Subject: Strategies to Monetize Your Nursing Knowledge – Empowering Nurses Sept 27 - 29!

September 7, 2019

Would you like to change your job, create a lasting impact, or improve on how things are currently being done? Are you ready for your “status quo” to not be your status any longer? Then you want to be with us in 3 weeks at NNBA’s Annual Educational Conference. This event is unique in the nursing world and has proven results of having helped thousands of nurses transform their careers and take charge of their lives. There are stories after stories of nurses from the stage, and in our audience that have made breakthroughs and found fulfillment in their work again.

Harvard Business Review’s #1 criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is the ability to communicate effectively. Nine out of the twenty-five sessions at NNBA’s conference are centered around communicating effectively and profitably. Don’t miss nationally acclaimed nurses sharing insider business knowledge of how they created lucrative businesses with their nursing knowledge and life experience. This educational event is eligible for up to 14CEs. Here’s the link for the agenda, speakers, and hotel info:
The Flamingo Hotel has extended NNBA’s discounted room block for 5 more days. Use this link for savings:

Whether you want to create an additional stream of income, or expand and innovate your current business, there is something for you and someone for you to know at NNBA’s conference. Those of you already registered, thank you, and I am looking forward to seeing you. For those of you that are first time attendees, I am looking forward to meeting you. I'll see you in the Twilight Room for our Meet and Greet!
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