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Presidents Corner                           June 15, 2015

Conference News
NNBA’s 30th Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference is scheduled at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, October 2-4, 2015.  NNBA members save $100 on registration!  Exhibitor and Sponsor Information click here.  There is limited exhibitor space so make sure to reserve your space.  Here are some of this year’s compelling topics: Blogging to Build Your Business, Self-Publishing a Best Seller, Making a Million in Nursing, Independent RN Patient Advocacy.  The conference provides great networking, marketing and mentoring opportunities.  So make sure to register for the conference and get NNBA’s group discount for your hotel reservations here.
NNBA Shark Tank Competition!
NNBA is hosting a Shark Tank Competition!  This is sure to be one of the highlights of this year’s conference and is scheduled Saturday afternoon. In the next few weeks we will publish the Rules and Guidelines for our Nurse Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to enter this event. NNBA’s Shark Tank will not require a business plan, financial statements or any supporting documents. It is literally “pure pitch”, with nothing but the value of your idea and presenting skills to support it. Who are the Sharks…well, you will find out soon! Prizes will be awarded so you don’t want to miss this fun event.
People Are Looking For You!
Please make sure to upload your picture in your account profiles. In the past two weeks alone we have had many new nurses joining the NNBA and only a handful have uploaded their picture. It is important to have your picture with your information. I may be looking to spotlight you or talk about you to other members when connecting nurses. More importantly, other members are looking for you with possible opportunities. It also makes it seem like you already know someone when you meet them at the conference by seeing their photo. Most of us are out there on Facebook and realize the value of pictures.
Member & Speaker Spotlight
This newsletter marks the beginning of spotlighting members & speakers for our October Conference! Our speakers are all driven to provide massive value for the Nurses interested in Entrepreneurship. Learn more about each speaker in spotlight below. This newsletter you’ll learn more about Jay Steven Levin. Jay is scheduled to speak Sunday, October 4th and will be presenting The 4 Behaviors You Need To Succeed – As An Entrepreneur.

And finally, for those of you in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Dr. Renee Thompson and I are conducting “From Burnout to Bliss”™ Essential Business Skills for Today’s Successful Nurse Seminar on July 15th. Earn 3.5 Contact hours and learn vital business strategies to protect and advance your career. Located at Robert Morris University on the Moon Campus (click here). We would love to see you there!
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Articles of Interest
Yes, Believe It: Taylor Swift Is a Customer Retention Expert
Entrepreneur Magazine
The New Really Really Big

Jay Steven Levin Blog
15 Behaviors and Traits of Great Leaders

Entrepreneur Magazine
Taylor Swift may be synonymous with sugary pop music, but in the business world she’s known for her other talent: customer retention.

As I write this, Swift has just kicked off her 1989 world tour, which is set to include over 75 dates across three continents. This tour signifies the first time Swift is set to make over $100 million in annual earnings, a rare feat for a pop solo act. In the last three years, only Madonna has been able to reach that benchmark -- until now.
We can always tell when the big mass-market-self-help find-your-whatever-power superstars are out on the circuit. The stadium language trickles down. The grandstand audience hype filters into 1:1 normal water cooler conversations. The masses all want to play BIG.

Lately I’m hearing, seemingly from all sides, jargon like; “Am tired of playing small.” “Want to go big.” “I’m all about delivering massive value.” “I gotta bring it.”
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SGreat leaders have resolve and vision, but are humble about it. They have the company’s ambitions in mind, rather than just focusing on their own internal gain.

The most effective executives don’t accept mediocrity. They can’t accept the idea that good is good enough and they never let others adopt that belief.
To give job seekers – a full perspective on how leaders operate, our sales recruiters have listed 15 behaviors and traits of the best executives.
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NNBA Members Spotlight
Jay Steven Levin
CPBA, CPEQA, Chief Cooperation Officer, WinThinking

Understanding and applying what’s needed to succeed, as an entrepreneur is not often as clear as it could or should be. Nurses rely on diagnostic assessments to insure the health of their patients – yet in their private businesses they lack needed assessment to insure their own business health and vitality. Specifically knowing what business skills, success behaviors and personal motivations are needed to drive next level success can make the difference between winning and losing, confidence or anxiety and realistic hope or despair.

For over 40 years Jay has helped high achievers achieve more by leveraging organizational, behavioral, perceptual, energetic and emotional intelligence to create better business and personal outcomes. From a forest monastery to corporate boardrooms Jay has worked worldwide to accelerate measurable personal, executive and organizational performance improvement, mindfulness and success.
As a result driven Executive and EQ Coach Jay has personally coached over 10,000 professionals.
As President, COO, VP, Jay has worked with some of the most powerful media, consumer, technology and logistics brands on the planet. As a former Vistage Chair, Jay understands the issues business owners face and how to uncover often overlooked solutions.

To learn more about Jay visit his website; or find him on LinkedIn;
Lighten Up...
Living Your Best Life
You Don't Want to Miss This!!!
October 2 - 4, 2015 
Las Vegas, NV

Bring your friends, 
we're having a party
to celebrate NNBA's 30th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference!

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