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President's Corner
August 1, 2017
Dear Colleagues,

I love my work. Every day I’m speaking to nurses, from all over the country, on different plot points of their nursing business journey. Some are excited about an idea and others have been at it a while and want to discuss a new product line. Some of you call to discuss the potential of selling your business. These exchanges never fail to inspire me; Nurses are the best! You have the ability to be in the room with all of these nurses at our conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida this year. Nationally acclaimed nurses, very successful nurse business leaders and aspiring nurse entrepreneurs. The valuable content and being in a room with like-minded colleagues is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Have work that you love again!

Real nurses, real businesses, and up to 15 contact hours will be available for this event! For those of you that already are in business, you know that this one weekend a year can set many collaborations and plans for your next year in business. I really enjoy hearing all the results of the sidebar conversations and powerful networking. Space is limited so register here

NNBA’s Shark Tank Competition Entries are closed!  Five brave nurses are ready to be front and center on stage delivering their pitch to the Shark Tank Panelists. I want to thank all the nurses that applied to be in the competition. This is such a fun and informative event everyone tells me it inspires them to action on their own ideas!

Information for the fun Flip Flop Fling (mingle, networking games and prizes) is located below in the newsletter. This is a ticketed event at $35.00 and not to miss because you will hear about it! And time is running out to receive NNBA’s generous room discount at the Sirata Beach Resort at (800) 344-5999. Make those reservations no later than August 16th to be on the beautiful white sands of St. Pete’s Beach.

NNBA member Tim Raderstorf is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ohio State University School of Nursing, and is an innovative nurse working with innovative nurses! Checkout the great article on Tim and his work in the first Article of Interest below. I’ve been a big fan of Brendon Burchard since 2011 when I met him in southern California. His article “How to Make More Money” is right on. His #1 item is something I have been sharing with nurses for years, however I strongly believe each item in this article. And to wrap it up, we have “How to Create Endless Chains of Referrals” by the marketing master, Dan Kennedy. Referrals are one of the best ways to increase your business and I am grateful to you for referring the National Nurses in Business Association to your colleagues. 

Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip                           by Michelle Podlesni
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
What nonfiction book genre sells fast? Jan Nathan at the Publisher’s Marketing Association recommends:
  • business/career
  • personal finance
  • psychology/self-help
  • parenting
  • specialized crafts
  • cookbooks
  • religious/inspirational
  • animal
  • gardening titles
It is also interesting what makes people spend money on books:
49% buy books based on a friends recommendation
45% are already familiar with the author
32% are moved by the jacket cover
22% reviews
Very little was paid attention to from advertising. So it appears that some people do judge a book by its cover!
Choice, not chance determines our future. Choose to attend our annual educational conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives and discover the unlimited choices in nursing! 
Articles of Interest
An Innovator of Innovation

How to Make More Money

Brendon Burchard
How to Create Endless Chains of Referrals

Dan Kennedy
Masters prepared nurse, Chief Innovation Officer at Ohio State University College of Nursing, Speaker, inventor, entrepreneur, consultant……..say what???!!! These are just the titles and roles that Tim Raderstorf currently plays in the realm of nursing innovation. I have the privilege to share with you all a bit about how Tim got where he is today, the incredible work that he is doing for nursing and healthcare in general, and where his passions and mindset towards innovation are directing him. His philosophies will make all of us nurses rethink our everyday practice, no matter your field. That's why I titled him the “innovator of innovation”.
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I’ve been through the challenge of not having enough money. I grew up in a small town in Montana, in an economically depressed Irish mining town. There was a lot of struggle there. It was a pretty tough town, pretty tough weather and pretty tough economy.

I remember one time when the heater went out. And when the heater goes out in Montana in the winter, it is a dire situation—wind chill can drop to 20 and 30 degrees below zero. It was freezing and we didn’t have enough money to fix the heater. My parents were waiting for their paychecks to come in at the end of two weeks.
The other day I ran across an article that offered advice for Valentine’s gifts. The author started by saying that most gifts come up short—either hollow or too cheesy. The article also talked about what husbands really wanted.

Before your mind goes off wandering in places it needn’t, it’s the same thing that is at the core of every business. It’s what we want from every client, customer or patient and it’s what you must strive to get from them to be a leader in your field with more business than you can handle.

I’ll reveal what it is shortly, but first I want to issue a challenge to you.
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Flip Flop Fling! Connect and Mingle, Networking Fun and Games

This is a special ticketed event that will only be available to registered attendees. Must be purchased prior to September 3rd.

Grab your Flip Flops and head on over to the Coconut Palm Pavilion. Join your nurse colleagues for a FUN event wrapped around in-depth networking. Get to know the conference speakers and each other in a relaxed, tropical setting with cocktails and snacks. There will be multiple surprises you won’t want to miss including games and prizes!

Ticket  Price: $35.00
Location: Coconut Palm Pavilion
Date  /  Time: Saturday, September 9th  /  4:30 – 6:00 PM

Must be purchased before September 3rd and a minimum of 50 tickets. Will receive refund if less than 50 tickets.
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