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Legends of America's 15th Anniversary - June 2018
Kathy's hat on the Rockies artwork back in 2003 still best represents the ambitions of a woman on a mission. A mission to reach high and share a love of American History with everyone she can.  

Her goal wasn't that lofty at first. It actually began a year earlier when she created "High Country Legends" in 2002, a website about the Moreno Valley of northeastern New Mexico. But for Kathy, that wasn't enough, and on June 27, 2003, she registered the domain name "Legends of America". If you haven't followed us long, and are curious to know more, you can read "How it Began". 

15 Years on the world wide web has taught us something special. Our readers are GREAT!  You have continually encouraged our passion for "traveling through history", and it's you that has kept LOA alive. We simply wouldn't be without ya. 

Humbly Yours,
Dave Alexander
Our Earliest Additions

The following are three of Kathy's earliest articles from 2003. 
Idlewild and the Klondyke MineThough the gold rush had petered out in the Moreno Valley by the early 1900’s, some were still convinced that “there was gold in them thar hills.”

Fred Montague of Chanute, Kansas was one that still believed. He, along with four other investors, purchased property in the Moreno Valley and dug three tunnels in 1920, two of which showed little promise, but one would become the Klondyke Mine.

Elizabethtown – Gone But Not Forgotten - Rich in history and once full of life with over 7,000 residents, it is hard to imagine Elizabethtown as it once was. Now, the sparse remains of the once bustling boom camp look silently upon the Moreno Valley and the face of the imposing Baldy Mountain.

It all began in 1866, just one year after the Civil War ended, when Ute Indians arrived at Fort Union (northeast of Las Vegas, New Mexico) wanting to trade “pretty rocks” for supplies.

The Largest Land Grant in US History – Maxwell Land Grant - It is simply not possible to write about the history of the Moreno Valley, Colfax County, New Mexico, or any of its towns or villages, without remembering Lucien B. Maxwell, the Maxwell Land Grant, and the Colfax County War.

The grant was the largest ever made in the State of New Mexico and created more than its share of complaints and controversy over the years. The almost two million acre land grant included the entire western portion of Colfax County and the southern part of Las Animas County, Colorado.

Two times larger than the State of Rhode Island, the area included the towns of Cimarron, Springer, Raton and Elizabethtown in New Mexico, as well as Segundo and other towns in Colorado. The area is surrounding by breathtaking mountain views, beckoning valleys, streams teeming with fish and hillsides alive with game.

What's New on LOA

There's A LOT of new additions to our website this month. So much that it's too much to include in this newsletter. Here are some highlights, but be sure to go to our "What's New" page to see the rest. 
Jim Moore – Notable Pony Express Rider & Rancher - One of the first Pony Express riders hired in the St. Joseph, Missouri division and later became an influential rancher.

The Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood of 1889 - The disastrous flooding Of Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1889, killing over 2,000, was due to the poor maintenance of the South Fork Dam.

Hannah Dustin’s Revenge – The story of Hannah Duston’s kidnapping by Natives in the 1600’s, and her vicious escape, resulted in the first American Woman to be honored with a statue.
Arena, North Dakota - A complete ghost town today, Arena North Dakota is located in Burleigh County, about 35 miles northeast of Bismarck.

“Old Bill” Williams - William Sherley Williams, better known as “Old Bill”, was a Mountain Man, explorer, army scout, and frontiersman.
Chief Bowl – Cherokee Leader in Texas - Known to his tribe as Diwal’li, Chief Bowl would work to secure land in Texas before being struck down at the battle of Neches.

Fort Robinson Massacre, Nebraska - The military massacre of Chief Dull Knifes' Northern Cheyenne at Fort Robinson evoked sympathy, despite the tribes atrocities in Kansas just months before.

There is A LOT more since our last newsletter. We've added about 60 articles during the past month, including more history on Native Americans, Old West, Ghost Towns and more. 
Popular on Facebook 

In case you missed's some articles that have received the most interaction on our Facebook fan pages over the past month. 

Ashford Mine and Mill - Only ruins remain of the Ashford Mine and Mill in Death Valley, California

Cochise – Strong Apache Leader - June 8, 1874, Cochise, one of the most famous Apache leaders to resist westward expansion, dies on the reservation.

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History & Haunting of the Navajo County, Arizona Courthouse- Erected in 1898, the Navajo County Courthouse in Holbrook, Arizona has had its notorious trials, and allegedly a couple of resident ghosts.

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What Our Readers are saying: 

Truly appreciate all your hard work and tenacity.., I sincerely enjoy your website. I am a native Arizonan, and have learned more from your well written pieces on Arizona than I EVER did in my “Arizona History” classes in school.. ..Thank you for that..!!! - Rho (ref Ferd Patterson - Living and Dying by the Gun)

Very interesting these three pages on the history of the pioneers. I posted links and translated into Italian (using google translator) to make it read to my Italian friends on facebook. Asia Bettini (ref Crime & Punishment on the Overland Trails)

I just drove through Nara Visa on my way to Kansas. I noticed the historical marker at the school and could help to look up the details of this ghost town. Thank you for all the details you provided about the history of the town and why it was established. Great work! Rob S (ref Nara Visa - A Picturesque Ghost Town)

I must tell you, again, how very much I love your site. This month is esp. interesting, as they all are. But I get so engrossed in reading, I have to bring my mug of iced tea and a cookie and make myself to home at the computer desk. It’s hard to have to stop reading, for some necessary chores. But I do get back to the site right quick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful history items. I’ve always been an early American History minded girl. Can't get enough. Looking forward to next read. Julie (ref to our May Newsletter)

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