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“Do you think I should tell my boss that I’m looking for a new job in another part of the company?,” “Hugo” (not his real name) asked his peers in our career coaching group. Hugo had attended a class I taught to help working professionals within the company identify alternative career options that align with their interests, strengths, and values among other key factors. He was early in his career and had recently started to branch out by conducting informational interviews with managers outside his home department to learn about other areas of the company. His goal was to broaden his exposure and experience beyond his academic training and his first job within the company. He also became involved in the company's Diversity committee which enabled him to meet a cross-section of peers as well as senior level leaders across the enterprise. Hugo also demonstrated a can-do attitude with challenges that arose and was valued by his peers as a helpful team player.

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What Do Successful People Do to Stand Out?

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In this section, I select a “question of the week” from a client or colleague as it relates to managing one’s career. You are invited to submit your brief question or situation to me at for the opportunity to receive an answer in a future edition of this newsletter or livestream broadcast.

This week’s Question:

How do you know when it's time to quit your job?
This is a very personal decision and it's different for everyone.

Ideally, the best time is when you have another opportunity lined up that you're excited about and it is in line with your career ambitions.

However, there are many other circumstances that compel us to leave a job, yet we fail to listen to our gut when we know the current situation no longer serves our needs: 
  • We're no longer growing.
  • We're working in a toxic environment that negatively affects our health, relationships, and other parts of our life.
  • We've achieved what we set out to achieve in our current role and there aren't other opportunities available at our current company.
  • The pain and discomfort of continuing with the status quo exceeds the uncertainty and risk of change in order to move on to something new.
  • We've recently achieved a milestone accomplishment and want to leave on a high note.

When you leave, it's best to leave on a high note if you're able -- you don't want to burn bridges even if you feel justified by the circumstances. It's always best to leave a job with dignity and class - people will remember that, even more so in situations where you may have been mistreated. 

For example, this means giving at least two weeks notice, documenting important aspects of your job, and transferring your knowledge or offering to train someone else for a smooth transition. Granted, there are times when you just need to get yourself out of a bad situation ASAP -- it's all a personal judgement of what is best for you.
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Junior's Gems
I find that children can offer us a unique perspective and an uncanny source of wisdom. My son, Jonas, fits this description and is a true treasure. He’s a bright 14 year-old boy with a very clever wit. Jonas was one of my sounding boards when I was writing my Pipe Dreams book and he helped me identify quotes that I used in each chapter. He continues to be a fresh source of inspiration as I build my High Five Career Coaching business. Over the years, I have captured some of his spoken gems. Some are rather profound. Others are just plain funny. Hope you enjoy these along with inspiring famous quotes he scouts for each newsletter.

Here’s this week’s gem

“When you feel swamped in life, plant some rice paddies.” – Jonas


While sitting at breakfast with Jonas recently, I was apologizing to him for not being available to hang out and play as much as we typically enjoy doing. I explained that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the demands of some recent presentations and proposals I needed to prepare for clients. This elicited his tongue-in-cheek, yet caring, exclamation about planting rice paddies. It was a timely reminder that even in the most dire and distressing circumstances there’s often some actions we can take that will help nourish and sustain us in the long run. It led to a discussion on how we can accept and creatively manage life’s challenges in ways that benefit ourselves and others. In my particular case, being “swamped” was actually a sign that my company was growing rapidly. Therefore, I needed to accelerate plans to enlist the support of a team to help sustain my business growth and success. I’m pleased to report that I’ve since hired an executive assistant, a bookkeeper, and a handful of student interns to assist with various facets of my business!

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