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President's Corner
May 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

Freedom, flexibility and financial control are the reasons I most often hear from nurses interested in starting their own business. Entrepreneurship empowers nurses who desire to provide a wide variety of needed services, products and programs. Thousands of nurse entrepreneurs nationwide have already accomplished this by starting their own business and are enjoying independence, professional respect and increased financial rewards. This year’s conference will showcase over 20 sessions! Have you ever thought about working with corporate clients, starting a lucrative consultant’s business, writing a book, adding additional revenue streams to your existing business such as running profitable retreats? Those are only a few of the topics that are going to be covered; make sure to check out the whole program plus info on the hotel by clicking here See why NNBA’s signature conference on entrepreneurship receives so many 5 star ratings!

In addition to those 20 sessions, we have small group coaching sessions and a crowd favorite, the NNBA 2018 Shark Tank Competition. Shark Tank Contestants take center stage in front of a panel of nurse business owner experts and our audience to make their pitch. This event is so informative and fun for everyone. There are prizes, awards and some cash to help anyone’s business; are you interested in entering the tank this year? Enter here

Available exhibitor tables and sponsorships are running out so if you are interested in promoting your nurse owned business at the conference, get your application here: Get the best savings during early bird registration for the Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Educational Conference by registering now!

Interested in working from home? 44% of home based businesses are started for less than $5000. There is a great infographic, and pretty impressive stats  in our first article of interest below. Being in business, we all need to address pricing and the suggestions towards the end of the article are really good in 5 Highly Effective Ways to Respond to Pricing Questions. I really miss Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have every one of his books and several of the programs he did for PBS. Thankfully, his work continues and I’ve included an except here in our last article, How to Create Life Balance Between Dreams and Habits.

Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip                 

Is a Home-Based Business for You? More and more people desire to start and operate a small business from their homes. In the United States, one out of three businesses are run from home. Map It- Assess your likelihood of running a business from home. The more yes answers you have, the more likely it is you can work in your jammies!
  1. Do you have adequate space to devote an area to business without disturbing any family members?
  2. Will your family (yes including pets) give you non-interrupted time to work?
  3. Are you able to work independently without a formal structure?
  4. Are you a decision maker?
  5. Can you organize and manage your time well?
  6. Are you self-motivated?
  7. Will you leave home to make customer calls and meet clients?
  8. Do you have sufficient funds to get the equipment you need to operate your business?
  9. Have you created a business plan to make your business from home a reality?
  10. Will you get involved in business networking groups and continued education?
If you would like to work from your home, many NNBA members can assist you towards that reality. As always, contact me if you have any questions.
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Articles of Interest
Shocking US Home-Based Business Statistics
5 Highly Effective Ways to Respond to Pricing Questions

How to Create Life Balance Between Dreams and Habits
Wayne Dyer
One of the most popular ways to start a business is to pursue home based business opportunities, and especially online business opportunities. Whether you’re thinking about forming an LLC so you can work as a work-at-home freelancer, Amazon Seller or another marketplace online retailer, a home-based caterer or other home-based business opportunities, there are many ways to build a successful business out of your own home by selling your own products or your services online. According to survey data, U.S. home-based business opportunities are surprisingly plentiful and prosperous, so now is a great time to take advantage of starting your own business. Many home-based businesses are succeeding at a high level, and online entrepreneurs are changing the way that the business world works.
You’re meeting with the buyer for the first time when they hit you with the dreaded price question.

There are five potential responses.

First, you could dodge the topic. Many sales training programs advise sellers to never, ever, ever give a price until value has been established. This school of thought says to ignore price questions completely until you are ready to talk about “the investment required.” And, in most sales processes, price and negotiation come at the end. But according to HubSpot Research, that’s not when buyers want to talk about price.
Second, you could give a clever response such as, “At this point, we should be able to work something out for under one million dollars,” or “Would you ask your new doctor to give you a price quote on surgery before the initial exam begins?”
An excerpt concerning life balance published with permission from the beautiful, newly reprinted Being in Balance, Hay House, Inc. (2016)

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird sleeps in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities…”

One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence, with its routines and habits, and the dream you have deep within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living.

In the quote that opens this [article], James Allen poetically explains that the dream is the magical realm out of which newly created life emerges. 
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