Subject: How we helped create the season's most inspiring ad

See how we helped create
the most beautiful ad
of the season
You may have seen it. Millions have, either on TV or in social media shares. People everywhere are talking about it, and the National Council of Churches helped create it.

Here’s how it happened: Associate General Secretary Tony Kireopoulos was contacted by Amazon Prime and was asked to consult on the creation of this ad. They wanted to make sure the sensitivities of both Christians and Muslims were protected.

Tony was involved throughout the production process. Together with input from other organizations, Amazon created an ad that appeals to our highest ideals and reflects the values of interreligious respect, peace, and kindness the National Council of Churches works for every day.
The advertisement tells a story of a Christian Pastor and a Muslim Imam who are lifelong friends but aren’t as sprightly as they were in their youth. One day the pastor has a moment of inspiration and decides to do something to make the Imam’s life and work a little easier. What the pastor doesn’t know, is the Imam also has the same idea for the pastor.

In this time in which there is so much distrust, the National Council of Churches works every day to build the kind of world reflected in this ad. Please donate generously during this holiday season!
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