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President's Corner

Mark Burnett, the producer of the hit show Shark Tank said he wished he knew how powerful networking was at the beginning of his career. Don’t miss your chance for powerful networking opportunities where you may discover ideas for businesses, potential partnerships, growth strategies and new friends! Register here for NNBA’s 29th Annual Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 3 - 5, 2014. Meet and network with our speakers that will be available during the conference.

Expert Speakers
It was great speaking with fellow veteran and nurse entrepreneur Susan Scherer, RN, BSN, OCN this past week. Susan’s presentation for the conference is going to be “My Business is Nursing” which promises to be very informative and inspirational. Learn more about Susan’s company in our member spotlight below. Read more about all our expert speakers by clicking here.

Pre-conference Q & A
Have questions about the NNBA or starting a business? Join us for a Pre-conference Question & Answer session in the Nurseup Facebook forum. This will be ongoing till our October 3-5, 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida. Feel free to stop by, ask any questions you have, members will be on hand. We are strong supporters of networking, coaching and mentoring.

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NNBA Members Spotlight
Susan Scherer
RN, BSN, OCN CEO & Founder of RN Cancer Guides

Florida based RN Cancer Guides® utilizes oncology certified nurses to assist cancer patients and their families with navigating the medical, financial and emotional barriers of their cancer diagnosis. We provide services as a single point of contact to patients and their families throughout their entire cancer care experience. We are experts in understanding the complexities of cancer treatments, and are knowledgeable of the complex treatments and that each cancer patient faces. RN Cancer Guides designed and implemented the first employee cancer assistance program (ECAP™). Now companies can provide our private services to their employee with cancer, someone in their family 18 and over, or their parents living in Florida. RN Cancer Guides third program is the Patient Medication Compliance Program. This program provides in home oral chemotherapy education on potential side effects, diet restrictions, proper handling and various assessments to ensure patient understanding and compliance.

Read more about Susan in the NNBA Members Directory and on her website:
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