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June 15, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Definitely the best part of summer so far is the news that both the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are down in the U.S. And, in case you missed this awesome Golden Buzzer moment from America’s Got Talent, here's the link, . This is a group of nurses that have served on the frontlines during the pandemic, and their audition was so inspiring that it resulted in them going straight to Hollywood!

Almost every point covered in our first article of interest below Entrepreneurship is the Future of Employment applies to nursing, big time. One example is the rapid evolution of technology, AI, robotics, and simulations that will eliminate and/or alter many jobs. Regardless of the industry, we need to be paying attention to the marketplace.

This seven-step content marketing strategy will help you figure out why you are doing content marketing, and what kind of content makes sense for you in Content Marketing Strategy: A Proven Method of Success.

We are all pressed for time, and everyone appreciates a short-cut. I have actually used this hack and it really works! One Extraordinary Single Hack to Beat Procrastination is our final article of interest.

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Articles of Interest
Entrepreneurship is the Future of Employment

Content Marketing Strategy: A Proven Method of Success

Social Media Examiner
One Extraordinary Single Hack to Beat Procrastination

Fast Company
We are in the midst of a job revolution due to industry change and rapid evolution of technology. Exponential technologies like AI, robotics and automation are predicted to replace many jobs and new inventions will make old technology obsolete. The McKinsey Report states that 15-30% of jobs could be displaced by 2030.

However, it does not mean jobs will disappear entirely; they will be replaced by new jobs in new industries. In addition, the structure of “work” will change. In fact, it has already started. With “gig economy” jobs, like driving for Uber or delivering for InstaCart, traditional full-time employment is becoming less of the go-to standard, both for employers and employees.

What this means is that regardless of the industry in which you currently work, you would be wise to pay attention to changes in the marketplace and where your industry is going. Many people will need to re-tool their skills to pivot into new industries, as old ones fall away.
With content marketing, you’re focusing on a very specific target audience and delivering valuable, relevant, and compelling information to that audience over a long period of time to generate some kind of behavior change. This is very different from advertising, where you’re using somebody else’s audience to get your message across and paying for that opportunity.

Instead of talking about the widgets you sell or how great you are, the content you deliver with this marketing strategy helps the audience you’re targeting live a better life or get a better job. The belief is that if you build a loyal audience over time by doing that, they’ll reward you with more product or service sales and stick around longer as customers.

When Joe launched Content Marketing Institute, they did a large research study and found out that the people who subscribed to their blog, attended their webinars, and listened to the This Old Marketing podcast spent 20% more money than anyone else they targeted.
A wise woman once said: “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”

When Avril Lavigne belted those words in her 2002 breakout hit “Complicated,” she was probably thinking about an annoying boyfriend—not the way our minds tend to block us from getting stuff done.

But consider it an ode to your complicated brain, too.

As humans, we have something called a “complexity bias.” It’s our tendency to make things that are simple seem way more complicated. It makes us more likely to ignore or overlook simple solutions and instead sink our teeth into the more complicated option.

Our complexity bias loves to steal the mic right before we start something big.
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