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President's Corner
June 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

Meet LeAnn Thieman at the NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference. She is a renowned motivational speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul Series. In this inspirational and instructional session, LeAnn will share with you proven strategies and 10 specific tools to bring your speaking and writing goals to fruition.

Audience favorites include the 16 breakout sessions, small group coaching round tables, and the NNBA 2018 Shark Tank Competition. Shark Tank Contestants take center stage in front of a panel of nurse business owner experts, and our audience to make their pitch. This event is very informative, and fun for everyone. There are prizes, awards, and some cash to help anyone’s business. Are you interested in entering the tank this year? Enter here and remember, early bird pricing ends June 5th!

NNBA 2018’s Platinum Sponsor is Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy. In addition to being a sponsor, Wendy Pickett, RN, CEO will be presenting “Making the Switch to Medical Aesthetics: Beyond Botox” as a breakout session! Aesthetics is a growing area for nurses interested in owning their own business. Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy’s ad is below. Check it out!

Many of you heard the amazing Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD, at our 2015 conference, or you may have attended her CCRN review courses. Laura is a serial entrepreneur, and has recently been sharing wellness through doTerra essential oils. We had a wonderful conversation about the benefits of doTerra that she and her family are witnessing. Laura is looking for members to join her team. Those of you that are interested, can check out Laura’s ad below.

As entrepreneurs, we need tools to assist us with a variety of functions and operations. Enjoy our first article of interest, the 41 Business, Marketing and Web Tools We Can’t Live Without. I use several of the tools mentioned, and others that were not mentioned. For example, we use Get Response for our newsletter, and we use QuickBooks for invoicing and accounting. Building a Career Path to Prevent Nurse Burnout is a valuable post with resources from NNBA’s featured expert, Anne Lewellyn. Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of her post to see Anne’s book Nurses: Moving Beyond the Bedside, There are No Limits. This provides nurses with over 30 career options to consider as they move forward in their lives. A
re you  a rock star in what you are currently doing and afraid of not being able to repeat your success? Then this last article of interest is for you.  Stop Sacrificing Your Future by Clinging to Your Past is primarily an article about our work, its principles apply to our personal lives as well. We all have to let go of some things to allow space for new! 
Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip
By Brian Tracy

The Four Ways to Move Faster Down the Road to Wealth
  1. You can do more of things.
  2. You can do less of other things.
  3. You can start up something brand new, something you have never done before.
  4. You can stop certain activities altogether.
Always ask yourself, “What should I do more of, less of, start, or stop?”
Articles of Interest
41 Business, Marketing, and Web Tools We Can’t Live Without

Women on Business
Building a Career Path to Prevent Nurse Burnout

NNBA Featured Expert
Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN
Stop Sacrificing Your Future by Clinging to Your Past
Entrepreneur Magazine
I get emails all the time asking me what business, marketing, and web tools and applications I use to keep Women on Business and my marketing company, KeySplash Creative, running. Rather than continually retyping the same email message, I put together this article to share all of the tools I recommend in one place.

These are the web tools and applications that I use every day (or close to every day) for myself or for my clients. They’re also the tools I can’t live without. I love them all for different reasons and included some of that information below. What are your favorite tools? Leave a comment below and share yours!
Today there is a great deal of concern about burnout in the profession of nursing. A Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder found 7 in 10 nurses reported feeling burnout in their current roles. Mayo Clinic defines workplace burnout as a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about how someone feels about their competence and the value of the work they do. Nurses can experience burnout for a number of reasons but the discreet signs of burnout often go unnoticed when you are busy taking care of others.

Signs of burnout include but are not limited to exhaustion, feeling physically ill, or dreading the thought of going to work.
I was at a bar recently with MICK, a successful DJ who spins for celebrities and big brands, and we were discussing his future. He has ambitious plans to expand his business, but like any entrepreneur, he’s also concerned: Can he pull it off? What if he isn’t equipped for the next steps?

A day earlier, I’d heard a different example of that same fear. A friend in media was considering changing jobs and asked for my advice. She’s a rock star at her publication. “But at this new job, I’ll just be another employee,” she said. What if she can’t repeat the success she has right now?
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