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President's Corner
October 15, 2019
Dear Nurses,

Thank you for you emails, comments, and social media posts! There is a collective voice of nurses rising up from the #NNBA2019 Entrepreneurship Conference in Las Vegas! “Now is time for nurses to take the lead in reframing nurse’s role in the healthcare marketplace.” Our wonderful speakers went in-depth with strategies, best practices, how-tos, blueprints, hacks, and examples.So many nurses are saying no to the status quo, becoming re- energized and revitalized for their nursing’s career potential. Thank you nurses for being part of this unique conference that has time-tested results of helping thousands of nurse intrepreneurs and entrepreneurs start, grow, and manage their own business.
In case you missed last week’s recap with some photos from our event, you can find it here:

All Contact Hour evaluations were due by October 11th and the links will no longer active by end of day, October 15th. The links are out on and under the Informational Links for Surveys and CE’s section.

The NNBA helps nurses reconnect to their love of nursing. In our articles of interest below, Before You Leave Your Nursing Career shares how an outside view point can help you see. Remember, you can’t read the label from inside the jar. Marketing is vital to the health of your business. How to Create anAD is an excellent article outlining 10 specifics to know when creating your ad. I read everything I am able to on the future of healthcare. This Is What the Future of Health Looks Like is a quick but important read. Innovation in healthcare is all the buzz right now. Words like "rapid change" and "unprecedented opportunity" are being bantered about. The World Economic Forum is looking at immune oncology, gene therapy, personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, and wearable digital devices. Being aware of this allows you to have the entrepreneur perspective, opening up possibilities in your nursing business. For example, this autumn, life insurance provider John Hancock said it would offer its policyholders an Apple Watch for just $25. Many of these technology companies, big names and small names would benefit having nurses innovating, educating and instructing on wearables. On stage at NNBA’s 5th Shark Tank Competition, Rhonda Adams, DNP, RN I Clinical Informatics Analyst shared with our audience her design of a cardiac smart watch. These are very exciting areas of growth and healthcare delivery.

When you received your lightbulb at #NNBA2019, we wanted it to symbolize ideas. We know from experience that nurses leave the NNBA annual educational conference full of ideas. Keep us posted and ask us questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will help you find someone that does. As I said at the conference, "not every nurse here is an entrepreneur but every nurse has valuable knowledge and experience to help other nurses." That’s what the NNBA community is about, nurses helping nurses to succeed in business.         Our new hashtag is #NNBA2020 and make sure you have the dates, September 25-27th, 2020 on your calendar. We have a lot of very special things planned to celebrate NNBA’s 35th year in business!!

Nurse’s Comments from #NNBA2019

“I have met great people with great ideas and have learned of so many great coaching services and resources that I can move forward!”

“I want to thank you. I came to my first NNBA conference three years ago and it changed my life. The connections that I was put in touch with have been a part of my life and it only gets better each year. The nurses I’ve met have become like family and the business skills I have learned are benefiting all areas of my career.”

“I have been experiencing “burnout” and I needed a reboot. I have met such kind and helpful people. The conference was great!

“The depth of experience, wisdom and practical knowledge is off the charts at this conference.”

“I believe in NNBA’s mission of encouragement, business education, empowerment, and connections. I wanted to experience the conference magic that I have been reading about; I did!”

Unconventionally yours,

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Articles of Interest
Before Leaving Your Career as a Nurse

NNBA Nurses in Business Blog
How to Make an AD

This is What the Future of Healthcare Looks Like

World Economic Forum
Before leaving your career as a nurse…

Years ago when I placed my home in Newport Beach, California on the market, I hired a designer that was known for his ability to stage homes prior to their sale. Ben was very professional in taking his time walking around my house. He took notes in every room, and asked when I could be gone for an entire day. So I picked a day I was working, and afterwards would meet friends for dinner. When I arrived home that evening, I thought I walked into someone else’s house! I was amazed how Ben had taken everything I owned and moved it into patterns, displays, and rearrangements that made everything look brand new. I never realized my stuff could look so good!
Advertising is changing -- in fact, in 2020, companies will spend more than $250 billion on media advertising for the first time in U.S. history.

More companies are spending money on advertising than ever before. As a result, there are now innumerable platforms you can use to promote your product, service, or business.

But how do you choose the right medium to promote your platform? And once you decide, how do you actually make the ad?

There's a lot that goes into making an advertisement -- from market research, to choosing the right medium, to developing creative assets.
A human embryo’s DNA is “edited” to take out a disease. Surgeons practice complicated procedures on models created by 3-D printers. A pre-programmed drone collects blood samples from residents of a rural village and travels back to the capital.

These awe-inspiring scenarios have all recently unfolded in what is undoubtedly a golden era of innovation in healthcare.

Rapid change and unprecedented opportunity are now the hallmarks of the biopharmaceutical industry. But the future of health won’t just be defined by the innovations we set out to create; it will be equally shaped by how we respond to – and anticipate – the challenges and consequences of each great advancement.
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