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President's Corner

Viva Las Vegas!!
With a long history in the city, the Westgate Las Vegas originally opened as the International Hotel in 1969 and served as the venue where Elvis Presley broke all Vegas show attendance records. I’ve been All Shook Up; however things couldn't have worked out better in establishing our new location for NNBA’s 30th Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference. You will have the opportunity to have your picture taken with the King as we celebrate, learn, share and connect at this year’s event. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort is offering fantastic room rates to our group of nurses that will be available soon when you register for the conference.
3 pre-conference’s are lined up for Friday and Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio’s “Making a Million in Nursing” will kick off the conference on Saturday morning. We have a fabulous line-up of nationally acclaimed speakers and experts on a variety of compelling, relevant and profitable topics.  Here are some examples: Speaking for Fun & Profit, Healing the Healer: Hypnosis for Nurse Leaders, Self-Publish a Bestseller, How Can You Serve As An Expert, Independent RN Patient Advocacy and Using a Blog to Build Your Business. It’s Vegas and there is so much to enjoy that I strongly recommend you staying for a couple days before or after to take advantage of all Vegas has.

Career Opportunities
Terri is still looking for a nurse brand ambassador for the following local markets: San Antonio and Austin. Check out the career opportunity section below to contact Terri.

You Asked For It and You Got It!
Don’t be a wallflower (see the first article below), your business will suffer unless you promote yourself and your business. Many of you have asked me during the last months about having the ability to advertise in the NNBA Newsletter. We are happy to announce the Advertise With NNBA opportunity (  We have listed advertising opportunities in three ways:
  • In the newsletter
  • Having a rotating tower ad on the NNBA website
  • Being a featured expert on NNBA blog
Hyperlinks are helpful to all of us in business and the more we have circulating out there the better for our market penetration and business growth. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. We will all learn more about the fabulous services and products of our NNBA members!

Unconventionally yours,

Want to network with nurses, leaders and mentors?  Our membership ranges 
from novices to experts in business. Join us at!
Lighten Up...
Articles of Interest

Don't Be a Wallflower: 3 Ways to Heat Up Your Personal Brand | Success Magazine

Nobody wants a wallflower. I hate to break it you, but it’s true.
The vocal minority may complain when somebody really pushes the boundaries, but in all honesty, people want to have their world shaken up a bit. They want their buttons pressed. People want to stand up and take notice, and be wowed by what they see.

But this has nothing to do with outward aesthetic traits like having Ryan Gosling abs or a Kim Kardashian posterior. They don’t have to be the most talented, the wealthiest or the funniest. It’s not about being ridiculously perfect or desperately fabulous. It’s none of these things.  
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When Are You Ready to Actually Launch a Startup? | Entrepreneur Magazine

How does any entrepreneur know the time is right to start a company? The answer is different for every individual. But when students ask me -- and my Babson College students ask me several times a week -- I tell them they should invest 10 years of experience before starting companies. It may be possible to get that experience by the time you're 21, if you've spent the previous decade developing a specific product -- sandals that you've designed -- or a key skill -- programming applications on a smartphone, for instance.   Read More

    Recipe For the Perfect Logo | Daily Info.

    A logo is the first aspect of a brand a potential customer usually comes in contact with. It is the ‘judge a book by its cover’ moment if you will. Your logo needs to convey the right feeling to your customer, as well as the right message.  Read More

    Wellness Tips For Performers and Creative Types | Whole Foodie

    Inspired by all of my actor friends, I’m doing a guest post this week with Sophie Wright of Create a Wellness in Australia. Sophie is an amazing actress currently staring in Wicked so she knows a thing or two about having to stay fit and healthy in a demanding role while working long crazy hours. On her vlog that she frequently posts about her pursuits to be healthy and well balanced in an extremely demanding industry. Check it out, this girl is cute, quirky, and has a killer sense of humor. Aussies, in my experience, seem to be happy lovely people so they must be doing something right.  Read More

    Career Opportunity | Brand Ambassador

    LittleWood Group, Inc. a marketing and public relations company is seeking nurses to act as a brand ambassador to quote in a news releases and possibly conduct a TV interviews in any of the following markets; Illinois, Ohio, Texas, (Houston/San Antonio), Iowa and Kansas. Future involvement may include YouTube video’s on Client’s site. The client’s product is FDA approved for kids. Any nurses that are interested in exploring this option please contact Terri Kaminski at or call Terri at (262) 242–2754.

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    Once You Believe in Yourself.

    Magic Starts Happening!

    You Don't Want to Miss This!
    Mark your calendars for October 2 - 4, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Bring your friends, we're having a party to celebrate 
    NNBA's 30th Annual Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference.
    NNBA Members Spotlight
    Juli Garton BSN, RN
    Owner – Lux Travel Nurse Inc.

    Experienced Critical Care RN for 14 years, and 10 years Travel Nurse focusing on MICU and Trauma ICU.

    I've been involved in healthcare for over 30 years since my first volunteer job as a Candy Striper at a small community hospital back in 1981. I became a CNA, held several other positions along the way before ultimately going back to college to obtain my BSN degree and graduating in May of 2000. Best decision I ever made, thanks to the wonderful experiences from my early career and a 3 week experience in the NICU after the birth of my 3rd child. The NICU experience was a difficult time but was ultimately what finalized my decision to become a Registered Nurse and focus on critical care.

    In 2004 I began Travel Nursing and worked at several facilities nationwide also becoming a ‘staff nurse’ and staying much longer than most Travel Nurses typically would. I continued Traveling until December of 2013 at which time I began the process of starting my own Travel Nurse Agency now known as Lux Travel Nurse Inc.

    The time now has finally come to begin this new adventure after working on this business for the last 18+ months! I have a few contracts to start with, and I’m grateful for those! My plans will be to continue growing in numbers of contracts but want to keep the business small in order to provide the best support, pay, perks and bonuses to the traveling nurse.

    I’m very excited about this business and prepared for the challenges I will be faced with. I’m most excited about helping nurses get to their destinations and be supportive throughout their assignment. I DO plan to work as a travel nurse with my own Agency and I still currently work PRN. I’m a Registered Nurse and I plan to keep myself working in the Clinical Arena because after all being an RN is my specialty.
    "Professional Travel Nurse Agency, with a Personal Touch"

    Owned By a Travel Nurse
    Become a Part of the Beginning in 2015
    Contact Juli Garton at 605-920-8603
    NNBA News – Volume 15 Number 4.0
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