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June 1, 2020
Dear Nurses,

As we move the NNBA2020 Annual Educational Conference to a virtual format, we are excited to offer you compelling programming, business insider knowledge, and opportunities to reflect and connect over the current and emerging nurse owned businesses. We have notable nurse entrepreneur rock-stars, nationally acclaimed speakers, as well as proven nurse business experts. This stellar program will be announced in the next couple of weeks when registration opens. It seems appropriate to have a new format for celebrating NNBA’s 35th Anniversary this September 25-27th! We hope you will join us for this re-imagined event, and celebrate nurse entrepreneur diversity, resilience, and brilliance.

Not being comfortable with numbers, and negotiating ends up costing us much more than we realize. Becoming comfortable with negotiation techniques can add substantially to your financial picture. Everyone can benefit from our first article of interest, the 8 Common Missteps Women Face in Negotiations.

Help for our frontline workers is very important because the residual effects from this pandemic will be felt for years. Please share Sara Jividen’s information-rich article Resources for Frontline Workers Struggling With Moral Injury & Mental Health Amid COVID-19.

Online classes, courses, and events have leveled the playing field, and you don't need to work with high-priced marketing agencies to increase your sales but you will need a marketing strategy. 8 Steps to a Digital Marketing Strategy that Drives Sales is an excellent read. While it is brief, the information is accurate and noteworthy to help your business.

On May 18th, launched! We had so many of you reach out to us with congratulations and comments about the new site, thank you. As many of you know, it is quite an undertaking to launch a brand new site while integrating the previous site. served us well for the past several years, and now we look forward to serving you with the latest online capabilities that will take us well into the future. In the next couple of weeks, we will open registration for our signature event where we will outline the massive-value content conference that the NNBA is known for. Don’t forget to visit our advertisers below, all with special deals and opportunities!

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Articles of Interest
8 Common Missteps Women Face in Negotiations

Becker’s Hospital Review
Resources For Frontline Workers Struggling With Moral Injury & Mental Health Amid COVID-19 Sara Jividen
8 Steps to a Digital Marketing Strategy that Drives Leads and Sales

Marketing Insider Group
More than 80 percent of CEOs and other executives leave money on the table when negotiating. Women have an even greater challenge: Research indicates a backlash effect causes them to hold back.

These findings come from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, where several professors have closely studied the dynamics women leaders face at the negotiation table.

Research shows that male evaluators penalize female candidates more than male candidates for starting a negotiation. Leigh Thompson, PhD, J. Jay Gerber professor of dispute resolution & organizations at Kellogg, suggests this backlash effect possibly stems from broader gender stereotypes. When men are seen as having agency to pursue their own professional goals while maintaining professional relationships. Women, on the other hand, often face a perceived trade-off between the two and don't have the same luxury of doing both.
The residual effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of nurses will not be gone as the pandemic dies down. Many will have to manage the ongoing psychological effects of working as healthcare workers, and as “soldiers” in our battle against the coronavirus. More than ever before, COVID-19 has exposed how our healthcare workers are at an increased risk of mental health struggles.

In New York, where the COVID-19 impact has been felt the most in the United States, two COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers have committed suicide: emergency medical technician, John Mondello, and emergency physician, Lorna Breen.
Suicide has always been an "unspoken" secret within the healthcare profession. But the extreme COVID-19 workplace conditions are breaking down our healthcare workers faster than ever, increasing the risk of healthcare worker suicide.

The digital revolution has leveled the playing field when it comes to winning at marketing. It’s no longer necessary to have a huge marketing budget and to work with a pricey agency to increase your sales.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can reach your audience, drive traffic to your site, and optimize conversions, no matter how limited your budget is.

But you can’t expect to be successful in digital marketing without a solid plan. Digital marketing is more than writing a few blog posts and randomly posting on social media.You need to be strategic to set your business up for success and make sure your valuable time and resources don’t go to waste.

Quick Takeaways
Being strategic and methodical with your digital marketing efforts will set you up for success.
Don’t try to do too much – choose a few strategies and channels to focus your efforts on.
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