Subject: NCC Newsletter – November 4, 2023


November 4, 2023

NCC Hosts National Call to Prayer for Peace
and Relief of Global Suffering

The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) organized a significant event on Wednesday, Nov. 1, bringing together a diversity of faith voices in a National Call to Prayer. The gathering aimed to pray for peace, comfort, and healing for those currently experiencing suffering in the global community.

Numerous prayers were lifted, touching on various crises, including the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the blockade of Ashtark, Armenia, the escalating Sundanese civil war, and in America hate-fueled crimes, and recent mass shootings, such as the one tragically witnessed in Lewiston, Maine on Oct. 25.


The ecumenical event resonated with 385 registered prayer warriors and intercessors sharing sincere concern for the suffering and hardships facing our world.

Dr. Bridget Moix, General Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, offered prayer and presented a powerful moment as she read prayers from children from the Ramallah Friends School in the city of Ramallah, in the West Bank, voicing their concerns over the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. Their teachers had asked their students to share their hopes and prayers for the people of Gaza.

“I wish I could share my flashlight with people in Gaza so they can see when their power goes out. I wish I could give everyone in Gaza a mattress to sleep on. I wish I could give everyone in Gaza water that is clean for drinking and enough food for everyone to eat...I pray kids will be safe in Gaza,” prayed a second grader.

“Our weapon is education and the secret to ending violence is nonviolence. My prayer is that the war ends by non-violence, and everyone lives in peace, and no one is under occupation anymore,” prayed a fifth grader.

An eighth grader offered, “I pray that this war will end through non-violence because violence never solves anything. I also pray that as a global community, we will make a difference by donating water, food, and crucial medical supplies so basic needs can be given to every single person in Gaza.  I pray this war will end now.”

The heartfelt words of these young minds moved many attendees to tears, symbolizing the deep empathy among those present and the urgent need for prayer and collective action.

NCC, a 73-year-old ecumenical organization, is comprised of 37 communions, 100,000 congregations, and more than 30 million people. NCC, which fosters collaboration and unity among Christian denominations, recognized the urgent need to uplift voices through prayer during these times of global crisis. This National Call to Prayer provided a platform for faith leaders to unite their compassionate efforts and seek divine intervention for a more peaceful and just world.


Faith leaders offering prayer included: Bishop W. Darin Moore, Presiding Bishop, Mid-Atlantic Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and NCC Governing Board Member; Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, Executive Director, Churches for Middle East Peace; Bishop William Barber, Professor in the Practice of Public Theology and Public Policy and founding director of the Center for Public Theology & Public Policy at Yale Divinity School; Rev. Jane Field, Executive Director, Maine Council of Churches; Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Chair, NCC Governing Board; Dr. Bridget Moix, General Secretary, Friends Committee on National Legislation; Dr. Freddie Haynes, Pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church and President of the Rainbow Push Coalition; and Rev. Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Co-Convener, National African American Clergy Network.


“We need to draw near to the throne of grace and pray to Someone who can really change hearts and minds’, said Bishop Vashti McKenzie, NCC’s President/General Secretary. We must combine our spiritual disciplines with our advocacy efforts as faith without works, does not work at all.”


“We believe that prayer has the power to bring strength and healing to people affected by the various crises horrendously swirling around us. By unifying our faith, we demonstrate solidarity with those who are burdened and seek to inspire meaningful action in communities across the nation,” said Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, NCC’s Governing Board Chair.


This event is a part of NCC’s continuous efforts to reflect 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NRSVue): “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”


NCC expresses gratitude to all participants who joined in the spirit of compassion and shared in the collective prayer for peace and relief. We encourage individuals and congregations to continue in prayer during prayer meetings, Bible studies, worship services, rehearsals, and outreach events. In this way, we demonstrate unwavering commitment to addressing global suffering through prayer so that we will be able to accomplish our mission to promote justice, reconciliation, and unity.


Those who were unable to join the live prayer call can watch on NCC’s YouTube channel. For more information on the National Council of Churches and its ongoing efforts to promote peace and understanding, please visit

Ecumenical Community Celebrates
Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith’s Book Launch

Women from Pan African Women of Faith (PAW) and Pan African Women’s Ecumenical Empowerment Network (PAWEEN) present Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith (center) with an award and celebrate her literary accomplishment.

NCC joined others in the ecumenical family on All Saints Day, Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Washington, D.C., for the global launch of, “Ahead of Her Time: Pan-African Women of Faith and the Vision of Christian Unity, Mission, and Justice,” authored by Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith, who serves as the president of the North American region of the World Council of Churches and a member of the NCC Governing Board. Dr. Walker-Smith is also the Strategist for Pan African, Orthodox, and Ecumenical Faith Engagement for Bread for the World.


The event was hosted by the Pan African Women of Faith Ecumenical Empowerment Network and the Pan African Women of Faith in partnership with NCC, the World Council of Churches, All Africa Conference of Churches-CETA, African Union-USA Mission, Bread for the World, Advocacy for Africa Network, Christian Churches Together, and Beulah Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va.


Ahead of Her Time tells the stories of women of African descent whose voices have often been missing in church history and in the history of the ecumenical movement, although they have consistently made contributions to both.


According to Dr. Walker-Smith in a video found on the WCC’s website, “The book tries to capture a parallel alignment with what our history and herstory has been.” She notes that seeds for the book were planted by her mother, Rev. Elder Geneva Willis Walker, who always told her, “Don’t forget the women.”


An inspiring resolution from the City of Tuskegee, Alabama/Macon County Commissioner, celebrating the life and ministry of Dr. Walker-Smith’s mother also shared during the event.


Ahead of Her Time is published by the World Council of Churches and has been endorsed by NCC President and General Secretary Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, who sent remarks via video for the occasion. In her endorsement, Bishop McKenzie pointed out, “Many times, important stories are relegated to the margins of history. What Rev. Dr Angelique Walker-Smith, president from North America in the presidium of the World Council of Churches, has done is to elevate the early experiences and impact of pan-African women in the foundational years of modern ecumenism and its subsequent growth and expansion. These stories are essential, and they can be passed down from one generation to the next. Dive deeply and revisit yesterday’s struggles and strength and move forward with fresh hopes for today and tomorrow.”


Bringing greetings during the book launch were NCC Governing Board members Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Armenian Church of America (Eastern) and Bishop Jeffrey Leith, African Methodist Episcopal Church. Former Governing Board member Dr. Tyrone Pitts and NCC staff member Rev. Dr. Leslie Copeland-Tune were also in attendance at the celebration, where numerous awards were given recognizing the work of Pan-African women and allies.


To order Ahead of Her Time, visit the World Council of Churches’ website or email More information about the book and Dr. Walker-Smith’s motivation for writing this timely and important work can be found on the WCC’s website.

Health Note Week of November 5, 2023

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” (3 John 1:2) 


More than 1 in 10 adults worldwide has diabetes, and almost half of those individuals are unaware that their blood sugar levels are too high.  The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day (November 14) is “Know your risk, know your response.”  People with type 2 diabetes can delay or prevent complications by controlling their blood sugar levels with medication, healthy nutrition, and active lifestyles. Psychosocial and spiritual support from churches can help members improve their diabetes self-management.   

Access the NEW Medicaid Unwinding Resources

Special Populations One Pagers

Other Resources

Ready to Talk Faith and Mental Health?

Join Bishop T.D. Jakes and others on Tuesday, November 14, at 8:00 p.m. ET for "Let’s Talk: Faith & Mental Health," a transformative virtual conversation with the inspirational Values Partnerships Chairman Bishop T.D. Jakes!

This Is the Moment: It's time to bridge the worlds of faith and mental well-being. Featured during the conversation will be inspirational leaders, candid conversations, and the announcement of a major new resource for people of faith. Also included will be an inspirational performance from award-winning gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds!

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and uplifted!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
8pm ET / 5pm PT

Churches for Middles East Peace Issues Action Alert, Hosts Weekly Prayer Gathering

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is deeply saddened by the continued violence, bloodshed, and unfathomable level of grief felt by the many Israelis and Palestinians who have lost friends and loved ones. A protracted Israeli military offensive, including a possible ground invasion, could result in considerably more deaths and a broader regional war. CMEP denounces all forms of violence in this conflict and calls for an immediate ceasefire.

We have encouraged our supporters to ask their Congressional members to call for a ceasefire in Israel/Palestine. Now, there is a Congressional Resolution, introduced by Reps. Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib doing just that. HRes 786 demands an “immediate de-escalation and ceasefire in Israel and occupied Palestine.”

Alongside Reps. Bush and Tlaib, the Resolution is currently supported by Reps. Jayapal, Frost, Carson, Barbara Lee, Ramirez, Bowman, Watson Coleman, Chuy Garcia, Joshua Jackson, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Velazquez, Summer Lee, Casar, and Adams. 

HRes 786 calls on the Biden administration to “urgently end the current violence” and open up corridors to Gaza for “humanitarian assistance.” Each day without a ceasefire will just bring more suffering, pain, and death to civilians in Israel/Palestine.

To read more about the resolution and its contents, click here!


Additional resources:

  • • • • • • •

Join Pray for Peace Every Wednesday

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Eastern

Churches for Middle East Peace invites you to a virtual prayer gathering each Wednesday for peace in light of recent events in Gaza, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories. Click the link below to participate.

CMEP expresses great sorrow for the lives lost in unprecedented violence in Israel/Palestine. CMEP has released several statements condemning all acts of violence committed against civilians and calling upon the U.S. to support the safety and dignity of all people impacted - Israeli and Palestinian. 


See all CMEP Public Statements at:

Join CMEP’s weekly news briefing on Thursdays from 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. ET.  More info here.

Read some of the prayers offered and add your own at CMEP’s Prayers for Peace blog. Click here.

Feeding America Update

DID YOU KNOW? Hunger in African-American, Latino and Native American communities is higher because of systemic racial injustice. To achieve a hunger-free America, we must address the root causes of hunger and structural and systemic inequities.

– Feeding America

A government shutdown will create uncertainty for many families and put immense strain on our nation’s food banks. A prolonged shutdown will disrupt federal employee paychecks and federal food assistance programs–jeopardizing many people’s ability to put food on the table. On top of that, a shutdown would further delay Congress’ consideration of our country’s most meaningful food and agriculture legislation, the farm bill, which impacts nearly every federal program that helps ease the strain and stress of hunger in communities across the country. As a faith community, we are committed to addressing the issues that prevent individuals and families from being able to thrive, including access to nutritious food. 

Please join us in taking action today to ask Congress to take urgent action to ensure that the government is funded, and a bipartisan farm bill is considered—keeping federal food assistance programs strong during both deliberations. Let’s keep working together to help all members of our community access the food they need to thrive!

Community of Christ Offers Advent,
Communion Video Messages 

Community of Christ officials and others are featured in a diverse and inspiring new release of “Witness the Word” videos, available now on the Community of Christ YouTube channel and through Herald House.


Three members of the Council of Twelve Apostles share sermons: “Creating Community,” from Shandra Newcom; “Christ is Our Hope,” an Advent message from Catherine Mambwe; and “Come, Share the Table/Vengan, compartan la mesa,” a Communion message in Spanish from Angela Ramirez with English translation by Geri Silva.   

The new release also offers three Disciples’ Generous Response moments. Kees Compier shares a message regarding, “The Gifts of Generosity,” Diane Maupin offers thoughts on, "Growing Generous Disciples,” and Ken McClain provides a story of “Extravagant Generosity.”   

“Witness the Word” videos are available via the following sites:  

  • Community of Christ YouTube channel “Witness the Word” sermon playlist.  

  • Community of Christ YouTube channel “Witness the Word” DGR playlist.  

  • Free digital video file sermon downloads on  

  • Free digital video file DGR Moment downloads on

  • Soon for sale on DVDs featuring both sermons and DGR moments on  

To read auto-translated captions in your language, hover your cursor near the bottom of the video frame, click on the Settings button (gear icon), click “Subtitles/CC” on the list that populates, then choose “Auto-translate” and the language you want to read.

JustFaith Ministries Announces New Program for Standing with Native Communities

The Land Is Not Our Own: Seeking Repair Alongside Indigenous Communities is a nine-session, small-group program that inspires and equips congregations and communities to stand alongside Native communities in working for justice and repair. This small group process lays a foundation of trust and relationship so that together participants can acknowledge injustice, honor the interconnectedness of all Creation, and seek healing, repair, and hope.


Grounded in prayer, deep listening, community, and mutual respect, The Land Is Not Our Own explores challenging topics, including Native boarding schools, the movement to end the crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women, and how we can stand with Native leaders in protecting the health or our planet. 


The Land Is Not Our Own, written by JustFaith Ministries (JFM) in collaboration with the Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery, is designed for ordinary people to facilitate in their in-person or virtual communities — JFM provides all the training, materials, and support you need. Learn more about the program and how you can bring it to your faith community by clicking here. Register for an upcoming information meeting by clicking here.

ACLA Awards 2024 Nominees Sought

The American Climate Leadership Awards 2024 (#ACLA24) is in its fifth year. The program recognizes leading local, state, and national climate leadership programs with $175,000 in prizes. Please submit an application and spread the word. Apply today and nominate your favorite climate leadersNominations accepted until December 1. 


There is now also a separate awards program for high school students, the American Climate Leadership Awards for High School Students, with $125,000 in additional awards to showcase the leadership of the next generation. High school students and their advisors can find that separate application form, or make a nomination here. We are accepting nominations until December 1. 


The fifth annual American Climate Leadership Awards seeks models of effective climate advocates and changemakers. If you know a climate champion or organization making a serious impact to mobilize Americans to curb climate change in a just equitable and inclusive way, please invite them to apply! We are seeking frontline communities, faith leaders, community organizers, teachers, high school students, youth, conservation efforts, and many others. Find FAQs here.  


Twenty semi-finalists will be awarded $1,000; eight finalists will receive $10,000; one runner-up will receive $25,000; and the winner will receive $50,000! The high school student program has earmarked $25,000 for the winning application. Five applicants will take home $10,000 each and 10 high schoolers will be recognized with $5,000 awards. 


The deadline to apply is December 15, 2023. 


The 2024 ACLA Selection Committee is comprised of exemplary climate leaders. You can read more about those individuals here. 


Questions should be directed to Check out the 2023 awards ceremony here to learn about ACLA’s most recent group of finalists.

Free COVID Rapid Antigen Test Kits Available

Effective September 25, residential households in the U.S. can order one set of four (4) free at-home tests from the United States Postal Service again. Please keep in mind:

  • Limit of one order per residential address

  • One order includes four (4) individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests ( has more details about at-home tests, including extended shelf life and updated expiration dates)

  • Orders begin shipping the week of October 2, 2023.

  • Click this link to order your free COVID test kits.

Need help placing an order for at-⁠home tests?
Call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489).

The U.S. government will continue to make COVID-⁠19 tests available to uninsured individuals and underserved communities through existing outreach programs. Please contact a HRSA health centerTest to Treat site, or ICATT location near you to learn how to access low- or no-cost COVID-⁠19 tests provided by the federal government.

UCC Sponsors Sowing Justice: Cultivating a
Just World for All in the Farm Bill

Join the three-part webinar series, in collaboration with Franklinton Center on UCC advocacy priorities in the next Farm Bill. Farmers, policy experts, and impacted community leaders will highlight the need to advocate for economic, racial, and environmental justice for small farmers, the food insecure, and the earth.

Tuesdays, November 7, 14, and 28, at 7 pm ET.


Register here.

Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations (OGR) to Hold Advocacy Training Sessions

International Climate Advocacy Day – November 10, 12:00–1:30 p.m. EDT. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) 28 is rapidly approaching. During this conference, political leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the next steps in the global approach to climate change. One of the most crucial aspects of meeting the goals set in place by the COPs is advocating to the U.S. federal government. During this advocacy training, a progress overview will be given, as well as a report on what still needs to be done, tips for setting up and having meetings with elected officials, and more! Register here.

LBGTQIA2S+ Advocacy Days – November 7 (virtual), or 8–9 (in-person). Join the Office of Government Relations in one of two opportunities to advocate for federal protections for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions! Participants will first engage in a half-day of advocacy training to learn best practices, hear from Office of Government Relations staff, network with other Episcopalians, and connect with key coalition partners in the LGBTQIA2S+ advocacy space. Then, depending on the training attended, participants will be prepared for personal congressional office meetings. There are two ways to participate.

Join from 1:00-4:00 p.m. ET for a virtual advocacy training mirroring the in-person option. Participants will receive guidance on setting up virtual meetings with their members of Congress and/or in-district meetings with local staff. Advocacy meetings for this option do not need to take place on the same day and may extend into the following week.

The morning of November 8, will be the advocacy training, with that afternoon and the morning of November 9 reserved for potential congressional meetings. Participants should arrive in D.C. on November 7, and can begin leaving on November 9, after 3:00 p.m.

This Advent, journal your way to the birth of Jesus! Behold, What Wonder, the Advent volume in the NRSVue Bible Journal series, draws thirty key passages from Matthew, Luke, and elsewhere to inspire you to reflect on your own journey of faith. 

NRSVue Bible Journals are themed 30-day journals designed to inspire people in their life of faith and to encourage thoughtful engagement with the Bible through journaling.

Each journal is an elegant linen hardcover book containing more than 96 pages. The compact 4.5" x 7" size fits perfectly in the hand and makes it easy to carry on the go.

An excellent gift for yourself and others in this special season. Bulk discounts are available! Inquire by emailing

Employment Opportunities

NCC Seeks Marketing and Communication Officer

The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) seeks a talented professional to drive the external and internal engagement of our ecumenical, advocacy, and activist agenda. This position offers an exciting opportunity to lead and implement strategic communications initiatives, from concept to reality, aimed at promoting NCC's vision, mission, and values. The Marketing and Communication Officer will manage the organization's overall communication and marketing strategy, including written and verbal communications, media relations, social media presence, and relationship building with key contacts in Washington D.C.

Joining NCC's team as a Marketing and Communication Officer offers a unique opportunity for a motivated and passionate individual to drive impactful external and internal communications strategies that advance our organization’s goals. If you are dedicated to utilizing your skills and experience to make a difference toward positive social change, NCC would love to hear from you.

Job Classification

Full-time exempt. Work is generally conducted Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This is a hybrid position with at least one to two days in the office each week. Occasional evening and weekend availability may be required. Eligible for paid time off and retirement benefits. Salary range: $65,000 – $75,000.

To apply, click here.

• • • • • •

AETH Seeks Fundraiser and Development Associate

The Association for Hispanic Theological Education (AETH), a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, seeks a Fundraiser and Development Associate to build, manage, and engage prospects and donors in the United States and worldwide, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

Salary is commensurate with experience in a similar position with the potential for an annual performance-based bonus. The salary for this part-time position is $35,000.00 annually and includes no benefits.


To apply, submit a resume, cover letter, and the names and contact of the three references to the Search Committee ( (AETH). Please explain in the cover letter your interest in the WETH and how your experience has prepared you for this position.


The priority application deadline is December 15, 2023.

• • • • • •

Faith in Public Life Position Openings

Faith in Public Life is hiring for a few positions and is looking for candidates who would be a good fit. Click on the links below for more information:


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