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President's Corner                                                      January 15, 2017
Great news out of Washington: VA Grants Full Practice Authority to Advance Practice Registered Nurses. Our Veterans deserve the best care available and this regulation will allow Vets greater access to healthcare! 

The ANA is declares that 2017 is the year of the healthy nurse The NNBA agrees that nurses are ideally positioned to be the best role models, educators and advocates of health, safety and wellness. January’s topical focus is Worksite Wellness and Worker Well-Being. Many of our NNBA members have businesses devoted to this ideal. Sharon Weinstein’s B is for Balance, Donna Cardillo’s Empowered Nurse Enlightened Practice™, Cynthia Howard’s Resilient Leader Program, Elizabeth Scala’s Stop Nurse Burnout and Patricia Crilly’s Extraordinary Healing Ordinary Miracles. These nurses and many more are in the ranks of helping improve the health of over 3.6 million registered nurses!
Announcements & Upcoming Events
Call for Speakers
If you are interested in speaking, presenting a breakout session or preconference, at this year’s Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference you will need to submit a proposal by completely filling out the form here: Our conference is earlier this year so the deadline for proposal submission is January 20th. Conference dates September 8 – 10th, 2017 on St. Pete Beach, Florida!
Free Webpage for NNBA Members
NNBA members can have their own web page to promote themselves and their business. For nurses that don’t have a website, a web presence is a must in today’s digital age. People have to be able to find you, learn about your business and the products and services you have to offer. For nurses that have a website, you will benefit from backlinks to your site, which definitely helps your SEO. This benefit alone is worth more than double the cost of your membership. Just fill out the Web Presence Application form and within 3-5 business days, your webpage will be up! 
Upcoming Events
Plan to get some sun in San Diego this February 16th and 17th at Dr. Renee Thompson’s Medical Surgical Symposium. This event equips nurses with the latest clinical knowledge and professional skills needed to effectively care for today’s complex medical surgical patients. Keith Carlson and I will be speaking during the event and we hope to see you there. Register here and receive 12 contact Hours!

Also in San Diego this February is Dr. Dolores Fazzino’s Radiant Soul Retreat that is especially for smart, high-achieving, busy women that realize there has to be more to life. Find out more by clicking  Dolores is this month’s Featured Expert with her article below “Reality Check 2017”.

This March 30th – April 2nd, plan to attend Donna Cardillo’s Empowered Nurse Enlightened Practice™ retreat. Definitely one of the highlights of the past two years for me was attending this very special event. Space is limited so register early! Learn more here:
I want to thank the many nurses that have already sent in speaker proposals for our Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternative event in September this year in Florida! It promises to be an exciting weekend with tremendous information for nurses interested in entrepreneurship, starting a business or developing an additional stream of income. We will be opening up registration in March and I highly recommend not waiting because it’s going to fill up! Regarding the Articles of Interest below, I especially like number 1 of the 4 tools that Dr. Fazzino gives in her article Reality Check 2017, Are You Doing or Being? I can get so caught up in busyness and this is a great reminder. 7 Social Media Marketing Trends reminds us that marketing is changing fast so pick and choose carefully and know it will evolve. And last, I use the January Action Plan: the 10 Tips to Build Your Best Future as a reminder of those things I need to keep in mind as I move forward in my life and my business. Especially #9, Celebrate your milestones whatever their size!
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Nurse Business Insider Tip      by Michelle Podlesni
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
Technology tip regarding your website’s home page. Keep your layout clean and easy to navigate. If visitors feel overwhelmed because they see too much information and images; they are going to leave. Think about your site like a winning resume and the ‘rule of thumb’ because when someone would hold a resume, they only tended to read above the thumb. This is also called ‘above the fold’. Make sure your most important content and images are above the fold which is what most visitors to your website will see on their screen. Here is another reason to keep you homepage clean and easy to navigate. Approximately, 50% of people are checking websites with their mobile devices and their tablets and smart phones have even smaller screens.
Articles of Interest
Reality Check 2017: Are You Doing or Being?
NNBA Featured Expert
7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate
Your January Action Plan 10 Tips to Build Your Best Future
Success Magazine
As the previous year closes, a new chapter of your life has begun to unfold. HAPPY NEW YEAR! The excitement of new beginnings and new, clean pages of your future life has come into view just begging to be filled in with new and exciting life adventures. Perhaps you decided and declared 2017 to be your year of big changes filed with exciting new goals for yourself. You jumped right in and have been on a roll since the new year began!

As the new year progresses, the reality of life sets in. The momentum that you created begins to slow or maybe even come to a screeching halt. What has caused your derailment?

Every year, I make predictions about what the coming year’s potential developments in the world of social media marketing. And every year, I have to think back and chuckle at all the people who claimed social marketing was just a fad—as little as a few years ago.

It’s clear now that social media marketing is here to stay, and its massive staying power is attributable to one key characteristic—the fact that social media keeps evolving. It responds to new tech like mobile devices, constantly exceeds users’ expectations, and competes within itself to bring us more and better features.
Your Action Plan is a monthly to-do list of tips straight from SUCCESS magazine—10 things you can do right now to improve yourself and your life.

This month, start fresh by leaving your old, unproductive habits in 2016. Make the new year about polishing your strengths, your bank account and anything that will bring you closer to having the best year of your life.

1. Live Courageously
Fear is a natural and necessary part of growth. Choose to embrace uncertainty by reminding yourself what you lose when you give in to your fears.
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