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President's Corner
December 15, 2022
Dear Nurses,

There is an emphasis on gift-giving during the holiday season. For some, the best part is finding just the right gift that will place a sparkle in someone’s eyes and happiness in their hearts. You may occasionally see advertisements about products as being the “Best gift for nurses.” These range from ornaments, t-shirts or mugs, and as much as others would like to recognize us, the best gift is one we must give to ourselves. Nurses have a hard time with this, and yes, I am talking about self-care. My wish for you is to be good stewards of yourself, to experience total well-being, to flourish in your life, and in your work, today and always.

As more nurses prioritize their health and well-being, they are looking at their options. The NNBA is filled with nurses that have discovered how their valuable knowledge and experience translates into providing much needed services, programs, and products. For over thirty-seven years, the NNBA has been sharing business startup education, growth strategies and tactics that are customized for nurses. Subscribing to the NNBA newsletter for entrepreneur tips, articles and opportunities is FREE here: Free Newsletter Signup . If becoming your own boss and running your own business resonates with you, we would love to have you as a member here:

Articles of Interest

The key function of a LinkedIn Page is to attract and interact with your audience. You can establish credibility, thought leadership, and build brand awareness. Learn more in our first article of interest below in the 12 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Page for 2023.

If there was one skill, I could primarily attribute for my ascent into Corporate America’s C Suite, it would be the ability to solve problems. This Problem Solving tutorial by Brian Tracy is excellent. I had the honor of meeting Brian Tracy and speaking with him about Maximum Achievement, which was my favorite book of the over 80 he has written. I wrote about it here:

s experience during the holidays is different. When we take the time to encourage and cheer others, the results are oftentimes finding ourselves encouraged and cheered.  Especially important during the busyness of the holiday season is to know How to Cheer Someone Up: 47 Powerful Tips.


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Last call for all things entrepreneurship, business development, best practices, and emerging opportunities for nurses for #NNBA2023. Here is the information, criteria, and link for Call for Speakers

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We look forward to sharing many new offerings in the upcoming year, so stay tuned to our first 2023 newsletter. May peace, joy, hope, and happiness be yours during this holiday season and throughout the New Year!

Unconventionally yours,

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Articles of Interest
Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Page for 2023

Your LinkedIn Page is a destination where people can really get to know your brand – and it's key to driving growth in 2023 and beyond.

Sure, people can get an overview of your products and services, but the key function of a LinkedIn Page is to attract and interact with your audience. If you treat the page as a dynamic marketing tool (rather than a static “About Us” page), you can establish thought leadership, build brand awareness, and move your audience to take action.

LinkedIn Pages Best Practices
There are a few basic best practices to follow when curating your LinkedIn Page:
  • Establish a trusted, consistent voice by posting one to two times a day
  • Use rich, eye-catching visuals
  • Ask thoughtful questions that encourage comments
  • Present a complete Page, taking advantage of all available tabs and fields, as Pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views
Problem Solving

Brian Tracy
When you are faced with a problem, how do you go about solving it? Do you let it overwhelm you, or do you flex your problem-solving muscles and figure out the best solution?

People who allow themselves to be overwhelmed or ignore complex problems often become frantic and confused. They usually end up taking a haphazard approach to thinking, and then they are dismayed when they find themselves floundering and making no progress.

Luckily, there is a much better way.

I’d like to introduce you to a problem-solving process that can help you face and tackle any type of challenge. With these 10 problem-solving strategies, you will strengthen your ability to always find a solution while enabling yourself to see real progress.

Once you begin to execute these problem-solving techniques, you will feel confident to face a problem right away.

What Are Problem-Solving Skills?
Problem-solving skills involve identifying a problem, coming up with possible solutions, choosing an appropriate solution, and then implementing it.
How to Cheer Someone Up: 47 Powerful Tips

Positivity Blog
One of the best ways to make your own life happier is to cheer someone else up and to make their life happier.


You simply see it. As the face of a family member, friend or co-worker lights up with joy you feel happier too.

You did something good. You will feel happier because you know deep down that you did a good thing and the right thing. And so your self-esteem will rise too.

You tend to get what you give in life. In the long run – over weeks, months and years – you usually will be treated by others as you treat them. Plus – and this is something I didn’t understand for quite some time – you also tend to treat and think about yourself as you think about and treat other people.

So, how can you cheer someone that is going through a tough time up and make their life happier today?

Let me share 47 tips and things you can do.
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