Subject: Nurse Entrepreneurs 2017 Conference Highlights ~ #NNBA2018 Dates & Location

President's Corner
December 1, 2017
Dear Nurses,

Your comments made it clear that this year’s conference was a great success! From established nurse business owners to aspiring entrepreneurs, everyone enjoyed and engaged in a mixed agenda format of fantastic speakers and relevant topics. After all the rearranging that needed to happen for this event to occur almost 2 months after it was originally scheduled, it ended up proceeding without a hitch. Your evaluations and comments were overwhelmingly positive, citing how this conference exceeded your expectations. Thank you!

During this year’s conference, it was our honor and pleasure to present Donna Cardillo the NNBA Vanguard Award. Given in recognition of Donna’s impact, inspirational leadership, and extraordinary contributions to Nurse Entrepreneurship. For over 22 years, Donna has exemplified these traits and continues to do so on a local, national and global level through her speaking, books, and programs. See information on Donna’s Empowered Nurses Enlightened Practice retreat   Held at the wonderful Miraval Resort & Spa, I have attended Donna’s event twice and you can read what I had to say in my blog post Self Care is Important for Nurses

Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment capital of the world, is the location of next year’s conference. The conference hashtag is #NNBA2018. Save the dates for October 12-14, 2018 and join over two hundred nurses from all over the country in discovering the latest trends, opportunities and take-a-ways in nurse entrepreneurship. Stay tuned as we release information and registration dates.

We have a private Facebook group for those nurses that were at the conference and our NNBA members called NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurs, here is the link.

Social media is rapidly changing and evolving to the point where it seems each day there is a new platform to learn and keep up with. Don’t lose sight of what is really important and right for your business. I agree with the 4 Steps to Enhancing Your Customer’s Experience in our first article below. Everyone wishes they knew better methods to follow up with our colleagues after an event, 12 Templates for Follow up Emails after a Conference holds valuable content for all of us! Crucial Nurse Business Owner Resources from Last Week’s NNBA Conference was written by Lance Baily and published on; thank you Lance!

“Did the networking opportunities at this or a past NNBA conference result in new relationships, collaborations or business developments?” A resounding YES! I think that the ripple effect of NNBA’s conference is what is most rewarding to me. As nurse entrepreneurs and business owners, we are having a very positive effect in the nursing profession. Transforming our careers and taking charge of our lives, we are an environment of “positivity”. Seeing the pictures and  the videos that so many of you completed is wonderful. Please continue to share your NNBA conference experience with other nurses so the ripple effect continues.

Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip                              by 2017 Conference Attendees
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
Biggest Tip; Don’t Miss Next Year’s Conference! (Comments from aspiring and established nurse entrepreneurs)

It was one of the very best conferences I have ever attended and I attend a lot of conferences!

I was very impressed by all the opportunities in elder care and it was so informative to find my niche because I had too many ideas!

Donna Cardillo’s presentation was the inspiration and encouragement for my venture into entrepreneurship! However, it was having the opportunity to speak with her and the other speakers during the weekend was amazing!

Inspirational yes, but practical advice I can use right now! I’m ready!

The real power is in the doing really resonated with me, thank you for providing such rich content and opportunities for relationship building!

Continue what you’re doing! All the sessions were inspirational. I will grow my social media marketing and passive revenue as a result of this conference.

As a fist time attendee I have to say that each and every one of the speaker’s messages were really great and resonated with my individual needs. I am excited I found this conference because it was excellent!

Great organization, speakers and program.

I made many new friends and partnerships. I liked the pace, the content and the exhibitors.

Love the energy and the networking. Couldn’t get any better for me!

The speakers have been excellent and relevant. Donna’s message was empowering and Louise’s presentation was so valuable. The precon workshops on blogging and podcasting were great as well!

I learned you don’t have to have it all figured out, the real power is in the doing, not the outcome, just start! Also it was great to be able to have headshots taken at such a reasonable price.

Amazing energy from the participants and presenters! Networking resulted in obtaining two specific engagements. Attended last year too and will be attending regularly!

This was my first time attending the conference and I have found the experience immensely valuable.

The information shared gave me the idea that, I can do this, from many different avenues, angles and people. I found this conference to be very uplifting and encouraging.

There are relationships that I have made that can be life changing! This conference was a 10 out of 10. I am not sure you could have improved it!

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Last week attended the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) conference near Tampa, Florida, an organization and event with a mission to encourage nurse entrepreneurs to develop, grow, own and manage their own businesses. Michelle Podlesni, RN, CEO, and President of the NNBA shared “In the generation that has passed since the National Nurses in Business Association was founded, the ranks of nurse entrepreneurs have grown substantially.
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