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President's Corner                                                December 15, 2016
Recent Happenings
We had such a good time, this past week at the James Malinchak Big Money Speaker's Bootcamp in Los Angeles. I was joined by Carol Lumsden, RN, CHC, CLNC, Sabrina Garcia, RN, MSN, Ed. CNS, Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD and Kathy Allan, RN, HN-BC, HTCP-I. We expanded our network and learned from best; for example, Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles was on the stage with James for 90 minutes! One of the reasons I keep returning to this event is because of the star power that James has as friends! This year I was thrilled to meet Brian Tracy. His book, Maximum Achievement, changed my life in the 90’s and meeting him was on my bucket list. Thank you James! Check out some of the pictures in the spotlight section below.

Were you with us on the webinar yesterday, learning how to Launch Your Career as a Healthcare Writer for 2017? The NNBA has great plans to continue hosting these valuable webinars along with Get Social Health Academy’s Janet Kennedy and The Social Nurse Carol Bush throughout 2017. You can find these events on the NNBA Event Calendar that is on

Future Happenings
I’ll be speaking on “The Business of You” during Dr. Renee Thompson’s Medical Surgical Symposium is in San Diego February 16 & 17th. Renee's events are designed to share with nurses the latest clinical knowledge and professional skills needed to effectively care for today’s complex medical surgical patients. See what Elisa Romero, RN, CMSRN, Manager at Scripps Hospital in San Diego, CA has to say here: and be sure to share this link with nurses you know in the southern California region!

Are you an LNC looking to grow your business? Nurse Attorney Lorie Brown is offering a free 30- minute individual telephone coaching session that you can schedule with her assistant Debbie at or (317) 465-1065. You can read about Lorie’s great offer here and if you are a NNBA member, you receive substantial savings!

I highly recommend Donna Cardillo’s upcoming retreat, Empowered Nurse Enlightened Practice™. Whether your passion for nursing is fired up or has fizzled out, this event is for you! It has been created to empower, energize, and enlighten you for future success. Learn more here: 
Call for Speakers!
Interested in speaking, presenting a breakout session or a preconference at the NNBA 2017 Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference? You will need to submit a proposal by completely filling out the form here: Our conference is in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida, September 8 - 10. It is earlier this year so the deadline for proposal submission is January 20th.

It is such an exciting time to be a Nurse! Nurse Entrepreneurs are making a difference in communities locally, nationally and globally. See what Nurses in Business are up to by reviewing our Events Calendar on the NNBA website. The Articles of Interest below includes: Work from Anywhere and see the tools you will need to do just that. Having done all but one of the 11 Life Hacks, I can attest personally that they work! And of course I included an article on the 3 Characteristics of a Genius from the genius, Brian Tracy. 

And last, but most importantly, I want you to know that it has been an honor serving and working with so many of you during 2016. I have seen many of you accomplish your goals and have your dreams come to fruition. I've seen the discipline and dedication you have to providing value for others in all you do. We wish you a joyous Holiday season with peace and cheer in the new year! 
Unconventionally yours,

About the NNBA
The National Nurses in Business Association, the forerunner of the nurse entrepreneurship movement, provides education, support, empowerment and opportunities for nurses in business since 1985. Thousands of nurses over the past 30 years have benefited from membership in the NNBA and launched successful businesses. The NNBA is the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network and serves as The Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship. Learn about joining the NNBA by clicking here.

Articles of Interest
12 Tools for Running Your Business From Anywhere
Entrepreneur Magazine
11 Epic Life Hacks from Crazy Successful Entrepreneurs
Success Magazine
3 Characteristics of a Genius – Do You Possess Them?
Brian Tracy
Telecommuting and working remotely was once reserved for trendy Silicon Valley based startups, but these days it’s more of a common occurrence. In fact, 37 percent of Americans worked from home last year.

It has benefits both sides love -- the company gets to reduce operating costs and the employee eliminates long commutes, providing them with more personal and family time. The internet is entirely responsible for how businesses operate these days. Whether you operate a large company with hundreds of employees, or you are a solopreneur building a small team, you can leverage online tools and software to run your business from anywhere in the world. There are no geographical limitations, provided you have an internet connection.
We all have 24 hours in the day, but the difference between mediocrity and massive success lies in how we use those hours. We asked 11 entrepreneurs who have achieved massive results in their lives to share their best life hacks to help you crush your goals faster, easier and better.

1. Hack people.
Everybody thinks that scale is technology. But scale also comes in people; it’s a version that has been tried and true long before the internet came along. Most of us are grossly underestimating the impact of another human being on what they’re trying to accomplish and what you can be doing for them. We’re all looking for the algorithm and big data and the tech and the app that’s going to scale it. There’s nothing that scales the tried and true. 
Geniuses throughout the ages have been found to possess three special characteristics.

Characteristic #1: They Have Developed Their Ability to Concentrate

First, all geniuses seem to have developed the ability to concentrate single mindedly on one question, problem or goal at a time, and to exclude all other diversions or distractions. 

The more intensely you concentrate your thoughts and attention, and the more intensely you are emotionally involved with a problem or goal, the more likely it is that your mind will respond with the kind of creative ideas that you need. And the good news is that concentration comes from practicing the process of concentrating whenever you have something you want to accomplish.
NNBA Membership Spotlight
Wishing You a Warm and Happy Holiday Season!
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