Subject: Norfolk is Underwater

Rising Sea Levels Are Affecting Coastal Communities Today.

Earlier this month the governing boards of the National Council of Churches and Creation Justice Ministries met together in Norfolk, Virginia, to learn about how rising sea levels are affecting homeowners and churches.

We chose to meet in Norfolk because the reality of rising sea levels and climate change are forcing local churches to take extraordinary measures.  One church has had to sell its building and relocate. Others have spent considerable sums on repairs and regularly alert parishioners when worship services and events must be postponed or cancelled.

Rather than being merely a theory or a problem only affecting someone else, sea level rise is affecting communities right here at home.  

Watch this video that vividly describes what church leaders found when they visited Norfolk this month.

Helping churches advocate for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world continues to be central to the mission of the National Council of Churches.

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