                                August 1, 2016
After the M & A Nurses Need a Plan B
Important news for close to two million nurses: Hospital merger & acquisition transactions continue to accelerate. 52 transactions took place in the first half of this year alone and we are only at the beginning of August. Having been through several (8) mergers and acquisitions; I can tell you that it never resulted in retaining all the staff. That is why I am so passionate about nurses making sure they attend NNBA’s signature annual conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives. Nurses will learn how to gain competitive advantage and discover multiple marketable income streams to augment their nursing career. Veteran nurse business owners are able to expand their offerings and develop valuable partnerships with aligned nurse business owners. All nurses will be able to expand their network and experience the positive energy of being around like-minded nurses from all over the country.

Hospital administrators are doing what they have to do to remain competitive whether it is becoming behemoth corporations or reconfiguring their facilities to address revenues that could be made outside the acute care phase of the healthcare continuum. This is placing a great deal of pressure on the already overworked nurse work force. CNOs are being asked to create new roles for nursing professionals that didn’t previously exist in the hospital environment. There is great opportunity for NNBA members that are Independent Nurse Advocates and Independent Case Managers that have already built successful business models. Discover if Nurse Managers are interested in outsourcing to your company versus in-house development. You could also offer consulting services to assist them in their development efforts.
Are you doing what you need to do to remain competitive? Is your resume updated with current and relevant information? Does it convey the nurse you are and give you the competitive advantage using the best that new technology has to offer? The NNBA has partnered with the folks at staffgarden that have a simple, straight forward process to house your information and display your experience in the best light. Their ePortfolio is completely free to nurses. The NNBA and staffgarden are completely aligned in wanting the best for nurses so you are recognized and receive your full value. Check out the NNBA and staffgarden Contest: Win Free NNBA Conference and Travel Package!
Interested to know where real wisdom comes from? I agree with Tony Robbins on his 5 points in the article of interest below; how about you? Speaking about experts, Laurie Dupar’s, PNHNP, RN, PCC, CALC, ADHAD Coach Training Program link is below; learn about this valuable program. Thank you for supporting our nurses in business advertisers. And be sure to check out what Nurses said about NNBA’s 2015 conference and make sure you are there this year!
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About the NNBA
The National Nurses in Business Association, the forerunner of the nurse entrepreneurship movement, provides education, support, empowerment and opportunity for nurses in business since 1985. Thousands of nurses over the past 30 years have benefited from membership in the NNBA and launched successful businesses. The NNBA is the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network and serves as The Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship. Learn about joining the NNBA by clicking here.

Articles of Interest
Hospital M&A continues to accelerate in first half of 2016: 7 findings
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Fortune : Tony Robbins Commentary
Hospital merger and acquisition activity remained strong in the first half of 2016, according to the latest analysis by Kaufman, Hall & Associates.

Kaufman Hall identified 52 hospital and health system transactions in the first two quarters of 2016, up 6.1 percent from the 49 transaction recorded in the first half of 2015. There were 27 transactions in the second quarter of 2016 alone, up 3.8 percent from 26 transactions recorded in the second quarter of 2015.

Here are seven more observations on transactions in the first half of 2016, according to Kaufman Hall.
Most of us have done it—stayed in a job so long we started getting complacent, or worse. Then there's the reverse problem—leaving a job too early and ending up with something that isn't what we hoped for.

Knowing when to leave your job is a tricky business. I often tell my clients: "Before you jump out of one boat, you’d better make sure the other one floats." Sometimes opportunities seem like a great fit at first, but when you start spotting leaks you're already standing on deck with the water pooling swiftly around your ankles.
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion drown out your own inner voice.” –Steve Jobs

When we are young, we look to more experienced mentors for advice. Later on, we become the advisors. At least, that’s how it should be. Today, the market for advice is flooded. Everyone has an opinion on everything, regardless of whether they have the knowledge and experience to back it up.
Against the overwhelming cacophony of the digital masses, judging who to listen to and having the discipline to shut out the rest of the noise are critical skills for success.
What your nurse colleagues had to say about last year’s conference and why you should be there this year!

First Conference and it will not be my last. I felt renewed with other ways to be a nurse. I love it!!!
Coleen Jimenez, RNC-MNN, BSN, MSN, DNP-c

NNBA has opened my eyes to what is possible!
Lana Taylor, RN, BSN

Thank you so much for the conference.  It has changed my life.  It was so empowering and inspiring; we are starting a business that we have talked about for this past year!
Deborah Shields, MSN, RN-BC

I enjoy the sharing of information and ideas and that the speakers are willing to share their tips instead of keeping success to themselves! Thank you!
Erin Levitsky, BSN

This conference is amazing and professional. Being here and listening to the attitude, success and failures of the nurse entrepreneurs is priceless!
Bonnie Kavannaugh, RN-BC, BSN, CMC

I wanted to thank you again for putting on another AMAZING conference!
Heather Taylor, RN

Every speaker today was very inspirational and great ideas that is able to reach anyone’s passion.
Renee Natole, RN, BSN

Many lives have been changed in this room! NNBA has brought hope, knowledge and a pathway for positive change! So many happy nurses in this room!

I’m just glad I am here, I feel so blessed sitting with like-minded people. Knowledge and friends I gained in a span of 3 days is wonderful!
Melinda Erica, RN

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