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President's Corner
January 15, 2019
Dear Nurses,

Was it only a couple of weeks ago that we were celebrating the Holidays? Before we know it, another year is here and gone. What are you planning to do differently this year that will make you feel like it was time well spent? As I’ve grown older, I realize the less things I do, done well, gives me more satisfaction than more things done less well. This concept is beautifully written in How to Master the Art of Slowing Down below in our articles of interest.

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Negotiation skills are very valuable. I wish I had known earlier how important that knowledge would be in my nursing career. 6 Tactics to Be the Ultimate Dealmaker is our first article below. I am in total agreement with Paula McKinney, DNP, RN, NE-BC, vice president, patient services and her comments on the Top 5 Nurse Leadership Issues. Shift lengths, technology that assists, addressing patient diversity, connecting with bedside nurses, and promotion of self-care requires innovation and commitment. CNO's need to let their inner entrepreneur rule.

Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
6 Tactics to Become the Ultimate Dealmaker

Top 5 Nurse Leadership Issues for 2019

Health Leaders Media
How to Master the Art of Slowing Down

Be More With Less – Courtney Carver
You’re almost there. You’re in a meeting with the decision maker, demoing your product, handling any question they throw at you, and winning the business. At least, that’s how it looks in your 4:35 p.m. daydream. Let’s face it, sales is sometimes easier said than done. So, how do the best of the best come home with the contract? Here are three tactics to bring home the business and make you the ultimate dealmaker.
The Magic 8 Ball was recently inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. As I sat down to write about the top issues nurse leaders need to pay attention to in 2019, I was tempted to think about how easy it would be if nurses could consult this iconic fortune-telling game for answers.

But, of course, the field of nursing is not easy, and the challenges within the healthcare industry that affect nursing require more insight than vague answers from a plastic toy.
Living in a new, smaller space we’ve been spending more time together and really enjoying our new life in the city. By removing things like:

• big house
• yard
• shed
• mortgage
• high utility bills
• property taxes
• car
• clutter and other stuff …

we have even more time and attention to spend with each other.
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