Subject: LeAnn Thieman NNBA 2017 Keynote Address – Nurse Entrepreneurship, Innovators and Inventors!

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President's Corner                                              March 1, 2017
Announcements & Upcoming Events
Award Winning Speaker and Author - LeAnn Thieman Keynote Address!
NY Times Bestselling Author, LeAnn Thieman is kicking off NNBA’s 32nd Annual Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference! LeAnn is the author of 16 books including the recently released Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inspiration for Nurses. Her book, This Must Be My Brother, details her daring adventure of “Operation Babylift”. After this story was featured in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, LeAnn became one of Chicken Soup’s most prolific writers. That’s when Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame called and asked her to co-author Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul. When it hit the New York Times Best Seller list, she went on to coauthor 11 more Chicken Soup titles. 

More to come so save the dates: September 8-10, 2017 on St. Pete’s Beach, Florida
NNBA Shark Tank Registration Open!
Make sure that you don’t miss a great opportunity to share with our audience about your business or idea and compete to win some amazing prizes and cash award! This event receives a great deal of buzz and promotional exposure. While this format is very educational; we also have a great deal of fun listening to our colleagues pitch to the Sharks. Who are the Sharks? There will be some surprises for sure! Interested in entering the tank? You can 
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NNBA members can have their own web page to promote themselves and their business. For nurses that don’t have a website, a web presence is a must in today’s digital age. People have to be able to find you, learn about your business and the products and services you have to offer. For nurses that have a website, you will benefit from backlinks to your site, which definitely helps your SEO. This benefit alone is worth more than double the cost of your membership. 
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Research Study on Nurse Entrepreneurship
You are being asked to participate in a research study that is being conducted by Sharon Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI-R, FAAN, CSP (past speaker at #NNBA2015 and #NNBA2016) in collaboration with Marla Vannucci, PhD of Adler University. This research is intended to learn about nurse entrepreneurship, to understand the experiences of nurse entrepreneurs, the skills upon which they have relied for success, challenges they face, and their experiences of self-care and work-life balance. Questions about the study or the survey can be directed to Sharon Weinstein 
at or Marla Vannucci at Click here:
Nurse Entrepreneurship Study
We have been exceptionally busy here at the NNBA completing the program for this year’s signature conference and it is going to be AMAZING! Of course starting with LeAnn Thieman, who will be with us throughout the weekend! Several of our pre-conferences and presentations were so well attended that we have extended many of the pre-conference sessions as well as the breakout sessions. More than 20 sessions will be presented by nationally acclaimed speakers, leading nurse entrepreneurs and inspirational business leaders. Later in March we will announce the entire program and let you know how you can register.

If you haven’t contributed to the Study on Nurse Entrepreneurship, please click on the link above, thank you. In this issues Articles of Interest read about how Nursing has changed and see a few of the significant changes in the past decade. Keith Carlson offered me some mixed nuts while we were in San Diego speaking at Dr. Renee Thompson’s Medical Surgical Symposium. Did he know that this was one of the four eating habits that can boost your critical thinking? Read about the other three below. And last, you can read how I checked something really important off my bucket list. Let me know how we can help you check off some of the items on your bucket list…a new business maybe?

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Nurse Business Insider Tip      by Michelle Podlesni
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
Technology - Questions to Consider about Your Website: Your website is your storefront that shoppers look to determine if your products and services are what they are looking for. And just as there are more popular and attractive store locations, there are more website visitors to certain websites. There really is a lot to know and consider so here are a few questions to consider when looking at your website and how you can improve its 'content'. 
  1. What is the immediate goal of your website?
  2. What specific action do you want visitors to take?
  3. Who do you want to visit your site?
  4. What solutions or benefits do you offer to these visitors?
  5. What questions do you get asked most often?
  6. Where does your target audience go for information?
  7. Who is your most astute competitor and what does their website look like?
  8. What are some ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  9. What are you going to do to make sure your market visits and revisits your website? 
Also, if you would like to have additional cyber links and improve your SEO, Search Engine Optimization, go out to Web Presence Application form and within 3-5 business days, your webpage will be up. This will increase your presence out in cyber space and it is one of the FREE benefits to NNBA members!
Articles of Interest
How has Nursing Changed in the Past Decade
Discover Nursing
4 Eating Habit Changes That Can Boost Your Critical Thinking
Entrepreneur Magazine
How to Check Important Things off Your Bucket List!
The nursing profession is the largest segment of the nation’s healthcare workforce, with more than three million nurses practicing across the U.S., according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Nurses serve as both the backbone of the healthcare industry and on the front lines of developing health solutions. Although most nurses may still head to work in scrubs and comfortable shoes, for many nurses, the day-to-day reality of their job has changed in dramatic ways over the past ten years.
The ability to think critically is of the utmost importance when you’re running a business or an organization. Although it's rarely given the attention it deserves, the food choices that you make every day affect your critical thinking skills, and determine whether you can make important decisions when it really counts.

There’s no magic pill that will make you a great critical thinker. However, you can make some easy diet changes that can improve your brain health and optimize your ability to think critically.
The first book of Brian Tracy’s that I ever read in 1994 was Maximum Achievement. I was working in the corporate world at the time, traveling extensively and having more staff, clients and business come my way. I’m. a. nurse…business was not my knowledge base but what I loved about reading and listening to Brian was that he made it clear that if I applied myself I could learn everything I needed to learn to be successful. I believed him and applied myself to learning as much as I could about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and achievement.
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