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President's Corner
April 15, 2022
Dear Nurses,

2022 marks the 37th year that the National Nurses in Business Association has been in business. From its beginning, the NNBA was founded as a nurse-directed organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of nurse entrepreneurship. This past week also marked the 8th anniversary of my taking the helm of the NNBA. Every day is an honor to encourage, empower, serve, educate, and connect business-minded nurses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and nurse business owners. Thank you for being part of the NNBA Nurses in Business community. With a dedicated advisory board and the enthusiasm of our growing membership, we’ll continue to serve as an engine for nurse innovation, influence, and impact.
We have an amazing program planned for you at our annual educational conference on entrepreneurship. Everyone is so excited to be meeting back in-person in Las Vegas! Over 14 dynamic sessions, 4 pre-conference workshops, and of course our round table sessions. This year we are introducing the NNBA Game of Survivor- The Entrepreneur Edition. This promises to be a highly interactive, fun, and illuminating event! Check out the agenda here: NNBA 2022 Conference Agenda.

Be sure to register and meet us in Las Vegas! You’ll find complete conference description, agenda, speakers and topics, and hotel information here:

Do you want your PowerPoint presentation to be engaging, to the point, and effective? See how in the first article of interest below 25 PowerPoint Presentation Ideas to Level Up Your Talk.

What personalities make it more likely that you will be wealthy? A large new study recently published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, gives us a scientific answer to the Personality Traits in Self-Made Millionaires.

And in the last article of interest below, see what Consumer Behavior Trends we should be aware of in 2022.

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Articles of Interest
25 PowerPoint Presentation Ideas To Level-Up Your Next Talk

Brian Tracy Blog
Personality Traits of Self-Made Millionaires

Consumer Behavior Trends

Marketing Insider
Ninety percent of the anxiety people feel before giving a presentation comes from not feeling prepared.
Adding a PowerPoint presentation to your talk and spending the time to create and practice it can increase your confidence and help get your message across to your audience.

Well-designed PowerPoint presentations give life to your talk by adding a visual aspect that people can connect with. The printed word, photos, visuals, graphs, icons, and more reinforce what you are saying.

Both you and your audience want your PowerPoint presentation to be engaging, to the point, and effective. Here are 25 PowerPoint presentation tips to help you make your next presentation your best one.

1. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead gives you the time you need to look for quality photos, create infographics that simplify any data you are presenting, and decide on the best colors, fonts, and themes that will connect with your audience.
More than half of Americans tell pollsters that it's either very or somewhat important to them to become rich. How should these aspiring millionaires pursue this popular goal?
There are of course many pathways to wealth (including that low-effort standby: inherit it), but there are nonetheless certain skills, like high-value tech and financial know-how, that seem to correlate with wealth. You might want to acquire those. Or you might study up on the personal habits of the very rich.
But that leaves one big part of the puzzle missing. What about the personality it takes to get rich? Is there a particular constellation of inner traits that makes you more likely to end up wealthy? Lots of amateur investigators have combed through interviews and pestered business titans to try to figure this out, but thanks to a large new study recently published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, we now have a much more scientific answer to this question.
In a year where just about nothing was predictable, consumers actually were. Clear consumer behavior trends have emerged over the past several months, even as circumstances have changed.

Marketers are now looking to come out of the pandemic with more innovative approaches and flexible business models to acquire more customers.

Delivering on what consumers want (which, spoiler alert, is what content marketing is all about) has become the new business battle ground.

Let’s take a closer look at couple of the top consumer behavior trends to watch in 2022.
  • Consumers want the ability to choose online or in-person shopping (from the same brands) at any time.
  • Temporary convenience options that emerged as pandemic solutions are likely to stick around for good.
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