Subject: Soap-Making Presentation at Clarence Park Market

Soap-Making Presentation at the next
Clarence Park Environmental
Market & Cafe 

Clarence Park Community Centre 74 East Avenue, Black Forest
Monthly (1st Saturday) - 10.30 am to 12.30pm
 Saturday April 2 at 11.00am: Soap-Making -
Discover how to make soap from the basics, plus see how to transform a simple bar of soap into a range of environmentally friendly non-detergent based cleaning products - including laundry wash, shampoo, liquid hand-soap, dish washing soap.  Money-saver!

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Soap Jelly Recipe:
Economical Soap Jelly Mix:  (Transforming a bar of soap into 20 litres of washing mixture!).
  Grate one bar of soap. Put one half in one 10 litre bucket. Put the other half of grated soap in another 10 litre of water. Add ½ cup washing soda and 2 litres of boiling water to each bucket. Stir both buckets until mixture has dissolved. Top each bucket up to full with water.  Leave to cool to form a thick jelly. Approximately one cup of this mixture per wash (in the washing machine) will be sufficient for a full load of washing. It can also be used for other washing tasks in place of ‘detergents’, ie. Dish-washing, hand washing, shampoos, shower gels,  etc.
This mixture will make enough soap jelly to last some months – all from one simple bar of soap – how cheap is that?!

For more information about making soap and soap-based products:
Soap-Making and Detergent Alternatives Workshop Download
Make soap easily at home to your specifications. Safe & environmentally friendly. Transforming a simple bar of soap into a range of alternative soap-based products (detergent alternatives). Price: $25 
CLICK HERE for more information & download links
Other Workshop Downloads:
- Green Cleaning
- Natural Skin Care
- Natural Hair & Body Products

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e-book No. 50 - Recycling Soap
Transforming a simple bar of soap into a array of safe, environmentally friendly products - either in the form of grated soap or soap jelly.
Contains recipes for: rose liquid hand soap, lemon dish-washing soap, rosemary & lavender hair shampoo, soap-based garden spray, wash-balls, heavy-duty cleansing powder, soap-bags, old English wash-balls, 'gourmet soaps' (pet soap, honey soap, etc.), beeswax polish (containing soap) and other interesting uses.
You'll be amazed at the things that can be done with a simple bar of soap - including making putty, poultice and as a drawer liner. Price: $12.00  Download info here
e-Booklet No. 3 - Simple Soap-Making
Making soap from the basics using just 3 ingredients: lard, caustic soda (lye) and water, soap is surprisingly easy to make. This simple method for making soap is similar to Grandma's approach to soap-making. Instructions are step-by-step covering moulds, possible problems, maturation, colouring, scenting, utensils, precautions, history of soap. Information includes variations to basic recipe for: almond oil soap, oatmeal, honey, herbal, scented, cucumber, sand-soap, antiseptic soap. Price: $12.00 Download info here
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