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President's Corner
February 15, 2019
Dear Nurses,

Are you in need of a shift, a mindset shift? Are your attitudes and beliefs serving you in your success, or would you benefit from a mindset reset? How One Empowering Mindset Shift Can Elevate Your Entire Life is our first article of interest below.

Empowering Nurses Through Entrepreneurship is the theme of NNBA’s annual educational conference. We are dedicated to promoting and expanding nurses' role in business and this year, over 20 dynamic sessions will be presented by leading nurse entrepreneurs and inspirational business leaders. You’ll discover emerging opportunities, part-time and full time,and how to transition from nurse to nurse entrepreneur. Networking that is off the charts can be taken advantage of each day of the conference. Registration opens in March, so stay tuned!

Career Alternatives: We have been contacted by two companies this past week that have opportunities for nurses: Director of Patient Care Services (Home Health) - Rockland and Westchester County, NY and Director of Nursing (Reno, NV) Skilled Care Facility. If you have this experience, contact Vibeke Hansen at 805-200-4895. I placed these job descriptions out on NNBA’s Facebook page. There are Telephonic Case Management positions available with You can click on careers when you’re on the site. Please let them know the NNBA provided you the info if you apply for the positions.

Exhibit Space is Limited so make sure to apply soon. We only have a few exhibit tables left. If you want brand exposure, lead generation, face to face networking and relationship building; exhibiting is for you. Sponsorship, Exhibit Space and Advertising information has been posted on our website. Check out the marketing opportunities here for your business.

Reputation precedes revenue, so how do you build a great reputation? The Reputation Formula is our first article of interest below. It's important for nurses to remain aware of the socio-economic changes in the healthcare marketplace; CVS Unveils its New Concept Stores has huge impact for all healthcare providers. The article below outlines the new hubs being piloted in the Houston area. For those of you in the Houston, check it out and let us know.

Make sure you have saved the dates September 27 – 29th for this year’s Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference, it will be amazing as record numbers of nurses are looking for opportunities to have more freedom, flexibility and additional income streams. You won’t miss any announcements by following us on Facebook here:

Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
The Reputation Formula

Success Magazine
How One Empowering Mindset Shift Can Elevate Your Entire Life

CVS Unveils It’s New Concept Stores Post Aetna Merger

Fast Money
Have you ever faced a turning point in life? In an instant, what was there before is no longer, and the future is suddenly uncertain. Maybe you knew it was time for a change and chose it for yourself, or maybe change was foisted upon you.

Now what?

In our case, the professional lives we had built disappeared, virtually overnight, and we were faced with that ultimate choice.

It was self-assessment time. What we had done working together before was no longer an option. Our financial futures were at stake.
To become a successful entrepreneur, I had to radically shift the way I thought about myself, my life and success. Taking that long look in the mirror can be a painful process. Most people don’t like what I’m about to say but I need to say it because internalizing this is critical to success. This is the hardest truth I had to face and I imagine it’s going to be tough for you too.

You’re exactly where you want to be, your life is exactly as good as you feel you deserve it to be. Right now – in your career, in your relationships, in your life – you’re exactly where you want to be. “Wait,” you protest. “But I read articles on successful morning routines and the power of persistence!
CVS Health has unveiled its new health-focused concept store that's designed to help the pharmacy chain become more of a health-care provider than a place to pick up prescriptions and greeting cards.

The three new pilot stores in Houston have been redesigned with much more space devoted to services to help customers manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and asthma.

Called HealthHUBs, they are part of the company's vision for its $70 billion acquisition of health insurer Aetna. In addition to the pharmacy, each store has an expanded health clinic, with a lab for blood testing and health screenings.
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