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Presidents Corner      January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

What will this year hold for you? One nurse wants to start a patient advocacy business for issues related to cardiomyopathy. Another is transitioning from a high visibility role with an educational institution and desires to begin a career as speaker. A clinical nurse that sustained a traumatic brain injury needs help figuring out what is her career path now? The phone calls I receive have such range and depth that I continually appreciate the expanse of opportunities in the nursing profession. Speaking with nurses each week inspires me to think of new and improved ways of serving more nurses that are interested in business. In 2016 the NNBA will be publishing a Career Coaching Directory. For NNBA members that are Career Coaches, I will be publishing and promoting this directory. If you are interested in learning more go here to complete the information.

My heartfelt wishes are that your new year is one that you truly enjoy. Do you love what you are doing? Whether you are an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, the NNBA is your community of support with business education and powerful networking resources. There is no “secret” to success and there is a great deal of valuable information with the NNBA membership and through our annual nurse entrepreneurship educational conference. We share in a BIG way the business success strategies and techniques that will save you time, money and frustration; whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a veteran business owner. There are paths that have already been made and you will meet and see other nurses that are doing what you want to do. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. So save the dates for NNBA’s signature Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives event scheduled for October 14 – 16th, 2016 in Las Vegas. The Call for Speakers went out and can be found at this link Please submit a proposal if you are interested in speaking or conducting a preconference and I encourage you to pass this link along. Give me a call, (877) 353-8888 if you would like to discuss.

Check out Dr. Cynthia Howard in our member spotlight and see her offering on getting clear in this New Year. If there is a book in your future you will find the 8 Ways to Becoming a Best Selling Author very informative. Want to know the latest trends and how they will impact you? Learn about the latest telemedicine trends in our future. And in case this past year didn’t go as you planned, don’t beat yourself up; instead read the last article of interest.

In closing, I am sharing a link to my blog from January 2014. At the time of writing this blog I was not aware that I would become the President of the NNBA. Your new year can hold much more potential than you are aware; just advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. You’ll also get a copy of the “Optimist Creed” by clicking on the blog link. I wish you the very best in the upcoming year
UNconventionally yours,

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The Year That Didn't Go As Planned and Why It's OK

Huffington Post
I admit it. There are no guarantees—especially with books. But while I can’t guarantee this will work for you, I can say it worked for me and I’ll do my best to share why. I’ve published one book (so far) called Mini Habits , and it’s been a bestseller for more than seven months straight, almost always being in the top 10 of competitive categories. So when I say best seller, I don’t mean that it peaked at #35 in one category one time and dropped back down into oblivion. It has sold 16,000+ copies in these seven months.

At its peak, Mini Habits hit #15 overall in the US Kindle store (and #1 in nonfiction). That was a fun day!

These are the 8 key factors that made my book a best seller. If you’re a current or prospective self-published author, you’ll want to bookmark this one.
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Telemedicine is a key component in the health care industry shift to value-based care as a way to generate additional revenue, cut costs and enhance patient satisfaction. One of the biggest changes to health care in the last decade, telemedicine is experiencing rapid growth and deployment across a variety of applications.

The quick market adoption of telemedicine is fueled by powerful economic, social, and political forces — most notably, the growing consumer demand for more affordable and accessible care. These forces are pushing health care providers to grow and adapt their business models to the new health care marketplace.

Simultaneously changing is the misconception that telemedicine creates a financial strain or relies on grant funding.
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I don't believe in New Year's resolutions that force me to give up something, since by the end of January they are already broken. Anything forced from one day to the next doesn't last. Instead, I like to set intentions for the new year based on how I would like to be, feel, and act. As I sat down to reflect on 2015, I realized that some of my intentions did not happen as planned. So I started to go to that dark place again. That black hole where my Ego lives -- the part of me that thinks I am never enough.

A Conversation with the Ego
Ego: "Well Pam, you had so many ideas this year to open a juice bar with a yoga studio attached. But you did not do it. Now someone else will open a juice bar and you missed the boat. Great job. And by the way Pam, you also wanted to lead five Reboot juice cleanses each impacting at least 20 people for a total of 100 people.
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NNBA Members Spotlight
Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD
Focus & Performance Expert

Beginning her career in the ICU, never thinking she would ultimately have a business, Cynthia negotiated her first deal with her first job. Working as a monitor tech in nursing school and loving technology and the fast pace, Cynthia knew she wanted to work critical care. The challenge came with a policy that said, “No new grads” in the ICU. After researching different units, Cynthia made an appointment with the manager of a busy Intensive Care Unit and negotiated her first job. Ten years later, having watched her colleagues (and herself) take care of everyone except themselves, Cynthia pursued the question no one was asking, “why is self care so hard?” Armed with curiosity and natural instinct for out of the box thinking, Cynthia went to graduate school and researched stress, change and the question about self care while also exploring the energy field and the many healing modalities in the world of integrative, energy healing. The next ten years were spent blending science related to stress, resilience, leadership with the art of healing and transformation.

The question shifted many times over the 22 plus years in business. Now, with a solid foundation in understanding change, Cynthia built a thriving practice helping business owners and healthcare professionals move beyond limitations and their BS, belief systems, that keep them stuck.

Please visit for a special “business breakthrough” offer.
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