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Presidents Corner                                                August 15, 2016
Nurse Entrepreneurs Rising
There are multiple conditions influencing the rise in the ranks of nurse entrepreneurs. The shift from volume based care to value based care, the silver tsunami, increasing legislation of nurse practitioner independence, the aging nurse workforce and the continual merger and acquisition activity of healthcare delivery systems. Nurses need to come to Las Vegas with us this October 14-16th where you will discover emerging opportunities and roles using your current nursing knowledge. Learn best business practices, skillsets and strategies. You will be able to expand your network and experience the positive energy of being around like-minded nurses from all over the country. See the quick agenda here and full conference info here to know why you don’t want to miss the conference, round tables, breakout sessions and NNBA’s Shark Tank Competition! All in one place for one weekend like no other you will experience. Make sure your rooms are reserved by September 13th to receive NNBA’s discounted group rate!

Create Engaging Content for Your Blog & Facebook
As a benefit to members of NNBA, I asked my good friends, Janet Kennedy & Carol Bush with Get Social Health to share their best social media secrets for nurse entrepreneurs. If you’re not 100% thrilled about all the time you’ve been plugging away on social media, you are not alone. I hear daily from nurse entrepreneurs who are stressed out over details of social media & blog content. They have questions like: How do I know how much time I should focus on Facebook? Why is no one engaging with my Facebook posts? Should my business website have a blog? How do I get started? Sign up for Janet and Carol’s FREE webinar “Creating Engaging Content for Your Blog and Facebook” 
PS: Janet and Carol will devote at least 10-minutes to full-on Q&A at the end of the webinar. That means you can ASK THEM ANYTHING about your business, their business, social media, or whatever you can think of. So start jotting down your questions now, and don’t forget to sign up by clicking here.
Win Free Conference and Travel!
Does your resume accurately and advantageously convey the nurse you are with the best that new technology has to offer? The NNBA has partnered with the folks at StaffGarden that has a simple, straight forward process using state of the art technology that is completely free to nurses. Staff garden’s website is relaxing to view, easy and intuitive to work within to load your information. But most of all, we are two companies that are completely aligned in wanting the best for nurses so you can remain marketable and receive full value in today’s marketplace. Check out NNBA and StaffGardens Contest: Win Free NNBA Conference and Travel 

Just a reminder, entries for the NNBA Shark Tank Competition must be received by September 1st. Carol Bush, The Social Nurse is in our member’s spotlight. Make sure you sign up for Carol and Janet’s social media webinar listed above! Don’t miss Laurie Dupar’s coaching program below; Laurie has spoken for the NNBA in the past and always is providing excellent materials and information on ADHD.
What Makes a Great Leader, Think Less Feel More and the infographic tips on growing your business all are good articles but this issue, I really relate to the Think Less Feel More article. I find that when I grow fearful, it is when I am thinking too much about how I am going to do something. When I allow myself to focus on the why, which is coming from my heart, I find the peace that ends up unlocking the creativity I needed. As always, I love to hear from you and now that we are 60 Days Away from NNBA 2016 Conference, I know I will be seeing many of you soon!

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About the NNBA
The National Nurses in Business Association, the forerunner of the nurse entrepreneurship movement, provides education, support, empowerment and opportunity for nurses in business since 1985. Thousands of nurses over the past 30 years have benefited from membership in the NNBA and launched successful businesses. The NNBA is the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network and serves as The Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship. Learn about joining the NNBA by clicking here.

Articles of Interest
5 Good Karma Tips to Grow Your Business (infographic)
Entrepreneur Magazine
Tiny Wisdom: Think Less, Feel More
Tiny Buddha
The One Quality That Makes a Truly Great Leader
Fortune Magazine
Business school teaches us the basics of how to run a business. But there is a lot they don’t teach us that I feel is critical to a successful and meaningful business.

Having heard many success stories and experienced great success in my own life and business, I have become a big believer in the principles of karmic management. The fact is, what goes around really does come around in all aspects of our lives -- including business. What you put out, you get back. 
“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.” ~ Osho

Have you ever felt attached to your thoughts—like you knew you were thinking yourself in circles, but a part of you wanted to keep getting dizzy?

Now that I’m healthy and energized, three months after my surgery, I’m developing a consistent yoga practice again—and I’m feeling better mentally and physically as a result of doing that.
Today’s answer to the question: What quality does every great leader have in common? is written by Sue Quackenbush, chief human resources officer at Vonage.

There’s no single quality that makes a great leader. Looking across industries, great leaders have different management styles, demeanors, skills, and experiences. However, the one quality I believe every great leader has in common is the ability to relate. Leaders can achieve that in three ways:
NNBA Members Spotlight
Carol Bush, BA, RN
The Social Nurse
Carol Bush is a Nurse Consultant with the Midwest Cancer Alliance, a network of cancer centers, hospitals and research organizations in Kansas & western Missouri. The Midwest Cancer Alliance is the outreach arm of the University of Kansas Cancer Center.

She has a passion for helping medical teams learn to embrace innovation and thrive in a patient-focused environment. Carol is Green Belt certified in LEAN Six Sigma and especially enjoys working with care managers, health coaches, and nurse navigators to improve health system processes & access to care.

Carol is also a social media coach & entrepreneur, using virtual technology to help nurses, physicians and healthcare organizations master social media skills through her work as The Social Nurse.

You can learn more about Carol and The Social Nurse here:
Lighten Up...
Living Your Best Life...
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