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President's Corner
September 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

We are 41 days away from our annual educational conference on nurse entrepreneurship & career alternatives. This conference is unique in providing massive content value on ways that nurses can make additional money, have flexibility, and autonomy in their nursing practice. Listen to nurse business owner’s share their successes, and struggles to give you an inside look on what it takes to run a business. There is always a learning curve, and what you will learn at this conference will springboard you saving you time and money! You'll receive practical advice, feasible solutions, and innovative ideas to work into your own business plus CEs!

7 Preconference workshops are available. Do you enjoy teaching? Would extra income be helpful? Then be sure to join nurse entrepreneur and business owner Louise Jakubik for a 3.5 hour jam packed session to help you launch your education business, learn more here

We have reached a new milestone.There are over 50 million people over the age of 65 in the United States, and that number is expected to rise sharply each decade from now until 2050.This is a significant challenge since there are not enough facilities, programs and services available. Elder Care Expert and business owner, Stella Nsong presents her workshop on The Hidden Fortune in Home and Community Based Elder Care. Learn more here:

Our first article of interests is one of my favorites, 35 of the Best Fiverr Gigs to Start and Grow Your Business. I have used Fiverr and I have placed additional outsourcing info in the Nurse Business Insider Tip below. Stop being Just Another Company, Become a Brand By Telling Stories is our second article and shares how important it is to have your own story, and gives us something to identify with. Our last article really resonated with me, and I believe it will with you as well. Many ahah moments. Professional race car driver, Danica Patrick talks about Reinvention and laying the groundwork for a new career. Attending #NNAB2018 is a great way to start laying your groundwork! 

Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip
By Michelle Podlesni  
Outsourcing: As much as we would like to handle everything that has to do with our business, the truth is, we need to learn to outsource so we can do what we do best and let others help in areas that we don’t have expertise. I want to mention a few of the resources that I have used during the past several years that have assisted me in getting my information out in the marketplace.
  • Fiverr: For those of you that are not familiar with Fiverr, it is a fantastic site that provides freelance work on demand. For $5 and increments of $5 you can get assistance with graphic design with logos, business cards, illustrations, programming, business, music, etc.
  • 99 Designs: Designers compete to give you a great custom design. You pick your favorite. Logos, Brands, T-shirts, Book Cover, packaging Design, etc. I used 99 Designs for my Unconventional Nurse logo. Based on what I said, Lou drafted out an idea and we sent this to them. Ultimately we choose one of the designs of one of the artists that were bidding to get the business.
  • Jet Launch: Chris O’Byrne started JETLAUNCH, a self-publishing company, several years ago to right a wrong he saw in self-publishing services. Just because authors want to self-publish does not mean they need to settle for amateur design or inflated prices. Professional book design (cover, ebook, and print) should cost a fair price. I worked with Chris in 2013. Chris and the entire Jet Launch group were a pleasure to work with.
  • Smart Levels Media: Established in 2001, Smart Levels Media has flourished from a one-man operation to one of the largest online printing companies in Orange County, California. They offer full-service commercial printing for businesses of all sizes. Our products range from business cards and brochures to custom banners, signs, and displays. I have used Smart Levels for several years; they have quick turnaround and a vast variety of printing solutions.
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Articles of Interest
35 of the Best Fiverr Gigs to Start and Grow Your Business

Side Hustle Nation
Stop Being Just Another Company. Become A Brand By Telling Stories.
Danica Patrick Spent Years Preparing to Retire -- by Laying the Groundwork for a New Career
Entrepreneur Magazine
This post will explore some of the best Fiverr gigs you can buy to help get your side hustle business off the ground on the cheap. This is perfect for bootstrappers without a lot of capital to play with!

Beyond being an excellent place to begin your side hustle as a seller of goods and services, Fiverr is an amazing resource for entrepreneurial buyers.
The site began as “the $5 marketplace” and while many of the gigs below still carry that low introductory price tag, Fiverr has graduated to higher value services as well.
With just forty dollars to his name and the clothes in his suitcase, Walt moved to Hollywood in 1923. He also had a vision — a dream of something much larger than himself. By the end of his career, he had become one of the most iconic entrepreneurs, showmen, and producers of all time. And even beyond his lifetime, Walt Disney’s legacy continues growing to new heights.

Stories are the foundations of our largest institutions. Religions, companies large and small, and the very founding of nations are all based on stories.
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In the weeks leading up to Danica Patrick’s final IndyCar race this past May, she spent her time the way most drivers do -- practicing on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and running through details with her team. But with about two weeks to go before she’d suit up professionally for the last time, she is summoned to do a little salesmanship. A group of teenage girls has been assembled at the speedway’s main building, and NASCAR has asked Patrick to give them a pep talk about the exciting possibilities of a career in professional auto racing.
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