Subject: BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! + Ticked OFF to Grow of July's many lessons!

Good Afternoon!

Happy month of August to you!  For me, July was a month full of trusting, transitioning, and transformation! As I entered the 48th chapter of this embodied spiritual journey called life, I came face-to-face with my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (my SWOT analysis). 

I became intimately and consciously aware of those things that make me tick and those things that simply tick me off. So, it has been a month of compassionate growth, and I have had many teachers.

You see, I am very familiar with the potential and problematic nature of my personality type as an Enneagram Type 8 (The Challenger) and during this past month, my awareness of the growing edges that are still in need of healing increased exponentially. Those things that still push my buttons, the instinctual knowing that I failed to heed, and the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from past experiences—all resurfaced. 

Understanding my personality type is a significant piece of the puzzle, but the other really significant piece is knowing and growing into healthier states of integration. That requires us to embrace our shadow and our light.  Needless to say, it was a month of trusting that not only was it time to grow, but that growth is indeed possible. 

Although I literally feel like my physical life is ALWAYS in transition, July signaled a time of transitioning that is also mental, emotional, and spiritual. It has been a time of working towards balance in all aspects of my being and giving more attention and intention to those aspects of me beyond the physical realm. 

That meant identifying the energy drains, choosing to set new boundaries, and redirecting that energy to what is life-giving. Creating balance and establishing boundaries, however, is not merely about self-preservation, but it is for the sacred purpose of self-actualization—living your highest truth.

But how do I integrate my greater sense of awareness and healthier boundaries into a transformed life of coherence?  

Well, as occupants of a world organized around capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy, coherence will require us all to acknowledge the cognitive dissonance that is sure to arise as we encounter those strongholds in our subconscious. 

For in the same way that we cannot fix what we are unwilling to face, we cannot live in coherence without a holistic consciousness. I’m not simply talking about a higher consciousness (spiritual), which is certainly integral to coherence.  But I’m also talking about an embodied consciousness (physical, mental, emotional) that incorporates and restores the voices, value, and visions of those traumatized by racism, classism, sexism, and other baseless, dehumanizing, and divisive phobias. 

When higher consciousness co-creates with embodied consciousness, the transformation that results is a life of coherence that offers the best version of yourself to the world as a collaborative co-creator instead of an unconscious consumer. 

This process of creating awareness, balance, and coherence is A Path to Blissful Authenticity, and the month of July has challenged and charged me to really take up my mantle as a collaborative co-creator and fully engage in my sacred purpose. To that end, I am thrilled to share the following:
  • NEW! series of Introductory Coaching Sessions that guide you through the process of creating Awareness (Discovery Session), Balance (Healthy Boundaries Session), and Coherence (Empowered Me Session). Each session includes: 1) an online scientifically based assessment, 2) a professionally prepared report, and 3) a one hour virtual feedback session with me. Take advantage of 50% OFF for a limited time only.  To learn more, CLICK HERE
  • A Path to Blissful Authenticity, which will include some storytelling and spoken word, will be presented at SpiritTalks this Sunday, August 5th. Please join us at 5pm.  For more details, CLICK HERE.
  • NEW! We are now accepting Gifts of Support to grow the vision of Blissful Authenticity.  I would be deeply grateful for your gifts of any size.  If you feel called to contribute in other ways, please be in touch. To share your gifts of support through PayPal, CLICK HERE.
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I am offering you 50% OFF on individual Introductory Coaching Sessions, and a 55% Discount plus two BONUSES when you bundle all three sessions! 

There is no time like the present to be who you truly are!  Truth be told, we all have work to do.  So, I hope you will take advantage of the Introductory Coaching Sessions and save 50% OFF, and/or join us at SpiritTalks on August 5th, and/or offer gifts of support for the vision of Blissful Authenticity.

To learn more about our Introductory Coaching Sessions and get started,

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In the words of an African wisdom saying known as Ubuntu,"I am because you are and you are because I am."  So, may the "I am" that we are be fully revealed, known, and fulfilled that we may be authentically empowered to live our highest truth!

Yours in Love & Truth,

Tara LaShawn Seabrook

"You are an amazing woman and coach,
and I can just feel how much good you are bringing
(and are about to bring) to the world.  
I am so grateful that our lives intersected. 
Working with you has taught me
the power of working with a great coach

A good 
coach brings skills;
a great coach brings heart. 
Your insight, compassion, and genuine desire
to make the world better 
one person at a time have
helped set me on a path to be more than I thought
I could be, to be the person that I can be.
I am forever grateful...
YOU are a gift to the world."

-Jana M.

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