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Legends of America Newsletter - November 2018
That's my view today from the side of the house looking back to my cabin office.  As I'm typing this, I'm thinking seriously about going back in the house for the rest of the day. Snowy Monday's aren't very productive anyway, and I'm hoping to find an old thing of hot cocoa mix somewhere buried in a cabinet.  

Wanted to send this one out before y'all got busy for the holidays. We are celebrating not only Veterans Day (Never Forget!), but also Native American Heritage Month.  You'll find plenty of great specials at our General Store and Photo Print Shop in this edition of our newsletter.  

Hope you and yours travel safe this season, and that you bring home lots of warm memories with a little turkey. I'll do my best not to be one.

Dave 'time for boots' Alexander
What's New on LOA

Here's the latest additions since our last newsletter
Fort Kissimmee, Florida – Ghost Town & Military Post – Fort Kissimmee was both a military post and a settlement in Highlands County, Florida. Both are gone today.

Teihiihan - The Little Cannibals of the Plains – Dreaded figures in the lore of the Plains Indians were the Teihiihan who were cannibal dwarves that were incredibly strong, aggressive, and bloodthirsty.

Giants in West Virginia – In many of the ancient burial mounds of West Virginia, a number of “giants” have been found, as well as other places in the state.

Duhare – Irish “Indians” in South Carolina? – Living near the Chicora people in South Carolina and Georgia, was the Duhare tribe who were predecessors of the Creek Indian tribe.

The Adena Culture of the Northeast – From the years of about 1000 B.C. to about 1 A.D. the Adena people were a group of well-organized societies that lived in the northeast United States.

Specter Moose of Maine – In 1891, an extremely large white moose was first seen in Maine by a hunting guide who was working around Lobster Lake. Numerous reports would follow.

Did You Know?
November is Native American Heritage Month. 

While Native American History is well documented, there are hundreds of facts and trivia about our first Americans that many people are not aware of. For example, did you know centuries ago, Native Americans developed a process in which dried cactus-eating insects could be turned into red dye called cochineal? This red dye was highly valued by the European cloth industry for hundreds of years and was used to dye the red British uniforms in the American Revolution.

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The American Tradition of Thanksgiving
The way we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States today is not without its controversies and debates. Long before the Pilgrims had their feast, Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led 1,500 men in a Thanksgiving celebration in May of 1541. 
Veterans Day is Everyday
With remembrances and celebrations across the globe for the official end of World War I, 100 years ago, our thoughts are with the many who step up for our nation everyday. War is treacherous, but when the Nation calls, our heroes deliver. 

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Death Valley Ghost Towns & MinesMining created more than a hundred ghost towns and mining camps in Death Valley, though these are quickly decaying, due to weather, vandalism and neglect.

Shasta Indians - The Shasta called themselves “Kahosadi” or “plain speakers”. The culture and customs of the Shasta were much the same, but linguistically they were divided into four groups

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Holbrook, Arizona - Too Tough for Women or Churches - Today this city of a little more than 5,000 offers a great opportunity to explore Navajo, Hopi and Apache country, the nearby Painted Desert & Petrified Forest National Park, and many Route 66 icons.

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A terrific site. Love the American West. Greetings from Down Under! - Glenn in Australia

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A great condensed history of Johnson Mesa. I have spent many an evening up on the mesa with my cameras. I think it is one of the prettiest places I have traveled to. So very peaceful. Thanks again. - Thomas (ref: Bell, NM - On Top of Johnson's Mesa)

Dang! What a story! She needs a movie of the week... Becky (Ref: “Hell’s Belle” Gunness – Black Widow of the Midwest)

Big fan of Legends of America - Aaron (Ref: Drugs in the Old West)

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