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March 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

Exciting news:registration will be open for NNBA 2018 Conference before the next newsletter! Empowering Nurses through Entrepreneurship promises to provide you with massive-content value on innovative approaches to using your nursing knowledge and experience. Information on transitioning your career, part-time or full-time with Writing, Speaking, Podcasting, FB Live Videoing, Case Management, Patient Advocacy, Blogging, Elder Care, Working with Corporate Clients, Medical Aesthetics, Consulting, Nursing Education and so much more! I am really looking forward to publishing the agenda for NNBA’s signature annual event. You will see the value at being in Las Vegas, October 12 – 14. Take a look at last year’s conference and enjoy the pictures!

Creative Problem Solving and Changing a Culture is one of the articles below written by NNBA member, Candy Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL, FNAP. You’ll want to check out her program in June for nurses (see the picture below) and, Candy is also scheduled to be one of our speakers at October’s conference!

There will be an upcoming opportunity to apply for $2500 prize at the Professional Excellence Conference, April 13th in Plantsville, Connecticut. The theme is “Inter-professional Healthcare Innovation”. NNBA members, Tim Raderstorf, and Christine Meehan are speaking, and you can obtain more information here, or by emailing

The NNBA has assisted thousands of nurses to reach their entrepreneurial goals, and our success is a result of our richly resourced membership. Success doesn’t live in a vacuum; the real extent of what we can achieve requires the help of others. How to Envision and Reach Your Big Potential outlines this cycle perfectly in our first article of interest below. New sales research reveals what consumers really want with 28 Surprising Stats about Prospecting in 2018.

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Nurse Business Insider Tip                    by Michelle Podlesni, RN

Email Etiquette: Email takes up a significant portion of my workday. I remember when I first started using email. It was an intranet messaging system, so all the emails were relevant only to my company. Email became common on the internet space in the early 90’s, and that changed everything. According to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) workers spend 28 percent of their workweek reading, and answering email. Here are a few email tips regarding business email etiquette:

Have a clear subject line; be specific. Every email you send should have your signature, letting the recipient know who you are, and how to contact you. Use a professional salutation unless you have the person’s permission to do otherwise. For example, don’t use someone’s nickname without their permission. Be very cautious with humor. It doesn’t translate well with emails. Proofread your emails for spelling, and grammatical errors before hitting “send”. Reply to all legitimate emails. And last, perhaps most importantly, give your email thoughtful consideration before sending it. Never send an angry email. If necessary, place your email in your drafts folder to review when you are feeling calmer, and have time to reflect on the message you are sending.

Business owners need to keep emails professional. It may take time, and practice, but in the long run, it is beneficial to the reputation and growth of your business.

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Articles of Interest
How to Envision and Reach Your Big Potential

Success Magazine
Creative Problem Solving and Changing a Culture

NNBA Blog Featured Expert
28 Surprising Stats About Prospecting in 2018
Hubspot Blog
Your goals should be moving targets, not destinations. Shawn Achor explains why in an excerpt from his new book ‘Big Potential.’

If you ever brought home a bad grade, or just one below your normal standard, you probably remember an uncomfortable talk with your parents. They weren’t mad—just disappointed. You hadn’t lived up to your potential.

If you’re a parent now, you might see things the same way. There’s a problem with our overall view of potential, though. We often expect others - or ourselves - to reach that potential independently, as if it’s a solitary journey.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. “ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

My premise is that you can accomplish much, including changing a culture, if you focus on a problem, surround yourself with encouragers, and don’t get side tracked by the hurdles you inevitably encounter.

It is nearly 10 years since the furor around the dreaded “Y2K” scare. Do you remember?
There are several facts I thought I knew about prospecting. Most buyers are resistant to reps’ contact attempts, they don’t want to hear about the product, and getting their ear requires extreme persistence.

However, a new report debunked these beliefs. The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research surveyed 488 buyers and 489 sellers in 25+ industries to get their take on effective methods, timing, and more. The results are probably not what you’d expect -- but they do bode well for your prospecting strategy.

When do buyers want to hear from salespeople?
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