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President's Corner
June 1, 2022
Dear Nurses,

Because our annual flagship conference is rapidly approaching, there are a couple time-sensitive announcements I want to make sure you are aware of, then I’ll share what is one of the most important things you can do to advance your career or grow your business. Early bird savings ends June 10th and the cutoff date for reserving your room at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa is June 27th. Discounted room rates will no longer be offered after that date. We negotiated an amazing group savings rate that you don't want to miss out on. Reservations can be made directly and if you are unable to book your reservation online, you may call the hotel and give them the group code “NAT0720”.

Successful Networking: Networking is one the most important things you can do to advance your career and grow your business. It is one of the top five reasons that nurses join and stay in the NNBA. Here are some essentials for networking that directly apply to you:
  • Be generous, figure out a way to make the relationship mutually beneficial. If you are always asking your contact for something, and never giving them anything back, they will stop answering. It is critical that you understand how you can add real value to the relationship.
  • Develop a manageable list of contacts that would mean the most to you, and work to develop authentic relationships with those people. The late Chet Holmes had a sales strategy he called the Dream 100. I encourage nurses at our conference to have in mind their Dream 10, meaning ten nurse entrepreneurs they want to meet and build a relationship with.
  • Find the right events, functions, and networking opportunities where the people you want to be around attend. Make sure to have a game plan for what you want to accomplish at the function.
  • Be sure to follow up. Successful networkers follow up to foster relationships. Send them an article you think they would like. Invite them to a social function where you do things other than just talk business. Find out what their real interests in life and do something to support those interests.
Being successful at networking does not have to be difficult, and the benefits far outweigh any concerns. Many profitable relationships have been fostered by nurses attending our conference. In fact, we ask this question on our survey each year: Did networking from this or a past conference result in new relationships, collaborations, or business development?  It is always a resounding yes! Bottom line, the most successful nurses recognize the value of actively networking and building authentic relationships.

We want to welcome the new and renewing members of the National Nurses in Business Association listed below, and remember to make sure you have joined the NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship Community out on Facebook. Here’s the link:

Typical nursing education does not incorporate business knowledge - the NNBA bridges that gap. Nurses have trusted the NNBA to learn how to start, how to grow, and how to keep nursing businesses successful for over 37 years. Meet us in Las Vegas July 21st through the 23rd where we encourage, empower, serve, educate and connect nurses!

Unconventionally yours,

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New and Returning Members
Randi Moyer, Spokane, WA
Kimberly Codr, Little Elm, TX
April Ames-Chase, San Antonio, TX
Tracy Thompson, Gilbert, AZ
Terry Thompson, Brentwood, CA
Syretta Perkins, Smyrna, TN
Susan Dolley, Lake Stevens, WA
Emelryn Vebs Dominguez, Pearl City, HI
Nicole Donley, Bethlehem, PA
Kathy Johnson, Palo Alto, CA
Christopher Minor, Tampa, FL
Uche Onyeka, Bowie, MD
Stefanie Mason, Sikeston, MO
Maria Onwukwe, Aberdeen, MD
Renae Schumann, Sugar Land, TX
Rowena Stevens-Ross, Beltsville, MD
Ana Minich, Austin, TX
Timothy Downey, Dickerson, TX
LaTresha Thomas, Marlin, TX
Tamara Rodriguez, Pleasanton, TX
Andrea Joseph, Lithia Springs, GA
Tracy Shoopman, Fallon, NV
Noel Speidel, Fayetteville, NC
Roy Higgins, Palm Harbor, FL
Sonia Smith, Appalachia, VA
Victorria Russell, Las Vegas, NV
Daniel Berman, Las Vegas, NV
Hanna Lazio, Patchogue, NY
Kate Colvin, Hedgesville, WV
Eloisa Posadas, Sacramento, CA
Jessica Gruendler, San Jose, CA
Margaret Haecherl, Nashville, TN
Nena Hart, Lanai City, HI
Charles Williams, Loma Linda, CA
Fasil Tulu, Las Vegas, NV
Karen Sanders, Asheville, NC
Alexandria Curry, Las Vegas, NV
Shajuana Boone, Alexandria, VA
Charlene Dimond, Savannah, GA
Sherrice Clinton, Berwyn, IL
Maranda Rowe, Wilton, ME
Marie Clark, Garden Ridge, TX
Donna Raye-Sullivan, Farmingdale, NY
Nikki Polidori-Hersant, Groton, CT
Randy Morris, TX
Sandra Nosek, Gilbert, AZ
Nicole Craddock, Red Deer, AB, Canada
Maryellen Shaw, Redlands, CA
Ruby Chu, Houston, TX
Nikita Daniely, Aspen, CO
Samantha Tyler-Blood, Coeur d' Alene, ID
Felice Taylor, Newport New, VA
Tammy McDuffie, Hope Mills, NC
Kelli Hansen, Sandpoint, ID

New and Returning Members (Continued)
Denise Schmitt, Canton, GA
Alyssa Gessleman, Abingdon, MD
Robin LaBagh, Jeffersonville, NY
Laura Graniela, Utica, NY
Nancy Castleman, Oro Grande, CA
Juanita Lamprecht, El Granada, CA
MaryBeth Murphy, York, ME
Sonia Silva, Stony Brook, NY
Julia Akinyooye, Great Neck, NY
Sandra James, West Orange, NJ
Andrea Suplick-Zaffuto, Longwood, FL
Rebecca Kirby, New River, AZ
Denise DeVolder, Roscommon, MI
Gisele Valentine, Randallstown, MD
Christina Sabankaya, Gilroy, CA
Samantha Berman, Sherman Oaks, CA
June D’cruz, Owings Mills, MD
Barbara Tracy Donovan, Bellingham, WA
Daun Vaswani, Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Ecklund, Yelm, WA
Cynthia F. Clarke, Randallstown, TX
Anikia Lawrence Spence, Memphis, TN
Cathleen Graham, Howard City, MI
Michelle Moore, Keaau, HI
Krystal Roth, Broken Arrow, OK
Jennifer Lau, Fresno, CA
Karen Tesi, Clovis, CA
Joyce Blue, Vicksburg, MS
Rachel Cartwright-Vanzant, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Fatmata Conteh, Woodbridge, VA
Tiffany Harris, Houston, TX
Kathy Choice, Los Angeles, CA
Judith Copeland-Wheeler, Washington, DC
Brenda Manning, Seabrook, TX
Roxanne Wilson, Rice, MN
Wendy Davis, Spring, TX
Michelle Mari, Roseville, CA
Jan Boal, Beaver, OR
Jaycelle Cabrera-Bueno, San Bruno, CA
Lacey Naematullah, Wharton, NJ
Jennifer Keller, Winchester, MA
Theresa Burich, Bakersfield, CA
Angel Waldo, Aiken, SC
Brenda Koranda, Alta Loma, CA
Leslie Davy, Manassass, VA
Robert Wingo, Houston, TX
Catherine Mupoperi-Mukasa, Pittsburgh, PA
Martha Mills, Garner, NC

Jenny Johnson, La Quinta, CA
Wendy Steppe, Vinton, VA
Ginger Hoefling, Walden, NY
Sarah MacGuire, San Diego, CA

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